a First Look by flotsam

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A deserted diner on the edge of nowhere is always an intriguing premise. Throw in the strange tower nearby, and the fact that if you try and leave the local environment you get thrown back to the diner, and the intrigue grows a little. The flat minimalism of the presentation, and the monochromatic palette, add a little something as well.

It's hard to tell a lot from a demo that took me 33 minutes to complete, but the fact that I am interested in what comes next has to be a plus.

The lack of color is apparently the point. The aim is to restore color to the world, by solving the conundrums presented to you. So far I have green back in place, and a blue prism in my inventory suggests it may not be far away.

Whilst it isn't terribly hard, I have to confess that one puzzle tickled my fancy quite a bit. Here's hoping there are more like that one.

You move with the WASD keys and explore the world with the mouse. The cursor though is fixed center screen, and moving the mouse "drags" the world around that point. Right click brings up the inventory ribbon top of screen, and clicking an object allows it to be viewed or used in the game world, or combined with other items. You can't however move the game world while the ribbon is open, so if you want to, e.g. use a hook on a rope, you need to have the rope in view when you activate the ribbon. Occasionally I did have to exit the inventory, shift my view of the game world, then go back into the inventory in order to complete my desired action.

The center cursor will generally indicate something can be done somewhere, but not always, so it pays to try things regardless. The musical score changes as you move through the game.

So far so ok. I look forward to the rest.