Acid Wizard Studio
a First Look by flotsam

I have only played the prologue but so far so promising.

Darkwood is a top down horror/survival game. The forest isn't a pleasant place, but nor are the rest of things. Functioning like a tutorial, the prologue helps you settle into the controls, although I would recommend you have a look at the help menu as well. You need to equip items to use them, can engage in crafting to make other items, and can search all manner of things you find. While the icons are fairly good, the extra info from the menu was useful indeed. Left and right mouse buttons are important, and the middle button comes into play in combat it would seem. I have had limited use of that so far, but have bludgeoned someone with a chair leg (necessary) and put a dog out of its misery with an axe (not necessary but humane).

I haven't yet sorted all the nuances of the inventory/display but it seems I can die, and that I have limited capacity to carry things in my inventory. I have a map as well. I have crafted lock picks and a torch thus far.

You need to be close enough to items to be able to trigger the activity cursor (look/take/search etc), and you have a limited field of vision in the dark. The torch helped, as did fueling the generator.

The only grumblement so far is the save system, which isn't at will but can be triggered by certain actions (according to the Steam forums) - I have yet to come across said actions.

Looking forward to the rest.