No, I haven’t played that, Hagatha. I’ve been avoiding it cuz it’s so big on puzzles, which I’m not so big on, but you really liked it, huh? I may have to rethink that. At this posting, I’m about to start a replay of M&M X to help me bide my time as I wait for CheatHappens to update the trainer/editor for “The Quest.” The last 2 trainer versions they came out with were only 3 days apart (April 9th and 12th) and their reward for that was stupid Steam auto-updating the game 2 days later. Man, I wish you could still disable that like you used to be able to---the 3 choices on that setting are all slight variations of “Keep this game up to date.” I reported the need for an updated trainer right away, but they’re not rushing it this time, especially since I’m apparently the only person out there who needs this. Really? I was able to play a little more of it, having beefed up my character’s gp and unspent skill and attribute points, but the number of areas I was having to put off was growing, and I was startin’ to run into these wizards who half-kill you with one zap, so I’m gonna have to wait for the updated trainer before I can show ‘em who’s boss.