Art, Bob, Cal and Don (ages and last names not necessarily in order:
31 32 33 34, Baum Baxter Daly Neary) each decide to shoot a sticky
spitball at the wall across the beverage room.

To permit this (else this puzzle could not be devised and you'd all
be disappointed) 4 spitballs magically appear on their table:
a Blue SpitBall (BSB), a green one (GSB), a red one (RSB) and
a white one (WSB).

OK: the shooting's done; believe it or not, here's how the SB's stuck:
-Don's SB directly right of the RSB and directly below Baum's SB
-Neary's directly below RSB, Don's 72 inches from Baxter's
-Art's 97 inches from Neary's and 35 inches from GSB

It is entirely possible that you'll need these clues:
-Bob is younger than the RSB shooter, Daly younger than WSB shooter
-Cal is older than BSB shooter, Art older than Baxter

What is the first name of the oldest shooter,
the distance in inches from Bob's SB to the RSB,
and from Daly's SB to the BSB?

I'm a man of few words, BUT I use 'em often!!