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This is a modest indie point and click science fantasy adventure.

As described at Steam, "Princess Love is set to assume the throne of a powerful galactic empire. But when conspirators try to thwart her ascension, Love and her best friend Kel become stranded on an interstellar lighthouse. ... Can they expose the threat and save the empire before time runs out?"

85 minutes in and I am somewhere between Parts 1 and 2. There is a Steam achievement for completing Part 4, so I assume I still have more to go than I have played.

Each location is a static low-res piece of pixel art. You explore them with the mouse, finding hotspots and clicking to see what happens. Collect items and information and open up new locations as you do so.

A rudimentary map accessed through an icon bottom right is how you get around. There are no 'exits' within your current scene, although you might be able to 'see' where to go (a door to the next room might be visible for instance). If you want to move to that room, assuming you have done what is required to access it (e.g., discovered the code to the door) you select it on the map and the scene in front of you changes to that room. Ditto the next one/s.

The map shows your current location, and the locations that you have opened that are accessible from where you are. You don't have to move through each of them sequentially if they are visible on the map - just select the one you want and you will be there - but you may have to move e.g., to the room adjacent to the arboretum in order for the map to then make that location available.

I have probably made it sound more complicated than it is.

Bottom left is your inventory. Click an item to try and use it in the game world, or to combine it with other items. The menu is top left where you can save at will. You can't highlight hotspots, but there aren't a lot in each screen although some can be a little close together, so it is worth being thorough. The cursor will be differently coloured if there is more to do at a particular spot.

The graphics are fairly simplistic, and 'cut scenes' (so far these have involved conversations) are similar. A muted colour pallet suits the space-based nature of things. There is no spoken word, a soundtrack providing most of the auditory input.

The elaborate plot continues to unfold.

Once again, weeds are my life!