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I am only about 1 hour of playtime in but this isometric post-apocalyptic point and click adventure shows plenty of promise.

It's point and click all the way, and you can save at will. A bleak washed out colour pallet and a detailed environment, underpinned by relevant sound and a moody score, all build a devastated place I want to spend time in. I also like games with this topish-down perspective so that's a plus as well.

There has been little puzzling thus far, and no one yet to converse with, but I talk to myself. Set in Finland, the voice work is appropriately in Finnish, with your subtitle language of choice easily available.

Left click to move and interact with the world, right click to open your inventory and journal, which includes a map that builds as you go and enables you to fast travel.

According to the Steam page the world is a lot grimmer than it appears to date, so that is something I can look forward to unearthing.

Once again, weeds are my life!