Arthur's Knight: Tales of Chivalry & The Secrets of Merlin



Developer:   Cryo Interactive

Publisher:   Wanadoo, Dreamcatcher Interactive

Released:    2001

PC Requirements:   Windows 95/98/ME/XP, Pentium II, 300 MHz, 64 MB RAM, 12X CD-ROM, 8 MB Direct-X Compatible 3D Video Accelerator Card.

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by syd

Arthur’s Knights : Tales of The Chivalry and Secrets of Merlin
Keyboard/Mouse – 3rd Person

I’m combining both games into one review because as far as I'm concerned they are one long game. The Secrets of Merlin starts exactly where Tales of the Chivalry leaves off and movement, gameplay etc is identical in both (except Secrets of Merlin has a map feature).

Story –

Master Foulque is a story teller and he has written a tale of Bradwen a knight in King Arthur’s court. Actually Master Foulque has written two stories about Bradwen – one about Bradwen the Celtic Knight and the other about Bradwen the Christian Knight. Your first assignment is to choose which story you want to hear first – Celtic Knight is the red book, Christian knight is the white book.

You are then transported to the Kingdom of the Atrebates as Bradwen the illegitimate son of Cadfanan, the king of the Atrebates. Your half brother Morganor is heir to the throne. Your relationship with Morganor is strained at best. Okay to be perfectly honest, Morganor hates the very sight of you. Which is understandable. I mean you are tall, dark, handsome and built like a Greek god and Morganor is........well, Morganor isn’t. As soon as you arrive home from your battle with the Saxons Morganor informs you that the king is ill and you have to go find a cure for what ails him. And so begins your quest – first to find a cure for your sick father and then to ultimately find your destiny. Along the way you visit The Forests of Arden, Avalon, Magovenium, and Camelot. You meet ogres, Saxons, fairies, unicorns, dragons, knights, kings, Merlin and the very devil himself.

Gameplay –

Arrow keys move Bradwen around and are very simple to use. The mouse brings up the conversation tree, the inventory and the save/load option. You use the spacebar to initiate action – i.e. start a conversation or perform a function like open doors, hand something to someone, pick something up etc. There is also a book that fills in as you play so you can read the story as you go. The only thing is, if you don’t do things in the exact order the developers of the game did, you will miss lines in the story. It doesn’t stop you from progressing with the game – it just becomes a obsession to figure out what the missing lines are and how you can get them into the story book.

You can make Bradwen and his horse move faster by holding down the Shift key at the same time as the arrow key. As a matter of fact I loved to get Bradwen running then lift my finger off the shift key and watch him come to a screeching halt - I kept hoping he'd fall on his fanny but he never did.

Graphics and Sound

Absolutely superb. While in the forest you hear and see birds chirping, bears growling, wolves howling, fairies laughing, and fish jumping out of the water. I honestly felt like I was in a forest or by a stream, or on a rocky tower listening to the wind blow.

Cons –

There are some – getting Bradwen positioned correctly in order to open a door or talk to someone was a pain until you got used to where he needed to stand. I got plenty tired of the shoulder shrug let me tell you. I know some people had problems with events not triggering for some reason or another. The only time that happened to me was when I would forget to scroll to the end of the conversation tree and make sure I had talked to everyone about everything. And sometimes the trudging back and forth got to me but most games I’ve played you trudge back and forth.

In Conclusion

I knew after about 10 minutes I was going to love the game. That’s all the time it took to draw me in, wrap it’s arms around me and hook me. It has everything I had been looking for a great story and characters I actually cared about (in fact I got so involved with them I had to quit playing because something happened to two of the characters) And as far as the endings ----both games have terrific endings that actually end the game.

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