The Longing

a First Look by flotsam

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This is intriguing to say the least.

You are a Shade, last servant to a diminished King. He will sleep for 400 days to regain his might, and commands you to wait with him in the underground caverns. And so you wait.

I have been waiting for about 18 days. I have 382 more. Literally, as time passes in real time. Even when you aren't playing. You can see it clicking down by the second at the top of the screen.

How you pass the time is up to you. You can apparently just lie down and come back in 400 days to see how it ends. But that doesn't seem like much fun.

So what to do while you wait? You can draw or read, and the time will pass more quickly. The books you can read are actual books; I am reading Moby Dick at the moment. One book chronicles the Shade's thoughts, and might prove helpful. I only have a few on my bookshelf, but can find more.

I could play some music, but need to find the pieces of the instrument. I could light a fire, but need coal and a flint. If I could find a mattock I could harvest some crystals, though for what purpose I don't yet know.

I have found a few things, and explored a small part of the vast caverns. I have triggered some events that require me to come back later, a month later for one of them. I suspect there will be more such things.

Nothing happens quickly here, and the Shade is a slow and patient explorer. So settle in for a measured experience.

I confess I am liking it a lot. I haven't experienced anything like it before.

I will tell you more when it releases, and will update my progress until I reach the end. I can't wait to get there (but will obviously have to!)