A First Look at
No. 70: Eye of Basir

by flotsam

I have to confess to minor palpitations when the very first screen says that there is no save game system and the game autosaves at the end of a Chapter. As at that point the length of the Chapter is unknown, so the investment you need to commit to in play time is a complete mystery.

It turned out it was about 40 minutes, which isn't a lot. But the whole time I was playing I had no idea how much longer I had to play. Not a selling point in my view.

Other things were better. The detail, the darkness drenched black and white look, the soundtrack.

Other things weren't. The fetch and carry puzzling, the illogical triggers, the out of sync subtitles, the fact that it launched in Turkish (I have nothing against Turkish but had to intuitively dig around in the Turkish menus to find English).

You interact with things with the mouse, and move forward with the keyboard while "steering" with the mouse. I like that method of locomotion a lot. You have complete freedom of movement, but the house you are exploring and unlocking is a relatively confined space.

There was the occasional mild "fright".

I am now outside (or inside a memory), No. 70 beckons, and Chapter 2 has begun.