In the interest of saving space at the top of the Glitches thread list, we are archiving former Glitches sticky threads and linking to them in a single thread -- One thread to rule them all...


*** SkeeterUK's Uber Links Thread ***

Compiled by Gameboomers member SkeeterUK.
Links to many helpful tutorials and guides on a variety of subjects, including game tweaks, drivers, computer building and maintenance, and spyware/adware removal. Includes some video guides.


*** Vista Game List ***

A list of games that have been tested and run successfully on Vista by different Gameboomers members. Includes some tips on how to install older games in Vista. Also includes a few links to Vista game lists on other websites.


*** Vista 64-bit Game List ***

Because not everything that runs on Vista 32-bit will run on Vista 64-bit.


*** Posting Rules -- Please Post your Specs ***

A list of suggestions that make it easier for moderators and other members to help you. Includes links to Inferno's DXDIAG Tutorial, Gadwin Printscreen, and Gameboomers Software and Copyright FAQ.


*** Tips & Tweaks ***

A golden oldie -- some of Inferno's favorite links: Jeff Levy's Computer Lessons, The Kim Komando Show, various anti-spyware programs, the dosapps_sp2_patch.exe patch for restoring compatibility mode in XP, and how to display hidden drivers.


*** DOS FAQ & Utilities ***
Created by Zoltán Ormándi and Michael Phillips

*** DOSBox FAQ ***
by Steve Metzler (aka MetzO'Magic)

*** Virtual PC 2004 ***
by Steve Metzler (aka MetzO'Magic)

*** Legacy Games and Hyperthreading ***
Compiled by Inferno

*** Inferno's DOSBox Tutorial ***
A 4-page illustrated DOSBox tutorial created by Inferno.

*** The Old Windows 7 and Games Thread ***
The original Windows 7 thread started by Draclvr, with comments from other gamers.

*** Installing Virtual PC 2007 on Windows 8 ***
This works with Windows 8 and 8.1