Someday You'll Return

a First Look by flotsam

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I am about an hour in, and looking forward to the rest.

From the same stable as JULIA Among the Stars, and set among (and under) the forests of their Czech homeland, Someday You'll Return is a rather gorgeous first person exploration. Go anywhere you like, which I always like, in a search for your daughter. The prologue suggests nothing terribly good has happened.

I have spent a fair bit of my hour traipsing through the forest, honing in on her mobile phone ping. I have ventured underground once, and weird stuff and a scare resulted. After some more forest exploration and a meander through some spider tunnels, I am about to go back again; as the main character says, I don't really have any choice.

Using a combination of mouse and keyboard to explore, there are aspects of the interface that don't immediately thrill me, but about which I will reserve my judgement. Most other things are so far top notch. I will let you know what I think of the voice of the main character when I know him better.

I stopped playing to tell you about this on the basis that I have achieved about 10% of the Steam achievements. It's a crude measure but that suggests more than 10 hours of gameplay before I get to the end, which is a lot more real life hours. Having told you, I will go straight back to it, keen to continue the adventure.

Which in and of itself is a great big plus.