You are hired by Carlotta to find her ex-lover, a man named Mundy. She tells you he's been in Tsort and arrived back aboard the Milka. She also tells you that the Milka is at THE WHARF.

A new location at THE WHARF will be activated when Carlotta leaves.


Talk to Mr. Scoplett, the first mate. He tells you about the mysterious passengers on the Milka. When you ask about Mundy he tells you an inquisitive stranger was also asking about him. You discuss the Milka with him, hoping to get aboard, but he refuses. He says you'll need to get Captain Jenkins' permission, who should be at the CAFE ANKH.

A new location at the CAFE ANKH will be activated.

Note that the Sailor is loading the 'outgoing' cargo on board and he won't let you too near the crate next to him.


You need to wait until the Pianist takes a break (later in the game) before he'll talk to you.

Nobby tells you about the recent mysterious murders when you ask him about the Milka. He won't talk about anybody while he's off-duty.

A new location at PSEUDOPOLIS YARD is activated.

Captain Jenkins won't allow you to board the Milka. All you learn from him is that he overheard Mundy saying he was meeting someone and that the two Mysterious Passengers are a woman and a foreign man.

In the alley to the right of the CAFE ANKH you see a Golem loading wine barrels from the wine cellar onto a cart. Remember this for later. Take the crowbar that's on the cart.


You should go back to your office once before you board the Milka. The reason for this is explained later.


When you return the Sailor will have left. Open the crate that was next to him with the crowbar and climb in it. You'll be 'loaded' on board the Milka.


Pick up the label floating in the flotsam. You can't read it, but perhaps you'll later find someone who can. Take note of the small lair (that something lived in) on the other side of the flotsam, it has relevance later.

Search the bottom bunk (inside the cabin) and you find a scrap of cardboard with what looks like either a 6 or 9 written on it. Also note the scratches on the bedpost.

You jump off the Milka and return to your office.


If this is the first time you return to your office, it'll be empty. If you returned previously, a dwarf named Al Khali will be waiting for you. He warns you to stay clear of the 'Mundy Case'.


Return to THE WHARF and ask Mr. Scoplett about Al Khali. He'll recognize the description and tells you that Al Khali is the inquisitive stranger who was also asking about Mundy.


If Nobby is not there yet, go somewhere else and return later. Tell Nobby about the Mysterious Passengers in the hope that he'll do some investigating.

When you leave you'll be approached by a troll named Malachite. He asks you to 'find Therma'. The only other information you get from him is that Therma was a singer at the OCTARINE PARROT.

A new location at the OCTARINE PARROT will be activated.


Mankin tells you about Sapphire. He'll suggest that you ask Sapphire when you discuss Therma. You give him a description of Mundy, but he claims not to know him. Note that the address of the OCTARINE PARROT can be seen on the window behind Mankin when you talk to him.

You can only speak to Sapphire when she's finished singing. She'll tell you Therma was killed when her house collapsed and that she was probably buried under her stage name of Madame Lodestone. All she knows about Malachite is that he used to hang out at RHODAN'S WORKSHOP.

Read the notice board - it has an advertisement for a play called 'Antilogy and Cleph-ptah-re'.

A new location at RHODAN'S WORKSHOP will be activated.


The only information you get out of Rhodan is that Malachite works for him.

Malachite is in the alcove at the rear of the workshop. When you tell him that Madame Lodestone is dead, he will 'need to see the body'. Take note of the grapple attached to Malachite - you'll need it later in the game.


Ask Nobby about Madame Lodestone to find out that she was buried in the Selachii Mausoleum.

A new location at the MAUSOLEUM is activated.

If you've previously told Nobby about the Mysterious Passengers, check whether he found out anything. He tells you he's interviewed one of them, the woman, and that she's at the CAFE ANKH. If it's the first time you've told Nobby about the Mysterious Passengers, then return later to trigger him telling you he interviewed the woman.


You can search through the tombs, but you won't find the one that Therma is buried in because the nobility use a complicated indexing system. You need to find an expert in heraldry or genealogy to help you.


If you've spoken to Nobby about the Mysterious Passengers twice, then you'll find Ilsa in the bar. She'll tell you that Mundy seemed very nervous and she thinks he was hiding something in the cargo hold. Talk to her about the Milka or the Mysterious Passengers to find out that she's travelling with a companion named Two Conkers. Seeing that her companion is a foreigner, maybe she can translate the label. Show it to her and she'll tell you it reads 'Pier 5'.

A new location at PIER FIVE is activated.


The Watchman isn't very helpful. He won't allow you access to the warehouse and the only information you can get from him is that Mundy tried to break in.

Around the side of the warehouse you can see a skylight on the roof. The skylight is an alternate entrance into the warehouse, but you first need to find a way to get onto the roof.


If you've been round the side of the warehouse at PIER FIVE, then you'll find a note (invitation) from Carlotta on the floor in front of the door. She wants to see you at the VON UBERWALD MANSION.

A new location at the VON UBERWALD MANSION will be activated.


Show the invitation to the Butler and he'll go call Carlotta. When you look at the painting hanging on the wall she comes down the staircase. From talking to her you learn that she has an affinity for family genealogy. This and the book on 'lineage and heraldry' in the reception area are hints that Carlotta will be able to find Therma's grave for you. Ask her about the Selachii Mausoleum and she'll agree to help.

While Carlotta is changing you'll have a conversation with Count Von Uberwald. Note his disappointment when he discovers that the missing person you're looking for is Mundy. This is a clue that someone else is probably also missing. He asks you to keep him informed about the case.


Carlotta will find Therma's tomb for you. The slab on top of the tomb is much too heavy to move - you need help from someone with a bit of muscle!


When you tell Malachite that Therma is Buried in the Selachii Vaults he wants to see the body. The two of you return to the MAUSOLEUM.


Malachite easily lifts the slab off the tomb. He'll tell you that the body inside is not Therma. When you ask him for his grappling iron he gives it to you. Search the rubble in the tomb to find the troll's teeth. Take the tooth as you'll need it later.


Now that you've got the grappling iron, use it to climb up to the skylight. You need to open the skylight with the crowbar to get into the warehouse. Once inside, look carefully every time there's a flash of lightening and you'll see a matchbook lying on the floor. When you take the matchbook you notice that one corner of it is torn off. The scrap of cardboard is the missing corner, so stick it back onto the matchbook. The address that's written on the matchbook is the same as that on the window of the OCTARINE PARROT.



When you read the notice board you'll find a different advertisement. It may be a good idea to check the notice board whenever you're here - you never know what you'll find!

Ask Mankin about Mundy (unless you did previously). If it was Mundy's matchbook, then he must have written the address on it. Show the matchbook to Mankin to trigger the 'Lies' dialog topic. When you talk to him about 'Lies' he admits that Mundy is upstairs.

You can now get to Mundy's room by going to the right. You enter Mundy's room..



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