Argonus and the Gods of Stone

a First Look by flotsam

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Steam says I am 2.7 hours in, and I am having a rather good time.

As the Steam page says, you play as Argonus, a historian and cartographer, who awakes to find himself lost on strange shores. The Argo, famed ship of hero Jason and his Argonauts, has been pulled onto sharp rocks by a siren’s song and now lies shattered in shallow waters. When you discover the fate of your stalwart companions, you must make a deal with a goddess - Stop the blight that has taken untold lives in return for safe passage home or risk succumbing to the bedevilment that stalks this isle...

It's a muted but detailed island realm, and a free ranging place to explore. Go anywhere you want, using the WASD keys (or other controls of your choosing) and "steer" with the mouse. Locations will open up to you as you solve the various conundrums, and a map will keep track of the places you have been. I found it useful in backtracking and revisiting areas.

It pays to be patient, and to pay attention. You won't find everything you need for various conundrums right there in front of you, and clues can be subtle. So explore carefully, go back and look some more, and listen and look with an attention to detail. I did think there was a bit of an aimless treasure hunt about creating a potion, but I did come across the ingredients in additional places before I actually needed it. As well, I didn't find all the pieces of one clue, but found enough to suggest a way forward, and I also found far more pieces of one item than I have so far needed for the related conundrum (but I will gather more just in case).

So take a deep breath and hasten slowly.

It sounds good, looks good, and is nicely narrated. So far I have petitioned a few Gods, ridden a winged horse, and have just received the ability to release souls. The blight remains to be dealt with.

Save at will, and choose Continue to pick up where you left off. You can examine items in your inventory, and drag them to be used in the game world. An array of hot spot icons indicate actions that can be undertaken.

I look forward to what is still to come.