Tomb Raider III:  Antarctica Levels - Walkthrough by Stella


Kills: 31 Items: 28, plus a CROWBAR, 2 keys and 4 save/power-up crystals Secrets: 3

Be sure to find all the secrets so you can access the bonus level at the end of the game.

Note that one of the regular pick-ups here will be the UZIS if you didn't get them in a previous level.

Objectives: First, get onto the ship to lower the inflatable boat. Use this to get to the compound. Turn on the generator and get the gate control key. Use it to open a gate that will enable you to reach Dr. Willard's office.

An FMV sequence precedes this level: Lara is the sole passenger on a helicopter flying to the RX Technologies base in Antarctica. A storm blows up, and the pilot loses radio contact with the base and is forced to land. In a moment, the ice beneath the copter begins to give way. Lara scrambles for the exit and jumps free just in time. The pilot isn't as fortunate.

Walk-through: Lara has made it to the ship, the RX Explorer, anchored near the base camp. There are Desert Eagle clips in the water to the right. Jump in to retrieve them and climb back out of the water as quickly as possible. (NOTE: The light blue exposure meter on your screen plummets rapidly in the freezing water. Once it's depleted, Lara will quickly die if she stays in the water. You may be able to get around this in tough spots by saving your game underwater and reloading. This resets the exposure meter. Just be sure you don't accidentally save as Lara is about to drown!)

If you aren't already on the small ice island near the start, jump onto it now. Once there, turn to face the HUT. Just across the water, you'll see an ice ledge that's flat on the left side and slopes up on the right. Take a running jump to grab the ice ledge at the point where it bends. If you grab too far to the right, Lara won't be able to hold on. (See this for clarification. Grab at the 'X'.)

Go past the hut. (NOTE: it contains SECRET #3, but you'll need to find a key to unlock it. You'll get the items behind the ice window from behind in a moment.) Take a running jump across the channel. Climb up onto the snow ledge just to the right. Walk up the ledge until you get to the steep ramp. Turn around and jump up to the ledge on the right. From there you can take a running jump to the flat spot at the top of the ramp. Jump to the top of the ice arch. (NOTE: You can see a med-pack behind the sheet of ice farther down the channel. You'll get this a bit later.) Cross over the arch and jump into the cave on the right. Now pick up the things you saw earlier--a large med-pack, flares, a rocket and a save/power-up crystal.

Go back across the ice arch and down to the left. Continue along the shore parallel to the ship. When you reach the water, swim for the square ledge ahead and climb out quickly. Give Lara a moment to warm up, then swim to the far ledge near the wall. Climb up the snow at the corner and jump up to grab the handholds on the ceiling. Traverse nearly to the end and drop to the block below. Jump over to the deck of ship.

On the Ship: Drop down into the hold. Go down the ramp into the engine room. Kill 2 red-jacketed crewmen. Climb up behind the engine and pull the switch to open a trapdoor behind you. Drop down and kill another crewman in the hall. Go up the ramp, where you'll meet another RX Techie. Press the button to open the door opposite. Go in. (NOTE: The doors with buttons here and below near the engine room lead to a connecting hallway. You don't need to open them.)

Go down the ramp to the right toward the yellow pipe. Another guy in a red jacket tries to mess with you. Take him out, grab his Desert Eagle clips then drop down through the opening in the floor. As you go up the passage below another guy sneaks up behind you. When you kill him, he drops some Uzi clips. Climb up the ladder and press the button near the porthole to drop the yellow boat into the water.

Climb back up to the room with the horizontal yellow pipe and go back into the next room. Climb up through the opening in the ceiling and follow the hallway to the upper deck. Go around to the right toward the stern. When you come to a break in the outside rail, take a standing jump-grab into the opening in the ice wall. Drop down to find SECRET #1--MP5 clips and a save/power-up crystal. Climb out and jump back to the ship.

Ice Wall at the Bow of the Ship: Go to the front of the boat to the angled, off-white metal thingey that was holding up the boat. (OK, so I’m not very nautical.) Stand at the base of it and jump over the peak. Hold Jump so that instead of sliding down the other side, Lara hops off and lands on the snowy ledge across the water. Walk to the left end and jump up to the triangular flat spot. Then take another standing jump around the corner to the next flat spot on the left. Climb into the small, rectangular opening to find a rocket. (See this for details.) Climb/slide down to the rectangular snow ledge at water level, and take a standing jump with Action to land in the boat without getting Lara’s feet wet.

Waterway Leading Past the Hut: Drive around behind the ship and circle back to the canal near the hut. There's a doorway about halfway down the canal on the left. Park the boat close to the opening and jump out (Roll + Left). Climb the ice ladder, slide down the ramp and jump to grab the ledge above the small pool. Pull up and crawl in to the right. This is SECRET #2--the large med-pack you saw behind the ice window, along with a small med-pack and some grenades. Crawl back out, past the opening where you came in, and on to another opening. Drop down into the water and hightail it for the boat. Warm up a bit and drive closer to those flares on the bottom of the channel. Then you can get them without freezing to death.

Gatehouse: Continue down the channel and around the corner to a small building with an RX Tech sign on it, black metal bars above and a metal gate off to the left. Park the boat near the landing, jump out and kill the cranky armed man. Note the padlock on the GATEHOUSE door. You'll be back later with something to open it.

Go around the back of the building. In the water below the ice ledge on the right is a rocket. Get it quickly. Now climb on the box and jump up to grab the metal structure. Traverse across to the other side. When you reach the end, hook to the right and drop down onto the snow.

RX Compound: Slide down near the corner. Take out the guy in the passage and continue to some buildings. Kill the guard dog. Pick up the shotgun shells in the corner behind the green building with the three barrels at the side. (NOTE: You'll encounter several buttons that don't work yet, but they will once you turn on the generator.)

Go into the dark passage opposite where you entered. Kill another guy and his dog on the way, and pick up some Desert Eagle clips. Continue to an open area. There are more shells underneath the ELEVATED FUEL TANK.

Enter the snowy cave opening just beyond the bend in the pipe leading out of the fuel tank. (Not the hole where the pipe goes.) This passageway leads to a building guarded by 2 huskies. The electric doors are going haywire. Treat these like blade traps and run through quickly as they start to open. Go up the stairs to the office, where you'll meet 2 men with guns. One drops a small med-pack when you kill him. Use the button near the desks to open the closet nearby. Inside is another small med-pack. In the metal room beyond the office, you'll find the CROWBAR. Another RX thug comes in behind you. Kill him and take his shotgun shells. Return down the stairs, past the clamping doors, and take out another red-jacket guy outside.

Go back to the area with the elevated tank. Then follow the dark passageway back to the area with the tower. One of the supporting legs is climbable. Go up it into the tower room. Pull the switch to open a trapdoor on the roof of the adjacent building. Use the crowbar to pry open the padlocked door and exit. (NOTE: Don't forget to take the crowbar with you; you'll need it again.)

Use the monkey bars to traverse across to the next roof. Follow the walkways around to the far right. At the end you'll find a small med-pack. Return to the roof with the trapdoor and drop down. The sign on the wall that says "FUEL SUPPLY" shows the proper valve sequence to activate the generator--green, red, green, red, reading from top (generator) to bottom (fuel tank). Pull the switch to open the exit. There's a guy waiting for you outside near the fuel tank. He's carrying a small med-pack.

Follow the pipe from the FUEL TANK down into the opening. Go through the room at the bottom and climb the ladder on the other side. Arrange the FUEL VALVES to match the diagram: The first gauge is already red, so leave it alone. For the second valve, turn the wheel so the gauge reads green. Leave the third valve alone (gauge is already red), but turn the fourth so the gauge reads green.

Grab the save/power-up crystal near the rightmost valve, go through the water and climb the ladder. You'll come out in the GENERATOR SHED. Go through the door to the generator. (NOTE: If you explored here earlier, this door would have been closed.) Pick up the large med-pack in the corner behind the generator, then use the switch to turn on the power.

Outside there's also another building which is partially demolished. Explore inside cautiously. In the lounge in the back you'll meet a mutant who'll spew poisonous green gas before dying.

Leave this area through the ice tunnel on the left. This leads to the KENNEL. Press the button on the fence to open the left cage. Kill the dog. Then press the second button on the fence between the two cages to open the door there. Two more dogs will need your attention before you press the third button to open the door into the building. One more dog waits inside the office. You can also find some Uzi clips in an alcove and the GATE CONTROL KEY on a low platform. (NOTE: If you don't have the UZIS already, you'll get them here instead of clips.) When you exit the kennel, there's another armed techie waiting for you.

When the coast is clear, head to the left through another ice tunnel. Kill the man lurking in the passage and approach the wooden bridge. The husky down below is guarding some grenades. You can shoot it from above then climb down for the goodies. Climb out and cross the bridge. At the next area, go left at the building (where you saw the fuel supply sign) and through the dark hallway to get back to the first part of the compound. Go through the next tunnel ahead on the left, which will lead you back to the monkey-bar area. Traverse back to the GATEHOUSE where you left your boat.

Back at the Gatehouse: Go around front and use your crowbar to pry open the door. A red-jacketed guard will arrive when you go inside, so stay sharp. Use the key to activate the gate mechanism. Then press the button to raise the gate.

Get into the boat and drive through the gate into the channel beyond. Disembark at the ledge with the flag and the gunman on it. Kill him and take his Uzi clips. Park the boat next to the ledge at the corner opposite the ledge with the flag. Jump into the water, grab the HUT KEY from the alcove and quickly climb back into the boat. Drive back down the channel toward the GATEHOUSE. Turn right there and follow the channel back to the hut at the beginning of the level.

Back at the Hut: Use the hut key to unlock the door. Kill the dog that rushes out. Then go in to get SECRET #3--a save/power-up crystal, Uzi clips and flares. Get back in the boat and return to the area where you got the hut key. Continue down the channel, past the gatehouse, gate and ledge with flag. A bit further on, stop to retrieve some shotgun shells from a ledge on the left.

When you come to a dead end, get out of the boat into the doorway. Climb up the snow to a shack. Kill one red jacket at the entrance. Then go up the hill and around (watch out for the open elevator shaft) to approach the building, where you'll have to kill another guy. Go around the back of the building to end the level.

A cut scene ensues: Lara enters the shack and discovers Dr. Willard chowing down on some tomato soup. (At least we hope that's what it is.) He seems glad to see her, but she immediately confronts him about the mutant she met in the cantina. He dismisses her concerns, obviously delirious at his experiments' potential. Willard talks of accelerating evolution and says that the real power is in the meteorite's core, which he can access now that he has the four artifacts. Lara, who has had more than enough of busting her butt for employers that turn into power-mad mutants, tells him his idea of good timing is, well, BAD. Willard snags the artifacts and flees down into the mines. Naturally our heroine gives chase.



Kills: 17 Items: 23, plus a CROWBAR, BATTERY, WINCH STARTER and 5 save/power-up crystals Secrets: 3*

*The number of kills varies depending on the actions of your enemies (the mutants) and allies (the white-suited guys with flamethrowers). There are also several places where you can avoid confrontations and continue on.

Objectives: Get into the heart of the mines to the mine car junction. Ride each of the three cars through different areas of the mines. In one area you'll get a crowbar, which will help you get a battery. In another, you'll find a winch starter. Use the battery and winch starter in the third area to fire up the winch. This will enable you to get to the excavation site and exit to the Lost City of Tinnos.

Walk-through: Climb out of the elevator shaft and crawl along until you can stand. Now you're in a square hallway with three automatic doors. If you keep walking you'll go around in circles forever. Instead, refer to the diagram RX-Tech.gif (also online at As you exit the first crawlspace, you see a closed door on your right. Head to the left. When you step on the area of floor marked 1X in the diagram, you'll hear a door closing elsewhere--that's the third door (D3). Walk to the corner and turn left. As you step forward (to 2x), the door ahead (D2) will open. Go forward and round the next corner. When you step forward (to 3x), the door ahead (D3) opens. In the process it covers up the second crawlspace on the right wall. When you pass the door (and step on 4x) the door at the start (D1) opens. Go around the corner, forward down the long hall with no doors, and around the next corner. Now you're back at the start. (The door on the left, D1, is covering the first crawlspace.) Walk forward a few steps (to 1X). You'll hear the third door (D3) close again. TURN AROUND and go back down the hallway the other way. When you reach the next door (D3), it will be closed, allowing you to access crawlspace #2.

Crawl through, following the duct down to a hole. Back out and climb down the ladder to the bottom. Get the MP5 clips and press the button to open the door. Watch through the window as the guy with the flamethrower puts a couple of mutants out of their misery, or go out and assist. (NOTE: You'll meet a few more of these white-suited guys as you go along. If you don't harm them, they won't mess with you.)

Follow the snowy tunnel to the JUNCTION where several mine car tracks converge. Note the padlocked door at the left end of the walkway. You'll be back later with something to open it. There's a mutant lurking below in the far left corner. You can go down and kill him now, or wait. Just watch out for that poisonous breath.

Climb up to the control room on the far left. Enter and run to the left. Roll and take out the mutant lurking on the other side of the doorway. The button in the doorway turns on the lights.

Climb onto the roof at the doorway. Cross to the back right, turn around, crouch and drop back to grab the edge. Traverse a little way to the right to a ladder on the back of the building. Position Lara's feet at the bottom edge of the building and jump/twist to grab the sill of the crawlspace behind. Pull up and crawl in to get SECRET #1--a small med-pack and grenades. (NOTE: The closed door here leads to SECRET #2. The button that opens it is elsewhere.) Safety drop to the ground and kill that mutant if you didn't earlier.

Now it's time to take a little ride. The controls for the MINE CARS are simple, but using them effectively may take a little practice. You can ride either the lower or middle level car first, but the upper level should be done last. I've put the middle level first, since it's a bit easier than the lower level.

MIDDLE LEVEL MINE CAR: Get in and ride without braking past the first gap in the tracks. Brake (Jump) on the next downhill run to slow your approach to the curve before the bridge. Brake on the slope after the bridge then take the next curve without braking in order to clear the gap beyond. Swing the wrench (Action) to hit the switch. This will stop the car at the platform ahead. (NOTE: The items you see off to the left on your way down the track are SECRET #2. You will get them later.)

Get out and allow the flamethrower guy to kill the mutant. Get the save/power-up crystal and carefully run past the drills through the door. There's a hole in the snowbank at the back left containing flares. Enter the short hallway opposite. Slide backwards down the ramp and grab the edge. Drop to the block below. Be careful not to fall into the deep chasm.

The tunnel near the dark block houses a big, nasty mutant but no goodies. You can avoid it if you like.

Safety drop down onto the snowy walkway below on the left (when facing the chasm). Go to the other end of the walkway. Jump to the angled block, slide back, grab the edge and drop to the ledge below. There's a mutant inside the opening above. He doesn't have any goodies, so you can skip this area if you like. Or crawl in, shoot him from the opening and back out.

Traverse along the crevice to the left and drop to grab the crevice below. Traverse back to the right. Drop to the ledge below and, if you like, kill the mutant below. Jump to grab the crevice above and traverse back to the left. Pull up, crawl through and kill the mutant on the other side.

In the next area, you'll meet another flamethrower guy and 3 mutants lurking in various places around the room. Your friend may help you kill the mutants, but don't count on him. Get the CROWBAR from the top of the monkey bars and the rocket at the bottom of the pool.

If you're going for all the secrets, you'll need to do some climbing. See the small, rectangular opening high on the wall? That's where you're headed. Climb onto the snow hill to the right of the opening. (There's a light up there.) Face the wall and stand at the left side of the hill, at the corner of the triangular surface on the floor. Take a standing jump to grab the horizontal seam (it's not even a crevice) in the ice wall. (See the screenshots at if you're not sure where to stand and grab.) Traverse to the left and pull up into the crawlspace. Press the button there to open the door back at the first secret area, enabling you to access SECRET#2 when you return.

Drop down and scope out the exit: It's the high opening with the black area inside. You can't reach it from below, so you'll have to make your way over to it on top of the snow banks. Climb onto the pile just to the right of the entrance. Take a series of running jumps from heap to heap clockwise around the cave until you reach the one below the door. (NOTE: Don't forget you can adjust Lara's angle in the air with the Left/Right keys. This comes in handy when you have to line up a jump at an odd angle in order to have enough running space for takeoff. If you have trouble setting up these jumps, check out the screenshots at

Climb the ladder to the ledge on the left. Crawl up the passage under the first 3 drills. Run past the fourth drill. Go around the first crushing machine. Use careful timing to run past the next 2 crushers. Climb up on the left to an area with a flashing light. Keep climbing and kill the mutant at the top. Safety drop down to the tracks and follow them back to the mine car.

Get in and ride on, around an S curve and up a hill. Don't brake on the hill, but as soon as the car leaves the tracks to cross the gap, brake hard. Then immediately swing the wrench to hit the switch. This will make the car go right at the fork. (If you miss the switch and go forward, you'll crash.) Don't brake again until after the car goes over the next gap. Brake on the curves and duck under the 3 girders. Soon you'll be back at the JUNCTION.

LOWER LEVEL MINE CAR: Get in and go. Duck as you pass under the 2 girders, then immediately stand and swing the wrench to hit the switch. Duck under the next girder, but don't brake until after clearing the gap. You'll curve around to the left. Duck under 2 more girders then get out when the car stops. Get the save/power-up crystal nearby.

(NOTE: It's possible to get up to the area where SECRET #2 is from here; however, I haven't found a way to get out and finish the lower level if you go this way. Go to the right side of the elevated track. There's a flat, triangular area of snow below. A carefully set up running jump along the seam on the right side of the triangular flat area will land Lara on the tracks above. The tracks leading up and across the bridge lead to the secret area, but a steep slope prevents you from returning. If anyone can offer tips, please let me know.)

Go into the hallway perpendicular to the track and press the button to open the door. Follow this passage and slide down the ramp into a room with steam coming up from the floor. A big mutant comes out of the side passage at the left end. Kill it, then follow this dark, twisting passageway until you come to a crawlspace on the right. Crawl under to the area below the steamy room and pick up shotgun shells and a rocket. Now there's another big mutant running around out there. Crawl out and kill it. Then continue along the twisty passage to a room on the other side of the fence from the steamy room.

Climb the ladder to the top. There are 2 buttons in the hallway here: The first opens the exit back to the track. The second opens another door. Go through that door and follow the hallway to a crawlspace. Crawl through and drop down into a room with a window. A big mutant rushes in from outside. Kill it. Collect the small med-pack and Uzi clips the mutant drops, and the Desert Eagle clips near the door. Then go outside. Jump into the pool and retrieve the WINCH STARTER from the bottom. Warm up, then swim down again for some more Desert Eagle clips bundled with some flares.

Go back to the door below the crawlspace where you entered this area. Press the button and kill the big mutant that charges out. Go to the end of the hallway and press the button to open the door there. Jump the gap where you climbed the ladder and go through the door on the left to return to the mine car.

Ride forward, duck under the girder, then brake for the curve. Climb the hill, ducking under the girder near the top. Then immediately stand to whack the switch. This will send the car onto the track straight ahead. You'll pick up a save/power-up crystal and return to the JUNCTION. (NOTE: If you miss the switch, you'll take the left fork back to the junction, missing the crystal.)

UPPER LEVEL MINE CAR: Before heading out, use your crowbar to open the door at the end of the walkway near where you entered. Inside you'll find a LEAD ACID BATTERY. And, if you didn't do it earlier, return to SECRET AREA #1. If you followed the walk-through for the middle level, the inner door will be open. This is SECRET #2. There's a mutant inside, along with a save/power-up crystal, MP5 and Desert Eagle clips.

Ride the mine car up a hill and down the other side. Don't brake for the curve or you won't be able to get up enough speed to jump the gap. Duck under the girders and drills. Continue into a cave where the car will stop.

Pick up the flares on the snowbank ahead to the left. Jump over to the WINCH. Place the battery in the opening on the side. Climb onto the top platform (facing the arm) and use the winch starter to get it going. This will lower the yellow submersible. Now comes the hard part.

Stand on the platform below the winch and look over the left side. There's a single yellow light on the cave wall below the water. Dive in and swim down toward that light and into the passageway just to the right of it. You can climb out here to get air and warm up.

(NOTE: Remember to get Lara's health back up to 100% before diving again and to use a med-pack as you swim, if necessary, to keep her from freezing to death. Also, you may be able to cheat through this by saving your game underwater and reloading. This resets the exposure meter. Just be sure you don't accidentally save as Lara is about to drown!)

Now, jump in the water again and swim underneath the submersible where you'll find an opening you can climb into. There's a large med-pack inside. Now you're aiming for a small opening below and between the two lights on the wall under the sub. Swim through and stay to the right to find a hole where you can surface. There's another large med-pack there. When you're ready, jump in again and head to the far right corner of the underwater room. There's a vertical tunnel leading up to air, warmth and a small med-pack. On the way you'll also pick up a save/power-up crystal.

Climb up to the EXCAVATION SITE. Apparently Willard and his cronies have uncovered more than just a few artifacts. There's a flamethrower guy here, but he's pretty much useless. Kill the mutant inside the passage above the entrance on the right. (Or, just leave him be. There's nothing there.)

Cross the bridge over the deep chasm and kill 2 more mutants--one on each side of the metal building with the door. Go to the far right, past the carved stone heads, to the end where the ledge meets the wall. There's a light mounted above and another ledge down below. Jump to the angled block next to the wall, slide down backwards, grab the edge and drop onto the lower ledge. This is SECRET #3. Inside the dark cave you'll find a large med-pack, Desert Eagle clips and grenades.

Return to the cave opening. Take a running jump across the chasm to the small ledge. Turn around and take another running jump across the gap to the small, triangular ledge. Now take a tricky running jump to the next ledge. Set it up carefully so you have enough room to run before jumping. Once on the square ledge, it's another running jump across to the next ledge. Climb into the alcove above, get the grenades, and take a running jump from there to the ledge below the bridge.

Climb up onto the bridge. Cross over to the Quonset hut. Take a standing jump from the raised block to grab the roof of the building above the door. Pull up and walk to the back, where you'll find a small med-pack. Return to the front of the building, press the button to open it, and enter to complete the level.



Kills: 90 Items: 24, plus 2 keys, 4 Oceanic Masks, plus 5 save/power-up crystals Secrets: 3*

*The number of kills varies greatly depending on how long you take to get through certain areas. See the note on WASP RESPAWN, at the end of this section. Also, if you use grenades to kill the mutants, you may get an inaccurate count on the stats screen at the end of the level. Note that one of the regular pick-ups here will be the ROCKET LAUNCHER if you didn't get it in a previous level.

There are several possible routes and sequences of doing things in this level. One possible sequence, which will allow you to get all of the secrets, is described here.

Objectives: Explore the courtyard of the ruined city to find the key and switches that will let you access the rest of the level. Cross over two bridges (one is broken), to the next area. From here you'll need to do two separate side "missions"-one to find a key, the other to find four masks. You'll need all of these items to open the level exit.

Walk-through: Go through the metal door into the ruins. You'll find yourself in an COURTYARD of sorts with a tall, square pillar and several doors, gates and hallways.

First, go to the far left corner, up the ramps to a large alcove with a ladder. Climb up and follow the passageway to a switch with a window-type opening on the right of it. Pull the switch to open a door below. Continue along the hall to the left of the switch until you come to another opening-this one above the tall pillar in the courtyard. Stand toward the right side of the opening where the ceiling is higher. Then take two steps back from the edge and a standing jump to land on top of the pillar. Turn right and take a running jump to the ledge on the right with the save/power-up crystal and rocket. (NOTE: If you don't have the ROCKET LAUNCHER yet, you'll get it here instead of the rocket.) Safety drop down.

Now go to the door you opened with the switch. It's at the far left (from the entrance) just to the right of the ladder area. Inside you'll find the FIRST ULI KEY. Use this in the lock at the far right side of the courtyard to open the gates there.

Go through the gates and climb the ladder. You can use the switch nearby to open the gate leading into the hallway where you were earlier, but this isn't necessary. Go outside through the opening on the left onto the ledge. Throw the switch. (This doesn't do anything until you pull the next switch below.) Climb back in and go forward to the end of the hall. Slide down the ramp and use the switch to open the carved double doors leading back into the courtyard. (If you pulled the other switch above, this switch will also extend a ladder in the room where you'll go next.)

Cross the courtyard to the far left corner. Go through the doorway into a room with 5 buttons on a high ledge. Climb the ladder you just extended and press the first, second and last switch from left to right. This opens the gate below. Drop down and go through.

[NOTE: Several people have asked if there is a solution to the 5-button puzzle other than trial and error. The best solution I've heard comes from Jeff Reid, who notes that the symbols on the blocks behind each switch could represent living things in a food chain: hunter, elk, trees, birds, fish. If you read each set of symbols from top to bottom, all but the 3rd and 4th sets make sense (3rd-trees don't eat elk; 4th-fish don't eat birds). That works for me.]

BROKEN BRIDGE: High up in the cave wall on the right is a GIANT WASP HIVE. When you walk out onto the bridge the giant wasps begin to swarm out. They keep coming as long as you remain on the bridge or until you've killed about 21 of them. (See the note on WASP RESPAWN, at the end of this section.) You can either kill them as they emerge from the hive, or continue along, killing the wasps as you go. When you reach the gap in the bridge, turn left and take a running jump to a snowy alcove in the cave wall containing a save/power-up crystal.

Jump onto the top of the pile of snow at the left side of the opening (when facing the bridge). Grab the stone ledge above and pull up. From here, face the bridge and look up beyond the arch on the right. You'll be able to see the HIVE from here. If you want all the secrets, that's where you're headed.

First, take a running jump to grab the left archway, then pull up. (NOTE: If you don't want the secret, you can safety drop down from the back of the arch and pick up the walk-through below at the **.) This next bit involves two invisible platforms. A light source, such as pistol fire or a flare will illuminate these. Once you get onto one of them, light a flare and drop it and you'll be able to see it clearly. This will help you to set up the next jump and keep you from stepping off accidentally. Watch out for any stray wasps, since they are capable of knocking Lara off theledges.

The first invisible platform is between the two archways above the gap in the bridge. From the corner where you're standing, angle Lara to face the left corner of the opposite arch. Take a running jump to land on the invisible block. Take a standing jump from the edge of the invisible block to the corner of the arch. Back up to the edge (the hive is on your left) and take a standing jump-grab over the peak to the other triangular flat spot. Turn left toward the hive opening. Take a standing jump from the edge to the next invisible platform. Walk to the other edge and take a final standing jump to grab the hive opening.

Pull up, and go inside for SECRET #1. The goodies include a small med-pack, Desert Eagle clips and grenades. Watch out for the deep pit and, if you didn't kill them all yet, more wasps. Follow the same path back to the archway on the far side of the bridge. Safety drop down off the back.

(**) SECOND BRIDGE: Continue to the far wall. Pick up the small med-pack in the narrow cave on the left. Then head through the tunnel on the right. When you walk out onto the bridge in the next area, 2 extremely big and scary mutants come running out of the building on the other side. They shoot balls of energy, so keep moving! To dispose of them quickly and easily, hit each one with a couple of grenades while side flipping from left to right. You'll need to be careful not to accidentally fall off the edge, but there is a nice, fairly safe ledge below the bridge on the left near the end where you enter.

Once they're dead, cross the bridge. Before entering the building, take a look over the left side of the bridge. Below you'll see a square, gray door. This is the location of SECRET #3. You'll be back a bit later on to get it.

ROOM WITH SWINGING BURNERS IN THE DOORWAY: Now go into the building and carefully run past the swinging burners. Don't loiter in the next room. There's a small room above, which is SECRET #2, but you can't reach the ladder to get to it yet. About 6 wasps will emerge from the crack at the top of the room. You can stop to kill them, or continue to the right and up the stairs to the next area. (Or, if you like, you can go down the stairs on the left and do the ROOM WITH FOUR GATES and the ROOM WITH HINGED LEDGES now, but I have included it near the end. See below.)

ROOM WITH PILLAR OF LIGHT: Here you'll find a cross-shaped walkway with a PILLAR OF LIGHT at the intersection. Do not step into the light, or Lara will fall through the opening and burn to death. There are four doors-one at the end of each walkway-flanked by carved blocks depicting one of the four ancient elements: earth, air, fire and water. You can enter these areas in any order you choose. I'll describe them in order clockwise. The two stairways flanking the EARTH walkway lead down to the base of the PILLAR OF LIGHT. There are four receptacles here-one for each of the OCEANIC MASKS you'll find in the four elemental areas. There's also a small, square gate, where you'll re-enter this room later, and a tall, silver gate which you'll get to near the end.

THE EARTH ELEMENT AREA: Enter and walk into the quicksand. Stay to the right and keep moving, and you'll be fine. As you go along, 5 wasps fly in from above. You'll probably need to turn around to shoot at them, but you can keep walking backwards as you do. When you come to an alcove on the right with steps leading up, climb out of the quicksand. Turn around and take a standing jump from the left edge of the lowest step to the sloped block on the right of the step.

Take a standing jump over the quicksand to the rock pile. Now turn left and look for an opening in the left cave wall just below the rock bridge. Take a standing jump back over the quicksand to the triangular ledge at the far corner of the rock pile, just below that opening. Climb into the opening. Take the small med-pack and throw the switch. This drops a block from the ceiling of the first room after the swinging burners that will enable you to get SECRET #2. Climb out and return to the steps out of the quicksand.

Climb the steps and follow the path. Go right at the fork (along the path with the torch), and kill the wasp. This will save you some trouble when you return this way later. Continue along the path, cross the bridge and take the first OCEANIC MASK from the pedestal.

This will start an earthquake that continues until you leave the area. WALK back along the path. If you go slowly and carefully, the falling rocks should land in front of Lara, instead of on her. When you reach the fork, go left (past the torch) and take a running jump across the gap with lava below.

Go forward and to the right, down the steps to where the quicksand used to be. Now it's a deep chasm. Take a running jump from the bottom step over the chasm. When you land, immediately hop back and grab the edge to avoid more falling rocks. Pull up and take a standing jump from the right side of the block to the next flat ledge around the corner. Walk to the end of the ledge. Then take another running jump to the ledge at the far right. Immediately run into the hallway on the right so Lara doesn't get squashed by still more falling rocks.

Once inside the hallway, jump to grab the ladder on the right. Climb down and follow the passage to some swinging burners. Carefully pick up the Desert Eagle clips in the alcove on the right, then run past the burners to a switch. Pull it to open the trapdoor abovbe the ladder on the left. The trapdoor is on a slow timer, but you shouldn't have any trouble getting through before it closes. When it does, go through the small, square gate (it opens as you approach) and return to the room with the PILLAR OF LIGHT. (NOTE: There may be a stray wasp or two waiting for you if you left the room below without killing all of them, so keep your eyes open.)

You can get SECRET #2 now if you like: Go down the stairs where you entered (next to the Earth gate, which is now barred). If you pulled the switch in the Earth area, there is now a movable block in the middle of the floor. Kill any leftover wasps as you climb onto the block and jump to grab the ladder. Climb up to the opening and enter the room. Jump past the swinging burner and crawl into the alcove to get a large med-pack and save/power-up crystal. Return upstairs and choose another door.

THE AIR ELEMENT AREA: This is basically a big maze. I have included the diagram tinnos_maze.gif (online at to help you navigate. The shortest route is marked in red, but if you explore a bit, you can pick up five items-2 small med-packs, flares, Uzi clips, shotgun shells and grenades. The only danger is a single wasp at the far left corner in the area with the movable block. If you get lost, just keep on in a consistent direction-e.g., always keep the wall at your right hand and turn only when you reach a dead end.

The goal is the ramp at the far right corner. This leads up to a room with three other ramps rigged with spiked wooden cylinders. Avoid the center ramp, which leads down to a lava pit. Walk up one of the side ramps. When the cylinder starts to roll, side flip to the other ramp. Then quickly side flip back to the first. Keep going and repeat the side-flip-back-and-forth for the next set of cylinders. Continue to the top. Take the OCEANIC MASK from the pedestal and run through the door on the right (behind the statue). It's timed to close quickly once you step off the pedestal, but getting back on the pedestal will open it again.

Stand in the corner and let the door close behind you. Go down the ramp, jump into the pool and swim back to the hallway behind the PILLAR OF LIGHT room. Go through the small, square gate to return there. Now, choose another door.

THE FIRE ELEMENT AREA: The passage from the entrance widens into a large cave with a pool of that weird, yellow lava (or whatever it is). There are a number of square pillars standing in the pool. Some of these have burners on top, which ignite when Lara stands on or jumps over them. The diagram tinnos_fire.gif (online at shows a safe path across. (NOTE: There's also a map carved into the ceiling of the cave. If you climb on the block and light a flare, the "safe" blocks on the map will glow, as in the screenshot at

Start on the left side and take a running jump to the closest block on the left (#1). From there, take another running jump over the next pillar to land on the pillar against the far wall and a little to the right (#2). Turn right and take a running jump to grab the next pillar (#3), which is also against the left wall. Pull up and turn to the right. Take a running jump to land on the block with the large med-pack and shotgun shells on top (#4). This block will ignite after a moment, so grab the items and quickly back flip onto the previous block (#3). Now take a running jump back to the pillar where you got the goodies, and another running jump to the ledge near the exit. If you aim the jump onto the pillar so you land at the right side, you can turn, run and jump, without having to set it up first.

The carved tile just inside the doorway is a trapdoor. There's a large med-pack beyond but it's impossible to get it without being flattened by the rolling spiked cylinder.

(NOTE: I had originally thought it impossible to get this item, but several people wrote to tell me how. It can be done by exploiting a bug in the game. First trigger the cylinder and jump to safety. Then face the cylinder, move as far to the left and as close to it as possible. Turn 180 degrees. Jump backward a number of times and Lara will gradually slide into the cylinder. When you have reached the centerline of the cylinder, turn 90 degrees to the left and do forward jumps. Once Lara is over the med-pack, pick it up. Use the same technique to get out of the cylinder again.)

Fall through the trapdoor and slide down the chute into the next room. Here there are 4 fire-breathing mechanical statues above a pool of lava. Between the two statues on the right is a ledge with a switch. At the opposite end of the room is the exit gate. To get to it, you'll need to jump across a series of 3 invisible platforms without getting barbecued. Here's one way: Take a standing jump from the walkway to grab the first invisible platform. DON'T PULL UP IMMEDIATELY. Watch the flame on/flame off sequence. Just BEFORE the flame goes out, begin to pull up. By the time Lara is standing, the flame will be out. Take a standing jump to grab the next invisible platform. (You don't need to walk to the far edge first.) Repeat this sequence to get to the third block. While hanging, traverse to the left corner. Watch the flames and pull up just before they go out. Turn to the right and take a running jump over to the ledge with the switch. Pull it to turn off the statue nearest the exit. Turn around and, when the flames go out, take a standing jump to grab that third block again. Traverse to the left, wait, pull up, turn right and take a final running jump to the ledge by the exit.

DON'T RUSH IN. There's a swinging burner just inside. Go around it, climb onto the platform from the side and get the OCEANIC MASK. Exit through the door on the right (behind the statue). It's timed to close quickly once you step off the pedestal, but getting back on the pedestal will open it again.

Stand in the corner and let the door close behind you. Follow the passage to the gate on the left. This opens automatically, bringing you back to the room with the PILLAR OF LIGHT. Now, go upstairs and choose another door.

THE WATER ELEMENT AREA: Enter and approach the first pool. Below are two rotating wheels, each with three scythe-shaped blades on it. Safety drop into the water between the blades. Roll and swim up to the ledge in the center. Pull up onto the ledge and immediately crouch to avoid the blades. Crawl forward into the passageway. At the bottom of the water-filled shaft beyond is a large med-pack.

Crawl back out to the ledge and safety drop into the water. Roll and carefully swim down past the lower blade wheel. Go through the opening at the bottom center and follow the tunnel to a room with FOUR SQUARE OPENINGS and a rotating blade wheel.

Swim into the LEFT OPENING to get air. Pull the lever, which opens a door inside the rightmost opening of the four. This door is timed, so roll after pulling the lever and don't hesitate too long at the blades.

Once inside the RIGHT OPENING, swim up to the top for air. Below, on each side, is a blade wheel, then a ledge, then another wheel. The outer wheels start to spin when you approach. Get the Desert Eagle clips from the one ledge if you like. Get the Uzi clips on the other and continue past the second blade wheel on that side to an alcove with a lever. (It's at the top right if you're facing that wall.) Pull the lever to open the gate at the bottom center of the same wall. Swim down through it, climb out of the water and get the OCEANIC MASK.

Use the switch in the alcove to the side of the mask platform to open a door down in the room with the FOUR SQUARE OPENINGS (and get the save/power-up crystal). Swim back to the previous room and keep going forward, hugging the bottom to take the least damage from the blades. Go through the opening straight across the room at the bottom center. Follow the underwater tunnel to the right, then down. Pull the lever on the left to open a gate ahead, roll, and continue on through the narrow crevice on the left. Pick up the MP5 clips on the bottom, and swim forward then right. Now you're back in the room with the FOUR SQUARE OPENINGS. Go through the one on the BOTTOM. (NOTE: You can stop and get air in the top opening, but if you're fast you won't need to.) Continue along the underwater passage (the current will sweep you along) until you can surface in knee-deep water.

Wade forward, go into the water on the other side. Then swim down and forward, through a small opening and up a long shaft to an alcove with a switch. Pull it to fall through the trapdoor below into a hallway. Head to the left, through the gate on the left, which opens automatically. Now you're back in the room with the PILLAR OF LIGHT.

WHEN YOU HAVE ALL FOUR OCEANIC MASKS: You can place them in the receptacles around the base of the pillar of light. Or, wait until you get the SECOND ULI KEY as well. Return up the stairs to the Earth area door, then down the stairs on the right of it.

Cross the room (on the left you'll see the hall with the swinging burners where you entered) and go down the stairs at the far end of the room. Pull the switch to open the gate and enter cautiously.

ROOM WITH FOUR GATES: Three of those huge mutants are waiting for you inside. One comes out of the gate opposite as you enter. Two more emerge from the side gates when you reach the center of the room. You can devise your own strategy, or try this: Kill the first with your weapon of choice, while jumping up and down to avoid the fireballs. Then go to the middle of the room to release the other two. Quickly retreat to the entrance and climb the ladder on the left (when facing the entrance gate). Once up on the ledges you can crouch near the wall and shoot the mutants from relative safety. When the coast is clear, climb down.

Alternately, after killing the first mutant, you can go into one of the side alcoves, which will release the mutant on the opposite side. Kill it, then go to the other alcove side to release the last one.

Pull the switch in the left alcove. This raises a platform above and to the left of the gray stone block in the mutant room. Climb onto the block, jump to grab the ledge and pull up. Follow the upper ledges around to the right to a small opening. Crawl through to the next room.

ROOM WITH HINGED LEDGES: The diagram tinnos_switch.gif (also online at may help clarify my descriptions of this room. The switches are numbered in the order you use them. The square, hinged ledges are indicated by letters A-F.

Approach the first swinging burner. Stand to either side and jump or crawl past it. Turn to the left and take a running jump to the ledge behind the second swinging burner. (Start to run when the burner is farthest to the left.) Crawl into the alcove and pick up Uzi clips and flares. Crawl out and take a running jump back to the first walkway with the swinging burner. From here, take another running jump to the ledge ahead. Crawl in and pull switch #1. Along with switch #2, which you'll get to in a moment, this raises the two ledges below switch #2-labeled B and C in the diagram.

Crawl out of the alcove and take a running jump to the ledge ahead on the right (opposite the one where you entered). Go into the alcove and pull switch #2. This lowers ledge A, below the long ledge with two statues. And, if you already pulled switch #1, it raises ledges B and C. Exit the alcove, turn right and hop down the steps to the corner ledge (B). Turn around and take a running jump to the next ledge (C) and a standing jump down to the rectangular pinkish stone ledge in the corner. Turn right, back up to the wall and take a standing jump to land on the raised block next to switch #3.

Be careful not to drop down onto the lower pinkish ledge or the walkway near the carved double doors (the areas colored ORANGE in the diagram). If you do, giant wasps will swarm out of the hive above the pool. (See the note on WASP RESPAWN, at the end of this section.)

Use switch #3 to raise ledge D (just above in front of the switch). Climb back onto the block at the left of

switch #3. Take a standing jump to grab the pinkish rectangular ledge. Pull up, turn around and take another

standing jump to grab ledge D, near switch #4 (above the switch you just used). Pull up, throw the switch and either side flip quickly to the left to land on the rectangular ledge. Or, fall onto the block below as the ledge drops and jump back to the rectangular ledge. Switch #4 also raises ledge E below the end of the walkway spanning the room.

To get there, you'll first have to raise ledge A again. Jump and grab ledge C (below switch #2) and pull up. Then take a running jump to the corner ledge (B). Turn around and jump up to grab the step. Pull up and climb up to switch #2. Use it again (put it in the up position) to raise ledge A (below the ledge with two statues). This also lowers the two ledges below (B and C), but you don't need them anymore.

Crawl out and go down the two steps on the right. Turn left and take a standing jump to ledge A. Take one step back from the edge and then a standing jump to land on ledge E (under the walkway). Jump up to grab the handholds on the underside of the walkway. Traverse across to the alcove with switch #5. Pull it to open the exit doors and raise the ledge (F) just outside this alcove. Take a standing jump to land on that ledge, then pull up onto the walkway. Now you're ready to go for the THIRD SECRET.

(NOTE: If you're not interested in getting the secret, don't bother pulling the last switch. Just climb down and exit to the room with shallow pools, where you'll get the SECOND ULI KEY. Pick up the walk-through below at the ***.)

Go into the hall at the end of the walkway. There you'll find switch #6. This opens the door below the bridge way back where you killed the first two giant mutants. The door is timed, so you have to hustle. Even if you jump over the pink walkway near the door, you'll encounter giant wasps throughout this run. (See the note on WASP RESPAWN, at the end of this section.) Don't stop to kill them or you won't make it in time. Either shoot as you go or just out-run them.

The sequence with hints: SAVE YOUR GAME. Pull the switch. Press Look and Roll. Run along the walkway and cut to the left toward the wasp hive (the crack in the wall). Press Action as you run off the ledge so Lara lands in the pool of water below. Roll underwater and climb out of the pool. Run/jump to the double doors.

(NOTE: Also, if you're having trouble angling the run off the walkway so that Lara lands in the pool, try this instead: First raise ledge D again. Make your way back up to switch #2, pull it to raise ledges B and C. Then use these to get back down to switch #3 and pull it. Climb/jump up to ledge D, take a running jump to grab ledge F, pull up, then pull up onto the walkway. Save your game and pull switch #6. Run out of the hallway, side flip to the right to land on ledge D below, side flip to the right again to land on the stone ledge, then jump forward to the ground near the doors. Lara will take a little damage.)

Run/sprint into the next room (where there are many shallow pools) and along the left wall. At the far left corner is a small room with a ladder. Climb up, dismount on the left side and pull the switch to open the gate.

Run through the PILLAR OF LIGHT room and sprint up the stairs. Go through the doorway on the right of the Earth gate. After the first turn in the stairs, sprint down through the room with the movable block (if you dropped it to get the second secret) and to the left. Run carefully past the 2 swinging burners. (If you've done well and not run into anything yet, you'll have time to hesitate a little here.) Run/sprint to the far end of the bridge and run off the right side to land on the block below. Turn right and run/jump/slide down the snowbank and dash through the door (which I hope is still open).

Unless you're brilliant, you'll make some mistakes and hesitations the first time through. Even so, don't reload yet. Continue to the switch that opens the gate to the PILLAR OF LIGHT room. Then you won't have to do it again the next time through, saving precious seconds. Climb back down, killing wasps as you go. (NOTE: You can also skip down to the section on the ROOM WITH SHALLOW POOLS/SECOND ULI KEY below and get it now if you like.)

To get back up to the switch that opens the secret door, pull the lowest switch (#3), climb/jump to the platform it raises (D), take a running jump to grab the ledge below the walkway (F), and pull up. Now save your game and try again. The second time through, you might also want to save your game at the pillar of light room if you've made good time.

When you make the timed run successfully, you can claim SECRET #3-the last of the game-a save/power-up crystal, Desert Eagle clips and a large med-pack. If the door closes, use the switch twice to reopen it. Return via the pillar of light room to the room with many pools.

(***) ROOM WITH SHALLOW POOLS/SECOND ULI KEY: A number of giant wasps will be swarming around, so just deal with them as best you can. (See the note on WASP RESPAWN, at the end of this section.) In the left and right corners on the same side as the passageway leading to the ROOM WITH HINGED LEDGES there are small rooms with 2 giant mutants inside. Kill them one at a time (or avoid the alcoves where they are) and get the SECOND ULI KEY from the room on the left.

Go up the ladder in the room at the opposite corner from where you got the key. Use the key in the lock here (and put the four masks in their proper places if you didn't do it earlier). This turns off the PILLAR OF LIGHT, revealing an opening below. (If you didn't get the third secret, you'll also need to use the switch to open the gate so you can get in.) Drop into the opening and slide down the ramp to end the level.

A cut scene follows: Willard uses the artifacts to raise the meteor from its crater. Then he falls into the pit and begins to change. Get ready for the final battle....

NOTE ON WASP RESPAWN: In several areas, the wasps are cued to keep emerging from their hives until you leave the area, up to a certain number at a time (broken bridge, 21 wasps; room with swinging burners in the doorway, about 6; room with shallow pools, first time, up to about 18 from the ceiling and 8 from the hive in the corner near the pool, succeeding times about 25 from the ceiling only. In these three areas, they will respawn if you enter the area again. (The trigger point for the swinging burner room is the doorway leading to the burners.) In some areas, the wasps will only spawn once if you pass over a specific trigger point (as in the room with hinged ledges, where 14 wasps will emerge when triggered the first time, but no more after that). Thanks to Brian C. from and for their help on the wasp issue.



Kills: 7 Items: 2, plus the FOUR ARTIFACTS Secrets: 0

Objectives: Get the four artifacts back, defeat Willard, climb out of the cavern and highjack a helicopter to get the off this big iceberg.

Walk-through: So you're trapped in a huge round room with narrow, sloped walkways above searing lava. Your former employer has turned into a huge insectoid mutant that shoots deadly energy bolts, and no matter how hard you hit him he just won't die. What's a girl to do?!

Remember that one shot from Willard is all it takes to kill Lara, and he NEVER misses. So, above all, don't let him get off that one shot. Try to stay on the opposite side of the crater from him. He won't fire as long as you are anywhere within the ring around the crater (i.e., if Lara steps across the white markings on the floor at the entrance to each "spoke," he will zap her). However, he can also kill her by batting her around with his spider feet. So keep him moving. If he gets too close, change direction, and try to stay on the opposite side of the crater from him. As you do this, continue to shoot at him. The obvious weapons of choice would appear to be the grenade and rocket launchers. However, these can be difficult to aim while moving. If you have any clips left for the Desert Eagle, I highly recommend using it, since it auto-aims well.

Shoot Willard until he's stunned. (It takes several grenades or rockets or about a dozen Desert Eagle rounds.) If you've done the difficult part and stayed on the opposite side of the crater from him, then it'll be fairly easy to roll and sprint down the nearest straight path toward an artifact. Pick it up, roll and sprint back toward the center. (If Willard is just getting up as you're coming back toward the center, save your game. Use a different slot just in case you've misjudged. If he's powering up to fire, then it's already too late. Reload and try again.)

Repeat the whole thing again for the three remaining artifacts. The last one will probably be the most difficult, since you'll have to get him to lie down on the far side of the crater from it. But once you have all FOUR ARTIFACTS, the meteor will fall back down into the crater, and Willard will become vulnerable. Now pull out the big guns and finish him off.

UPDATE: Several players have sent in refinements for this strategy. The one that proved the most consistently useful (at least for me) came from Kuerass in Germany:

Upon entering the circle, draw the Desert Eagle and start the chase. I like to go counterclockwise, heading from the starting point to the right. Pass three straights RUNNING, then two SPRINTING. (If the entrance is at the 12 o'clock position, you're now at 9 o'clock.) Turn, aim, hit that trigger and don't let go 'til he got at least 12 rounds. He'll probably get pretty close to Lara but he won't fire as long as you're within the circle around the crater. The idea is to not go on until he actually goes down, so that he ends up falling down BETWEEN two straights (at roughly 10 o'clock). That'll give Lara a little extra time in the straight.

Run to the opposite straight (3 o'clock) and when Lara auto-aims him again, keep firing. When Willard gets up, he'll be less than a half-circle from Lara, but he'll still give chase counter-clockwise. He shouldn't reach the next straight (9 o'clock) before being stunned again. Now, roll, sprint in, get the artifact, roll, sprint out and repeat the whole exercise--run past three straights, sprint to the second, etc., and you'll be able to get each of the artifacts in order.

When Willard finally explodes, go toward the hallway flanked by two ladders. Take a running jump from the circular walkway to grab one of the ladders. Climb up until Lara's hands are level with the ledge. Climb sideways as far as you can toward the ledge and pull up. (Or, climb the ladder to the area with the carved face and back flip onto the arm of the statue behind. Then take a running jump to the ledge.) Go through the doorway. (The slope ahead is where Lara entered during the last cut scene.) Follow the passage on the right to emerge on a ledge above the crater.

Use the handholds on the ceiling to traverse to the next rock ledge. Go to the end and take a running jump to the ledge on the right. Climb onto the ledge above. Turn around and take another running jump to the thin, square ledge below the rim of the hole. Climb up through the opening and go around the edge of the hole to the tunnel in the snow. Slide down the slope and follow the passage to the compound.

Two armed guys in white suits are waiting there--one ahead, the other on the left. If you want all the pick-ups, the one on the left has a large med-pack, the one ahead Desert Eagle clips. Be careful when you approach the body with the clips; there's a guy with a flamethrower in the alley waiting to attack. Three more enemies emerge as you explore. (NOTE: You can press the button on the side of the building, but the door is already open and there's nothing inside.)

When you're ready, go through the alley at the open gate and around to the fenced-in area where the helicopter lands. As you approach, the gate opens. Enter to finish the level.

After a brief but action-packed FMV sequence, the credits roll. Then, following the final statistics screen, if you've found at least 59 secrets, you'll be given an opportunity to play the bonus level, All Hallows. If you start a new game now, you'll have all weapons and unlimited ammo.

To the All Hallows Bonus Level

Back to the South Pacific Levels

Copyright 1998-99 - Stellalune. Special thanks are given to the participants in the newsgroup, without whom some parts of this walk-through couldn't have been written. Thanks also to the following people who helped with the Antarctica levels: Bo, Horst, Cujo, Jeff, Stephen D., Lucio, Andrew, Chris O., Adrian, Andre, Ottar, Haydon, Frank, Korry, Del, Chris B., Kuerass, Vesa and Hasse. Feel free to copy, distribute and quote this walk-through, but please include this credit line so people can send me their corrections, comments and suggestions. Also, if you'd like to offer this on your own web site, kindly ask permission first.

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