Check points - a message appears at the top of your screen.

This list was made from memory – so the check points may not be 100% accurate, but close enough to tell you where/when in the game, you will get the option to save.

First ten – 1st set

I - The Louvre

1) After you get out of the washroom you have a puzzle to solve. Once the puzzle is solved the game saves.
2) After solving the Mona Lisa puzzle
3) When at the Nike statue and using the Priory ring
4) The end of this level – and starting level II (Saint Sulpice)

II – Saint Sulpice

5) When you get the Bronze slide
6) When you get the Copper slide at the organ
7) When you solve the SERJLAMEU puzzle.
8) When you knock on the door of the sister’s room uou have a cut scene that takes you to the next level (Normandy Mansion)

III – Normandy Mansion

9) Once inside the Normandy mansion
10) Once you have arrange the statues on the table.

Here you start a new set of checkpoints. – 2nd set

1) After you light the torches

IV – Bank of Zurich (Check point 1)

2) After the bank manager comes in
3) When you enter the room Deposits and Servers
4) At the air vent where Sophie goes in
5) When you use the Vechile Key –level ends

V – Chateau Villette – this is check point 5

6) the check point is at the end of this level

VI – Biggin Hill Airfield – this is check point 6

7) Near the end of this level, when you are back outside in the rain.
8) At the end of this level

VII – Temple Church

9) After you look at the bulletin board and then go the left side ot the church.
10) When you get the metal shard and change characters

Here you start a new set of check points – 3rd set

1) When you join Langdon in the basement
2) After solving the Templar Seals puzzle
3) When being chased by Silas

Had to resort to a saved game from Spankie to get onwards to the Abbey - did not get any check
points while in the Abbey

So did the whole level in one sitting - took me about an hour and a bit.

Am now at Rosslyn Chapel - will post if there are check points.
Okay - will not give anymore numbers because of the saved game I used.
Will only tell you where the next check point is.
In The Chapel after you get the 3 disks you are near a check point - happens after you solve the Star of David - once in the the Chapel give yourself about 30 min, to get to the Star of David.

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