Lilly Looking Through is an adventure game currently under development by Geeta Games. Lilly is a young girl, living in a world populated by frogs, yo-yo plants, and bamboo contraptions. It's an innocent, adult-free zone: a playground/obstacle course where the four elements -- wind, water, earth and fire -- figure prominently.

A Fresh Pair of Eyes

Lurking danger encroaches -- a wisp on the wind that draws Lilly from her home. Once on her own, Lilly recovers a pair of goggles that unveil an astonishing shift in the reality of her world.

Graphics are hand-drawn with an Asian influence (not surprising as the designer, Steve Hoogendyk, was responsible for the Asian-themed Amateria Age in Myst III: Exile). The creatures, including Lilly, are cartoon-like, charmingly rendered, and animated with a child-like spontaneity. The environments are full of movement, with cattails blowing and mist and smoke drifting.

Lilly Looking Through contains practically no dialog. The pipe and piano music ranges from delicately jaunty to wistful.

Domino Effects

Certain items in the gameworld can be picked up and modified by using them in the environment. Actions have cascading consequences that help (or hurt) Lilly's efforts to overcome obstacles. So far, none of the challenges are timed. A multi-stepped bubble puzzle is particularly clever.

This unusual game reminds me of the Samorost games, but with an emphasis on ominous transformations. I'm looking forward to the further adventures of Lilly, her mysterious goggles, and the revelations she is bound to discover.

Geeta Games is hosting a Kickstarter campaign for Lily Looking Through. You can find out more about the game by visiting the Geeta Games website, where you can view the trailer and download the demo.