Thought it might be a good idea to list games which will work with Vista ---

Now, I don't have Vista --- but I'm on my Mom's system which does for one more day.

So far here's what we have:

***updated 23 December 2008***

  • Abe Lincoln Must Die
    normal install...Tested by Walt
  • Agatha Christie: And then there were None
    install with XP Compatibility ...Tested by jess519
  • Agatha Christie: Evil Under the Sun
    normal install...Tested by infernoj13usa
  • Al Emmo
    normal install...Tested by Orchid Girl
  • Ankh
    Use the Vista patch located ***here***
    To install the patch, you must copy the file audiere.dll in the subfolder "release" of the folder "bin" of the Game. You end up replacing the existing file of the same name with the new one, which is an updated version of the file...
    Note from Katsmom: I also decided to create a new desktop shortcut, linked directly to the game's .exe file... rather than using the 'launch game' shortcut they provide. It makes you go past a registration process, which might be part of the problem...Tested by Katsmom and Ethancarter
  • Ankh Heart of the Osiris
    normal install...Tested by catsmom
  • Aura
    normal install...Tested by Walt
  • Aura II: Sacred Rings
    normal install...Tested by mathall1
  • Aurora demo
    normal install --- a few error messages but playable...Tested by Orchid Girl
  • Barrow Hill
    normal install...Tested by mathall1
  • Beyond Atlantis
    normal install...Tested by Walt
  • Blade Runner
    normal install...Tested by misslilo
    misslilo says: Blade Runner plays like a charm out of the box on my Vista Home Premium 32-bit machine.
    ([i]UAC + Defender disabled - Webroot Antivirus/Spyware+Firewall running

    Only one little thing.
    When it first start, the picture looks all twisted, but can be FIXED by hitting the "windows" key and then go back to the game smile
    Patch for 4 CD version.
    Patch for DVD version. [/i]
  • Broken Sword: Secrets of the Ark
    normal install...Tested by Orchid Girl
  • The Cammeron Files Loch Ness
    normal install...Tested by mathall1
  • The Cammeron Files Pharoah's Curse
    normal install...Tested by mathall1
  • Carte Blanche
    normal install...Tested by mathall1
  • CSI Dark Motives(2004)
    normal install...Tested by Orchid Girl
  • CSI Miami
    normal install...Tested by Orchid Girl
  • Dark Fall
    Will play from the Disc or from
    C:Users/User's Name/Documents/"Create a special Folder for the Game"...Tested by Inferno
  • Delaware St. John - The Seacliff Tragedy
    Normal install...Tested by Inferno
  • Dreamfall
    US version (European version and limited edition may need a StarForce patch, but standard US version won't, since it doesn't use SF)
    Normal install...Tested by my9rugrats
  • Escape from Monkey Island
    normal install...Tested by Walt
  • Fifth Disciple, The
    Needs to be installed into Documents Folder...
    Tested by Maggie57
  • Ghost in the Sheet
    Normal install...Tested by Orchidgirl
  • Intrigue at Oakhaven Plantation
    Normal install...Tested by Inferno
  • Journey to the Center of the Earth
    May have to be logged in as an administrator to install and play...Tested by 92147
  • Keepsake
    Nvidia Geforce 9400GT required a driver update to get around a 'Display Driver NVLDDMKM has stopped responding' crash midway through the game... Tested by MsMercury
  • Limbo of the Lost
    Normal install...Tested by Orchidgirl
  • The Longest Journey"I found the solution of DLL copying to be very easy - and it apparently didn't matter which versions. Copy MFC42.DLL, msvcirt.DLL, and msvcp60.DLL from Disc One of 4-CD TLJ into your TLJ installation folder and rerun game. It's working on my Vista!"... Tested by birddog and missmo007
  • The Lost Crown
    "Even though gamers may already have DirectX 9.0c on their computer; go back to the second disk and install the version of DirectX which comes with the game." ... Tested by rice burner
  • Magicama demo
    normal install...Tested by Orchid Girl
  • Myst 3 Exile
    normal install...Tested by Walt
  • Myst 4 Revelation
    normal install...Tested by Walt
  • Nancy Drew - Curse of Blackmore Manor
    *must be installed in C:Users/User's Name/Documents/"Create a special Folder for the Game"*...Tested by Inferno
  • Nancy Drew - The Haunted Carousel
    *must be installed in C:Users/User's Name/Documents/"Create a special Folder for the Game"*

    This is true for all ND GAMEs pre No.13 (Danger by Design)....Tested by Inferno
  • Nancy Drew: Secret of Kapu Cave
    normal install...Tested by Orchid Girl
  • Nancy Drew: The Secret of White Wolf
    normal install...Tested by kazzmo
  • NiBiRu
    normal install...Tested by Orchid Girl
  • Paradise
    normal installl...Tested by Catsmon
  • Post Mortem
    normal install...Tested by Orchid Girl
  • Remedy
    some issues with "extensions .80 and .122" not clear if sound will play...Tested by Orchid Girl
    you should not alter your Desktop to bring it down to 800 X 600....leave it as is, or you will lose some of the Direction Cursor control, ie. No Right Hand Cursor..and at the Sink after you pick up the Ring you will lose all control of the Close up Screen and have to restart. Right Click Desktop..then Personalization -->See "Adjust Fonts Size" in Left Hand of Window and Click it. There are 2 Buttons...Top one says "Default Scale(96 DPI)" --> Click...Then OK and the computer will Restart.
    Then Use the Red Icon of Remedey from "All Programs" in Start.
    Don't forget to reverse the Sequence and Click the (120 DPI)
    Button to get the computer back again, after each time you play the game.... Tested by Walt
  • Runaway: A Road Adventure
    normal install...Tested by Orchid Girl
  • Runaway: A Road Adventure
    Tested by 92147
    92147 notes: "kinda jerky at first, but settles down"
  • Runaway: Dream of the Turtle
    Tested by 92147
    There is a ***patch*** that is supposed to improve Vista compatibility for Dream of the Turtle. Later versions of the game have already been patched. 92147 reports playing both Runaway and Runaway 2 without patches.
  • Safecracker (Version = Dreamcatcher 2000)
    normal install *This version plays in medium screen mode with the remainder of the Screen Black...Tested by Walt
  • Safecracker 2006
    normal install...Tested by Satine
  • Sam and Max
    *note*Go to the Sam and Max Game Folder on your Hard Drive --> Remove the file prefs.prop from the Data Folder ...Vista will automatically change your display to 800X600 which is needed and then change it back to prior to playing when you quit the game.
    ...Tested by Walt with help from Emily
  • Sam & Max 3
    normal install...Tested by Orchid Girl
  • Scratches
    normal install...Tested by Orchid Girl
  • Scratches Director's Cut
    normal install...Tested by kazzmo
  • The Secrets of Atlantis: The Sacred Legacy
    normal install...Tested by Satine
  • The Secrets of Da Vinci the Forbidden Manuscript
    normal install...Tested by Walt
  • Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened
    normal install...Tested by Orchid Girl

    *note- patch makes it VISTA compatible
    SH3_Patch3 patch
  • Still Life(Win98/Me Compatibilty Mode) This works tested myself the game now loads up as it should...Tested by mathall1
  • Syberia I
    normal install...Tested by mathill1
  • Syberia II
    normal install...Tested by Orchid Girl
  • Syberia Collectors Edition
    normal install...Tested by Walt
  • TLHOD - Beyond the Spirit's Eye Demo

    *must be installed in C:Users/User's Name/Documents"* and an additional .dll file must be added as well...Tested by Inferno
  • TLHOD - Beyond the Spirit's Eye
    normal install...Tested by kazzmo
  • Uru Complete Chronicles
    normal install...Tested by Walt
  • Uru: Ages Beyond Myst
    Tested by 92147
  • Wanted The Westerner
    normal install...Tested by mathall1

The Darkside list:
  • Age of Empires I (CD)
    tested by 92147
    Getting help files in Age of Empires (CD)(Vista Windows)

    1. Make sure you are signed onto administrative
    2. When you go to the help part of the game,it will tell you that to get the help you must follow the this
    3. Now it will have you verify your windows this.
    4. once this is done it will take you back to on download the tricky part...there are 2 files here and you only want one.... to determine which one you need do this.
    start for system information( should be very close to the top...once that comes up there should be a systems summary thing come search for system type...should be something like x86 base or similar..whatever the type is the name of the file you the file and (I restarted here) ya got it.
  • Brood War
    normal install...Tested by Looney4Labs' Son
  • Diablo 2
    normal install...Tested by Looney4Labs' Son
  • Diablo 2-Lords of Destruction
    normal install...Tested by Looney4Labs' Son
  • Divine Divinity
    normal install...Tested by catsmom
  • Dungeon Siege II with add-on
    normal install...Tested by Satine
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix
    normal install...Tested by my9rugrats
  • Morrowind Expansion Pack
    Move the entire Bethesda Softworks folder from C:\Program Files to the root directory C:\. Then right click on the Morrowind.exe file and select "Run as Administrator". Once the main menu appears, check Data Files to make sure that the expansion pack(s) have a check mark next to the name in the little box...
    Tested by oldfeeble
  • Myth 2: Soul Blighter
    normal install...Tested by Looney4Labs' Son
  • Oblivion
    normal install...Tested by kazzmo
  • Railroad Tycoon 2 Platinum
    Tested by 92147
  • Railroad Tycoon 3
    Tested by 92147
    The iexbeta website gives the following recommendation:
    Railroad Tycoon III (For those whom hate Railroads) will work on Windowze Vista, do the following,

    1. Install Game.
    2. Install Coast to Coast.
    3. Download and install Patch 1.04 (You will only find 1.04 Beta which is fine), Patch 1.05 does not work on Vista.
    4. In the icon Properties>Shortcut>Advanced tick "Run as administrator".
    5. In the icon Properties>Compatibility set for "Windows XP (Service Pack 2)".
  • Return to Castle Wolfenstein
    normal install...Tested by kazzmo
  • Starcraft
    normal install...Tested by Looney4Labs' Son
  • Stronghold 2
    Works with Vista Premium. There is a trick to loading it tho which I learned from trial and error. Do a search on the install cd and locate the file disk1. open that and search for the setup file, then right click,properties compatability (XP compatable) and also run as administrator. Once you get it loaded using both cd's it will ask you if you want the update. yes. after that go into the game and it will ask you if you want the update. yes again. After that you can run the game on vista and you won't have to do a compatability thing with the shortcut... Tested by John
  • Unreal
    normal install...Tested by kazzmo

Games in Beta Testing

East Side Story by MDNA Games ..The Carol Reed Mysteries is being tested by Walt. He is happy to report that it loads and plays in Vista with no issues so far.

this is a link to a Compatibility List that Satine found. Some a true and others aren't --- it depends on your configuration.

Vista Compatibility List by

Vista Compatibility List by ThinkTechno

Vista Game List from Techarena


Note by MetzO'Magic:
When Microsoft designed Vista, they were (apparently) trying to make it more secure than any of their previous efforts. So they made a very clear distinction (as UNIX/Linux does) between an administrative/super user and a normal user. Unfortunately... what they failed to realise is that this distinction would go right over the heads of 99% of the users out there

So, the thing with Vista is that you have to install ALL GAMES in the place where your normal user account has privileges to create/read/write files, and that place is:

C:Users/[Your user name]/Documents/

It's that simple.


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