The Trading Post is created and maintained as a game resource for the GB members. It is to enable members to be able to play games they cannot otherwise obtain or afford. Trading Post is NOT a commercial enterprise; that is not for a member to make money or for a member to buy cheap games and eventually turn around and sell it for a higher price, on another site or place.

You enter into these transactions at your own risk. GameBoomers is not responsible for trades that have not gone well. We will however block bad traders from trading again if it is warranted.

***The rules below apply with the settings of 25 threads per page. ******

Basic Rules of the Trading Post:

1. List the names, condition of the games that you are selling or trading and whether or not they come with box/manual or jewelcase only. Description as to the state of the games and what is included have to be specific to prevent misrepresentation. For example: a manual is a booklet. If it is a CD cover insert or installation sheet only, it must be stated as such. No linking to other sites to show your games.

2. If you are selling, prices must be listed. There will be no "make an offer" deals. List what types of payment are accepted.

3. If it is a DVD, please state that fact. Not everyone has a DVD drive and may end up with a game they cannot play.

4. State if postage is included in price and what type or delivery you plan on using. Also clarify where you are willing to ship.

5. Do your own research on the games you are wanting to purchase. The seller is NOT responsible for you purchasing a game that does not run on your computer. The TP is not the place to be discussing walkthroughs/reviews etc. of the games.

6. If you open a thread, please check in on it. Emails do not always make it through. It is your responsibility to check on your thread and to keep the first post in the thread updated daily with any transactions. Put sold, pending, traded next to the games that have had inquiries. NEVER delete a game that has had an inquiry.

7. No Bumping of threads because it fell off the first page. The only reason to bump your post is if you added more games or reduced prices and it is already off the first page. The only reason to bump otherwise is if it is on the bottom of the 3rd page and you still want it active. Any bumps other than these will be removed without further explanation.

8. No burned or copies of CD's permitted. Original games only. See copyright rules posted on top of TP forum.

9. If interested in a game, post here first, email second. Anyone trading or selling should be sure that the trade is conducted with the first poster. When a game or money has been received it should be posted as such.

10. One active thread per member. An active thread is one that is within the first 3 pages of TP. Any new threads started will be deleted and combined with your other post without further notice.

11. When entering into a trade or sale, you agree to ship within 72 hours max of receiving payment. You also are required to Paypal or send check within 72 hours. If you know you will not be able to do so you must clearly state that to the buyer or trader before the transaction is completed.

12. Free giveaways (of multiple games) need to be cleared with the moderator first.

*** As in all Forums on this board, please do not stack your posts. Stacking is one or more post in a row without anyone else posting in between. You may edit your post to add additional info. Any stacked posts, will be deleted and combined into prior post without further notice.

**Also, as a courtesy to those wishing to remain anonymous on the board, please do not use the members real name on the board after finding it out for shipping purposes, if they themselves do not use it. It will be immediately deleted.

The Adventure Collection may not be traded.

These rules are in place to ensure that everyone has a safe and pleasant experience here, they are not open for discussion.

Please contact me if you have any questions or friendly suggestions.

Thank you and Happy Trading

Ana wave

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