Deedle's Day!!!

Posted By: Singer

Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 05:33 AM

I think what we need in these times full of doubt
Is something that we can get jiggy about
So how 'bout a day that will commemorate
Someone completely, incredibly great?

But who should we honour; who should we pick?
That rates with St. Patrick and jolly ol' Nick
It must be a person we all do admire
For kindness, compassion, and qualities higher

Hey, I know of someone! Soon I'll give her name
Who gives of herself for no glory or fame
You probably know her; she's here at GB
She moderates not one or two boards but THREE! eek

All long-standing members will know she's the best
But some that are newer still may not have guessed
So just for the few folks that still need a clue
I'll give you some hints 'til you figure out who

She started her game playing days on a Mac
But switched to PC once and never looked back
Now Riven and Shivers top her list of faves
But all the first person games earn her top raves

She doesn't like reading, but views every post
Which proves without doubt that she gives us her most
She's always so pleasant but won't stand no guff
Her word is the law when enough is enough <img border="0" title="" alt="[Cool]" src="cool.gif" />

But what we don't see of this courageous lass
Is her on her tractor when mowing the grass
Or calmly admiring the gardens sometimes
The soft yellow roses and gentle wind chimes

And when all is right in the world, then she goes
To bed for a treat of a few Oreos
And if on that day she's especially nice
She'll leave out a cookie for visiting mice!! laugh

Yet most of us know her because we've each had
Our lives enriched by her in good times or bad
With that there can no more be any surprise
I speak of the one with the sweet butterflies

So now that you know, let there be no delay
It's time that we fully commence Deedle's Day!!
Please come join the party and share in the cheer
And celebrate someone we all hold so dear

Alas, Dee, we know that you're not feeling well
But if it would help we would all walk through hell
Just to spare you the pain for a short little while
To say that we care and to bring you a smile

And though we have chosen this April 19
Our fond words for you, we ALWAYS do mean
So sit back and bask in this warm, loving glow
Cuz after today it's again status quo wink

At least until next year when on this same date
We'll pop the champagne and toast you feeling GREAT!! happydance happydance
And now at long last, let me give up the floor
So others can tell you how much you're adored

It's Deedle's Day, gang, so get up and get dressed
And come spend some time with our most-cherished guest
Just say a few words at the least, don't be shy
We'll laugh and we'll play and if need be, we'll cry

It's good to have family at times just like these
And no one has one quite as big as ~MacDee's!
Yes, family and loved ones and closest dear friends
Are here now so this is where my poem ends.

Enjoy your day, Dee!!! We love you!


P.S. Full credit to your great pals Namma and infernoj13usa for making this happen, Dee. As always, I'm just the front man. Ha!! I hear they're applying for a national holiday, but last I heard, approval was still pending. Governments, y'know...
Posted By: Susie

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 05:48 AM

What should I bring to the party? How about a beautiful Hawaiian beach?
Posted By: mulawa1

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 05:52 AM

Dearest Dee,

Can't believe I'm one of the first arrivals at the Party - I guess there may be some advantages to being Down Under after all. But I promise not to scoff all the goodies (in fact I may even bring some of my own later on) before the others arrive.

And here's a little something from three of us who will be here from time to time during "Deedle's Day".

a card for Dee on her day

Much love ... Peter, Shona & Ursula
Posted By: Bea

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 06:19 AM

Well, here comes the second Ozzie to the party - Peter and I obviously like to be early.I'm clutching a bottle of really nice Australian Shiraz wine - I know you can't taste it. but I will use it to drink a toast to one of the nicest and kindest people on the forum. Take care of yourself - enjoy this special day and know that we are all thinking of you and encouraging you. Small steps Dee and soon this will all be behind you.
A cards on the way - CYE
Posted By: Yapette

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 06:20 AM

Oooo, Oooo, Oooo,
There are advantages to being an insomniac!

Dearest Dee, although you haven't a clue who I am, I have thought about you every single day (no lie) since I surmised who had a nasty aliment.

If the power of thoughts (& love) give you strength, I'm betting the posts following mine throughout Saturday will make you Wonder Woman!
Posted By: dmtomchick

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 06:39 AM

Happy Deedle's Day to a very special and wonderful lady!!! What a great way to honor our beloved Boomer!! I couldn't come up with a poem nearly as good as Jack's, so here's one I found, just for you!

If I could catch a rainbow
I would do it just for you
and share with you its beauty
On the days you're feeling blue.

If I could build a mountain
You could call your very own
A place to find serenity
A place to be alone

If I could take your troubles
I would toss them! in the sea
But all these things I'm finding
are impossible for me.

I cannot build a mountain
Or catch a rainbow fair
But let me be what I know best-
A friend who's always there.

Dee, you are always here for all of us with encouraging words, help and advice. We are ever so grateful, and we hope that you realize that you are very loved and appreciated, and that we're all here for you too. smile


Dawn <img border="0" alt="[kiss]" title="" src="graemlins/kiss.gif" />
Posted By: Jema

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 06:52 AM

Dearest Dee, there's nothing I can add to Jack's poem - he said it all and said it very well.

But I do want you to know how great it is to once again see your posts with their beautiful butterflies. I hope this means you are at least feeling some better.

Take the outpouring of love and support from your Boomer friends and acquaintances and wrap it around you like a warm blanket and let it nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

Love and lots of big hugs,

Posted By: infernoj13usa

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 09:14 AM

To the most Courageous Woman I know.
My Dearest Deedles:

The Story of A Butterfly

A man found a cocoon of a butterfly. One day a small opening appeared. He watched the butterfly for several hours as it struggled to force its way out of that little hole. Then it seemed to stop making any progress. It appeared that it had gone as far as it could and could go no further.

So, the man decided to help the butterfly. He took a pair of scissors and snipped off the remaining bits of the cocoon. The butterfly then emerged easily. But it had a swollen body and a pair of small shrivled wings. The man expected that at any moment the wings would enlarge and expand to be able to support the body,which would contract in time. Neither happen...

The butterfly spent the rest of its life crawling around with a swollen body and shrivled wings. It was never able to fly. What the man in his kindness and haste did not understand,was that the struggle required for the butterfly to get through the tiny opening was God's way of forcing fluid from the body of the butterfly into its wings so that it woudl be ready for flight once it achieved its freedon from the coccoon.

Sometimes struggles are exactly what we need in our life. If God allowed us to go through life without any obstacles, it would cripple us. We would not be as strong as we could have been....

.....We could never fly.

We ask for Strength ...and God gives us Difficulties to make us strong.

We ask for Wisdom......and God gives us Problems to solve.

We ask for Prosperity......and God gives us Brain and Brawn to work.

We ask for Courage.....and God gives us Danger to overcome.

We ask for Love .....and God gives us Troubled people to help.

We ask for Favors..... and God gives us Opportunities.

We recieve nothing we want...we recieve everything we need. unknown

Inferno smile
Posted By: tigger

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 10:13 AM

What a wonderful poem Jack, I think you managed to sum up just how we all feel!!

Dee, hope you really enjoy Your special day, we will be thinking extra special positive thoughts your way today. smile

Oh and as for the party, well I have arrived equipped with... a massive box of tissues as there are certain to be many tears of joy shed today, 30 banana loaves, warm from the oven, (I'm sure they will all get eaten), a few bottles of Theakstons Old Peculier (a Yorkshire ale) and of course... a heart full of love for all my Boomer friends, but Especially for Dee!! wave
Posted By: asazen

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 10:31 AM

Personally, I'd suggest an Australian Cab Sav to celebrate the occasion. Wonderful Dee (and you are!!!)

been where you are and survived,

don't give up hope(but who says its easy) frown frown

affectionately yours, Susan
Posted By: kwbridge

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 10:49 AM


I don't think you really know who I am but you are in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you have a great time at this wonderful surprise party!!!!

Posted By: ozma38

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 11:02 AM

Happy Deedle Day,my dear sweet friend.Lot's of Love and wishes for a speedy recovery.I'm wearing butterflies in my hair today in your honor.

big warm hugs and sloppy kisses from both my Mother and I.

Posted By: Quandary

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 11:44 AM

Hi Dee, Hi laugh

It might look like we're up bright and early but, no, this is another message from Downunder.

Our Deedle's Day has been underway for 20 hours, what kept you all? laugh

But now that you're here, better tuck in before all the food goes. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Dee, and hugs from your dear friends at Quandary. We're thinking of you and you can always write to us at any time laugh


Rosemary and Gordon
Posted By: Mugsy

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 11:52 AM

Dee, Wishing you a wonderful day and a speedy recovery. Jack has expressed so well how we all feel. As for the menu, I'll bring some nice Alberta steaks for the grill.... wave
Posted By: colpet

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 11:56 AM

Hi everyone wave . I've brought some ice wine to share.
Happy Deedle's Day! A toast to the lady of the moment:

"May you find the strength and comfort you need for the present and for the road ahead".

Enjoy your special day.
<img border="0" alt="[kiss]" title="" src="graemlins/kiss.gif" />
Posted By: Bastet

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 11:57 AM

Sweet Dee, enjoy your Day!


I look for the dancers I came to see,
but no one stands out, it's not like I thought it would be.
No kohl darkened eyes or flowing gypsy hair
nor gold coins adorning swirling skirts that flair.

Instead, I see several women seated at a table so quietly.
Conversing softly - they look so ordinary to me.
Bedecked not in jewels but in caftans, plain and dull.
All just kind of average, no special presence or hypnotic pull.

But as I turn to leave something catches my attention
just a sliver of sparkle - not really much to mention.
Then bare toes peeking beneath the hem of their covers,
reds, pinks, and purples like petals on flowers.

In the blink of an eye, a desert wind seems to stir across the room.
The music begins, zills raise, covers drop, and a rainbow of colors bloom,
as a flash flood of coins and bangles shimmer across the floor.
Now, this is more in keeping with Middle Eastern lore.

Before my very eyes, these ordinary women, why they could be you or me,
emerge like butterflies from drab cocoons, beautiful and sensual for all to see.
The magic takes hold as the rhythmic drums pulse through my heart,
and my head swirls dizzily with each beaded skirt.

All that was hidden is now revealed, not just flesh or the glitter of their wear,
but that secret self, the essence of being a woman, self-confident and self-aware.
I want -- no, I need -- to be one of them, to feel that inspiration,
to be secure in the knowledge that each of us is a unique and exotically beautiful creation.

Rose M. Salinas

PS. Jack, what a wonderful poem! <img border="0" alt="[kiss]" title="" src="graemlins/kiss.gif" />
Posted By: Liccle Dragon

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 12:06 PM

Happy Deedles Day!

I think Inferno expressed lifes struggles very tastefully.

We all thinking of and luv u Dee - keep battling.
Posted By: Debbie Kremlick

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 12:08 PM

Hi Dee:

Hope these messages at least bring a smile today for you. For this party to really get off to a good start this morning I brought a dozen packages of oreos and milk. And for those of you who need your caffeine in the morning, a coffee chaser. I know every Boomer wishes you a speedy recovery.

Debbie <img border="0" alt="[kiss]" title="" src="graemlins/kiss.gif" /> laugh
Posted By: emma

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 12:25 PM

Dearest Darling Dee!

Thoughts are sent out in your benefit, this time from Sweden. Soon, if not already, we have a closed network around this entire planet of love, affection and best wishes for you. It is an unbreakable circle of love, the strongest possible from where you can take whatever you need to go on. I wish you strength, I wish you plenty of anger in order to make you carry on the fight, and finally, most importantly, I wish you an abundance of love, as abundant as you are giving to each of us. Keep fightning, Dee. And we will fight with you, right beside you, for as long as you need us to.

I love you Dee!
Posted By: Norma

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 12:37 PM

Hi Dearest Dee,

Please take care and get well soon! We all miss you. Happy Deedles Day!!

Love, Norma
Posted By: RivenFireMarble

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 01:26 PM

Oh my goodness! Is it Deedles Day already? Happy Dee Day, Dee! I wish I could send you a card, but I am a puter dork and do not know how to "send" it to you up here in GB. You will just have to accept a huuuuuuuuuge hug and a huuuuuuuuuge get well kiss. ((()))))) ((((smack)))))
Posted By: looney

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 01:28 PM

Jack's poem says it all so wonderfully!!!!
Posted By: friedmonky

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 01:30 PM

Sorry I'm late - I just got up!

Happy, Happy Deedles Day! wave

Posted By: indiana

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 01:37 PM

Hi Dee,

Hope this brings a smile: Just for you

Enjoy your day!!
Posted By: KarenNJ

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 01:39 PM

Hi Dee,

I hope "Deedles Day" finds you feeling a bit better today. If the LOVE we all feel for you could give you strength you would be Superwoman and the pain and discomfort you are going thru would be gone. Today is a celebration of the wonderful, kind, caring, generous person you are you have touched all of us Gameboomers in so many different ways which is why we have gathered here for "Deedles Day" to show you how much we love you and appreciate all the many things you have done for all of us.
Jack's thoughts are beautiful and a great way to start the party.
I will be bringing Philadelphia CheeseSteaks for everyone with fried onions and hot peppers on the side, also there will be Tastycakes (famous in the Philly area)with a box of peanut butter Tandytakes for all.

"Happy Deedles Day" to all especially you ~Dee

Thanks for being you........ <img border="0" alt="[kiss]" title="" src="graemlins/kiss.gif" /> <img border="0" alt="[kiss]" title="" src="graemlins/kiss.gif" /> <img border="0" alt="[kiss]" title="" src="graemlins/kiss.gif" />

(Picture a beautiful butterfly here ............
.......cuz I don't know how to put one here.

Karen <img border="0" alt="[kiss]" title="" src="graemlins/kiss.gif" />
Posted By: misterymaster

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 02:12 PM

HAPPY DEEDLES DAY especially for the one who deserves it most (that's you Dee)
Take care, and all hopes and wishes for you
from The Misterymaster and his family
from The Netherlands
Posted By: Dagokid

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 02:19 PM

This day is definitely well deserved for you.
May you spend the day with alot of friends and many smiles.

For the party I brought a big bowl of party mix and a bottle of tequila. Dig in. thumbsup I will be toasting you from here.

Enjoy your day. Love ya <img border="0" alt="[kiss]" title="" src="graemlins/kiss.gif" />
kid smile
Posted By: audrey522

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 02:22 PM

Dee -

Why did the butterfly? When he saw the ice cream float. (Groan, but there aren't too many butterfly jokes out there!) I hope this one at least brought a smile to your face!

So Happiest of Deedle Days! You are in all of our thoughts and prayers. May these greetings give you the strength to get you through these days when you are feeling low. Remember, you have a lot of here who love you and are rooting for you!!!

Much love,


Posted By: Jen in Chgo

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 02:29 PM

Happy Deedle's Day!!! happydance I've got the Margaritas!!!

Dee, I hope these words give you comfort, support, & a generous helping of pi$$ and vinegar to fight. wink We all love you SOOOOO much!

I'd like to say I understand,
I know what you've been through.
I'd like to say I know your pain,
but that would not be true.

I know there's days you want to hide,
but today I hope you choose to fly.
I cannot take away your pain,
but I'm sure gonna try!

We love you, Dee, so smile today.
Each of us, in our own special way.
Wants to give you exactly what you crave
But we're stuck with wave 's

I know it's not the real thing,
& I'd love to give you a hug.
But I want to hug the real DEE
cause a butterfly's an icky bug! <img border="0" title="" alt="[Razz]" src="tongue.gif" />

laugh Love, Jen laugh
Posted By: Betty Lou

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 02:46 PM

Dear Sweet Dee,
I too must say that I don't know just what you are going through, but have seen others in your "boat" and have always been there to help "bail" - you must not give up - we all send you our love and hope our 'strength of will' helps you through this painful situation. We want to see you in the annual march for Breast Cancer in a year or so and we will join you - just pucker up your lips and whistle.......then stand back and watch the stampede of GBers come arunning. happydance
I vote that this day become an annual celebration {Deedle Day} even if the government won't help us declare it - we will do it anyway. laugh
Love, hugs and kisses - imagine us all at your side holding your hand during your treatments and you will get through them OK.
Betty Lou, Rupert, Patches
Posted By: MacDee

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 02:50 PM

OMG! blush I don't deserve my own day. blush All our mods are wonderful and work hard and I would like to share this with them. happydance

I can't tell you how much all of your support has meant to me through this ordeal. I got discouraged quite a few times but your encouragement kept me going. I'm pretty well burned from the radiation, and I have gained a new respect for all burn victims. 6 more regular treatments and 5 boosts and I'm done.

Thank you all so much for your support, emails and cards. They have touched my heart and given me courage. <img border="0" alt="[kiss]" title="" src="graemlins/kiss.gif" />

Posted By: sqrllover

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 03:03 PM

Surprise DEE....We all love you. bravo

The power of prayer is with you. God grant you his healing touch. Wishing you a speedy recovery. I wish I could send you a big box filled with thousands of butterflies, to surround you and put a smile on your face.
Posted By: Singer

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 03:07 PM

Dee, I've never been so happy to argue with anyone in my life. laugh If anyone deserves their own day, it's you. bravo bravo

The rest of the GB staff does an outstanding job, no doubt (even in RPG/Action thumbsup Which is just as well, because we've come to party and we're here to stay!!

Posted By: MaG

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 03:11 PM

Happy Deedle's Day!

You know how I feel!

Aren't all these GameBoomers wonderful - Brings tears to my eyes because they are so great! The love comes through the pages now. Kisses to Jack, Namma and Inferno!

Hugs and much love,
Posted By: MacDee

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 03:16 PM

Yes! They are all wonderful MaG! I don't know what I would have done without their cheering me on. happydance I've got Turtle Cheesecake for everyone! happydance

Posted By: joanie39

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 03:30 PM

Dear Dee,

These posts should show you just how much you are loved by all of us.

I want you to know, that what you are going through, you are not going through alone. All of your many Boomer Buddies are right there with you in love and in thought and we're all sending tons of prayers your way.

I know you will find the inner strength you need cause you're the best!!! thumbsup

Luv, Joanie
Posted By: Bastet

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 03:40 PM

Whew! Dee, I must tell you that for a moment that "turtle" in your cheesecake did worry me! <img border="0" title="" alt="[Confused]" src="confused.gif" />

For other sillies like me here is the description of the "turtle"...

"Pecans, caramel and chocolate all wrapped up in a decadent cheesecake batter, what could be better?"

Can't wait to eat it!!! happydance
Posted By: bluebonnet

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 03:47 PM

happydance Dearest Dee, I hope your day is only filled with joy. I"ll keep you in my thoughts. Your kindness shines through even the cloudiest days. Take care of yourself.
Sincerely Brenda
Posted By: Mammamu

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 04:03 PM

Dearest Dee,
I will be coming too.
I love you too and I can certainly not resist the cake. laugh
You have been so good to me and also helped me in other matters.

Lots of love and hugs, smile wave
Posted By: Jenny

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 04:11 PM

Originally posted by Singer:
We're just celebrating your wonderful spirit, because as you can see, clearly we've all been touched by it. smile smile

Dee, luv, words can't express how much I admire you for all the strength with which you've faced all the trials you've had. I know that you'll get through this one too, hard as it seems at the moment. My thoughts are expressed in the song "You'll Never Walk Alone" -- for the benefit of some of our younger members, who may not be familiar with it, here are the words:

When you walk through a storm, hold your head up high, and don't be afraid of the dark.

At the end of the storm is a golden sky, and the sweet silver song of the lark.

Walk on through the wind, walk on through the rain, though your dreams be tossed and blown.

Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart, and you'll never walk alone--you'll never walk alone.

When you walk through a storm, hold your head up high, and don't be afraid of the dark.

At the end of the storm is a golden sky, and the sweet silver song of the lark.

Walk on through the wind, walk on through the rain, though your dreams be tossed and blown.

Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart, and you'll never walk alone -- you'll never walk alone.

Posted By: infernoj13usa

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 04:11 PM

Suprise, DEE!!!

OK, Where's Syd ...Time for a Margurita!

and some music ....
Let's start with : The Man Song

Would any one care for some Freshly baked oatmeal raisin cookies?????

Posted By: gatorlaw

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 04:18 PM

Well well - looks like almost everyone is here. smile

Flutterby girl, you know I love you and everyone else loves you too. You are what everyone here so warmly said and much more.

To the friend who makes me laugh when I feel like shouting.

To the friend who puts a new meaning to the term brave

To the friend who is always always thinking so much about others rather than her self

To the friend who has a heart that knows no boundaries

To the friend who (even if the spotlight embarrases her a bit) we all need to tell her how very much her life has meant to the world and will continue to mean to all of us for as long as we can gather together and reach out with love.

With all the love I can squeeze into this page and more. <img border="0" alt="[kiss]" title="" src="graemlins/kiss.gif" /> <img border="0" alt="[kiss]" title="" src="graemlins/kiss.gif" />

Posted By: popcorneater

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 04:22 PM

Happy Deedles Day!!!!
I'm of course bringing the Rocky Road, and after we're stuffed and all feeling silly, I know you'll have the biggest grin God can give!
St. Teresa of Avalia is quoted to have said"God gives suffering to those He loves the most; My Lord is there little wonder You have so few friends"
You're loved by Him more than any and this proves He works His wonders through angels like "Singer"
"Inferno" and "Namma". All the poems and all the prayers and all the love from around this world are for you!
May God Bless you, and in your suffering, pain and low dips remember "God loves YOU more than any"

Posted By: bj

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 04:25 PM

Dear Dee
I know how much you are hurting. I have been through this for the last year with my daughter. However, that being said, I am very proud of her for not giving up or even thinking about it. I know she would agree with me when I offer you some of her courage and good cheer for support.
Be well!!!!!
Bob <img border="0" alt="[kiss]" title="" src="graemlins/kiss.gif" />
Posted By: b42241

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 04:28 PM

Dearest Dee,
As Member #1111 I am wishing you strength and miracles in this trying time.If love cures which it does, the love of all Gameboomers will buoy you up and will let you fly high above the trials. Never give up! I see you radiating light and hope and joy. With lots of love and perpetual prayers, Beth
Posted By: Kathy Salisbury

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 04:40 PM

Happy day, Dee!! bravo We're rooting for you!

All the best,

Posted By: satch

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 04:43 PM

Hi Dee, hope you are enjoying your special day at GameBoomers. I know first hand what you are going through. My wife has had several bouts with cancer. It is never easy but having friends around sure helps.

Keep up your spirits and know all the Boomers are praying for your quick recovery.
Posted By: infernoj13usa

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 04:46 PM

Let's get this party rolling!
Throughout they day we'll have some floor shows going on. (just click on the links to view.)

Now for some entertainment:

I've invited some Disco Dancers To entertain
us while we post.

Ladies and Gentleman ....My fellow Boomers I give you :
The Disco Chickens

Everybody Dance! happydance happydance happydance happydance happydance happydance happydance
Posted By: mszv

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 04:47 PM

I've got some California Cabernet Sauvignon just for you here, and some bread, cheese and chocolate!

Take care. You have all our love! Let's party.

happydance happydance happydance happydance
Posted By: Namma

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 04:51 PM

So sorry to be late for the party, but had to stop by and pick up a Special Friend of Dee's and got lost by Jack's lousy directions.

But now I see why he wanted to be the front man......he gets to stand at the 'front' door and gets first pick of all the goodies as they arrive.

Time for a toast.......let's all raise out glasses to salute our very own Deedles! "Like your butterflies you have magically floated into our lives and touched us with your special loving and caring ways."

Jen, these margaritas are wonderful....can I help you make some more?

Posted By: Pokey

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 04:54 PM

Dear Dee

Some of us West Coast folks get up late, but I have finally arrived at your party. Happy Deedles Day, and my wish is for good days ahead for you soon.

Love, Pokey thumbsup
Posted By: infernoj13usa

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 05:06 PM

That Mouse and Cheese was hysterical!

There's more laughs to come guys keep checking back!
Posted By: Reenie

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 05:12 PM

Wow, I checked in at a time I thought was early, and I'm already number 53! Shows how many people are thinking of you, Dee, and wishing you well. You are probably having a hard day today, but our hope is that all this love being beamed your way will help cheer you up. When bad things happen, we can find ourselves thinking the world is a bad place, where things go crazy. It helps to know that good friends never let you down.

Speaking of the world being a crazy place, maybe a little laughter will help. A friend recently send me this email, which had me laughing all afternoon:

"You know the world is going crazy when the best rapper is a white guy, the best golfer is a black guy, the tallest guy in the NBA is Chinese, the Swiss hold the America's Cup, France is accusing the U.S. of arrogance, Germany doesn't want to go to war, and the three most powerful men in America are named 'Bush', 'Dick', and 'Colon.' Need I say more?"

-- Chris Rock

I'm sending good messages of love and support your way, sweetie. Hang in there, keep fighting, and come back to us soon.


Posted By: tigger

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 05:20 PM

Jack....I love parties, especially GB parties! I've got Turtle Cheesecake for everyone!
Now isn't that our Dee to a tee?? No matter How she is feeling, she just Has to bring something special to the party!!!!! WE were supposed to be doing all the hard work!!!

Love ya Deedles

Tig wave

ps I assume Louis is in charge of the music... smile
Posted By: Michael

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 05:21 PM

Hi Dee! I hope you are enjoying your party!! There is so much lovely food here and ballons and decorations. Thank you for being such a special friend to me. I will be waiting to see you back on the gameboomers board very soon. You are a very beautiful person and I send you all of my love and good thoughts. I will be saying a special prayer for you every night. Michael
Posted By: Bert Jamin

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 05:26 PM

My dearest Dee,

You know I like to solve games now and then. The harder the problems, the more I like to solve them.
I wish I knew how to solve your problems as well. But I simply can't...
The only thing I can do for you is thinking about you and saying some prayers for you. And be sure that I'll do that for you!

I wish you strength and all the best Dee... and don't forget that the whole Boomers Gang is with you in your difficult day!!!


Bert Jamin
Posted By: Advpuzlov

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 05:28 PM

If REENIE was Number 53 in checking in, I guess it is appropriate that I be Number 55. I'm always late at the uptake, but I hope that all the messages from your GameBoomer friends have given you a special lift. As a pre-GameBoomer friend, you know how I feel about you and now you see how many friends, admirers, and well-wishers you have, and they are but a cross-section of a much larger population who feel the same way, but have not been able to express it in this thread. thumbsup
Posted By: Mad

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 05:54 PM

Hi Dee....

And the very maddest of Dee Days to you laugh

Knew I'd never be able to beat Jack with a poem happydance

Be sure and save me some of that Turtle Cheescake though, won't you ??....
[Turtle Cheesecake ???? Just how drunk have I got ????]



Mad wave
Posted By: Marcie

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 05:56 PM

Yeowwwwwwwww It's all been said!!! You are the greatest Deedle.......... smile......... be happy...... you have so many friends that love you. And for a special treat
Take A Bubble Bath
<img border="0" alt="[kiss]" title="" src="graemlins/kiss.gif" /> <img border="0" alt="[kiss]" title="" src="graemlins/kiss.gif" /> <img border="0" alt="[kiss]" title="" src="graemlins/kiss.gif" />
Posted By: Stitchman

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 06:04 PM


Jack has wonderfully expressed all of our feelings for you. We hope that all the butterflies will surround you and lift your spirits high. Our thoughts and prayers are always with you.

...and we'll bring lots of fresh caught salmon and Seattle's own Starbuck's coffee to the party.


Stacey, Jerry and Jamie
Posted By: MacDee

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 06:08 PM

This is just incredible how many of you showed up to the party. This is my first surprise party you know. And the food......I don't know what to eat next. <img border="0" alt="[winky]" title="" src="graemlins/winky.gif" /> And....a floor show too!!!

I was dreading going to radiation on Monday because it's cumulative but all these lovely posts have given me a renewed batch of courage. Thank you!!!

Bob......My poor Dad feels so helpless, I can just imageine what you have gone through. I've been on the other side of the coin too.

Namma....I can't believe you brought the mouse....hahahaha

BTW......Syd is in Reno, but I know she will be sad she missed a Boomer party! wink I have always known the Boomers were the BEST!

Posted By: Randy Sluganski

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 06:14 PM

Hi Dee!

I've already made the journey through Hell so let me carry you on my shoulders for a while to make your journey easier!

Hang in there, look ahead and not back and remember the radiation therapy only kills cells and not your spirit!

Posted By: Gamer

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 06:27 PM

So Sorry Im Late!! But the Hubby was working on
the pc and I never got a chance to check in till now, but you know your in my thoughts and prayers Dee. smile wave
Posted By: luv2travel

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 06:36 PM

Dear Dee,
Wishing you the very best! You have my thoughts and prayers. Let me just say I am a 5 year breast cancer survivor this year and I'm feeling great. I know every case is different, but I wish the best outcome for you!
Love to you,
Posted By: Rowan

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 06:39 PM

Hi Dee, I hope you are enjoying your party. This morning I was working in the garden, but it was still too cool for any butterflies there. So I dropped in here to get my butterfly fix. I will never look at another butterfy without thinking of you. Get well soon. bravo <img border="0" alt="[kiss]" title="" src="graemlins/kiss.gif" />
Posted By: Becky

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 06:40 PM

What a party! Jack's poem says it all. You're the best, Dee!
Posted By: Pandora

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 06:41 PM

Happy Deedle's Day, Dee! smile

My wish for you...

Love, Sue
Posted By: Jenny100

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 06:44 PM

Hi Dee,

I'm glad to see that the party is cheering you up. I can't match poetical posts like Jack's, or posts from people like Randy who have been through it and licked it. But, like everyone else here at Gameboomers, I'm in here rooting for you. Happy Deedles Day.
Posted By: Tomncath

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 06:58 PM

Well, I'm "fashionably late" but I would not have missed it for anything! AND, these gourmet foods have absolutely NO calories so eat as much as you want Dee! Enjoy your day, we're all thinking of you.

Posted By: carmen

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 07:24 PM

Am I the last? I am so sorry, I did send a card to try and make you feel better.

We need you so much!

My thoughts are with you and I brought a lovely Spanish omelet made with egg, potato and onion, nice eaten hot or cold with a nice red wine.

Posted By: lasanidine

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 07:24 PM

Life is a little flatter
Until our Dee gets better
Posted By: Singer

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 07:26 PM

Now... see, Dee? Only YOU can bring new members out of the woodwork!! You're just THAT irresistible!! smile Welcome, MisteryMaster... you couldn't have picked a better time to join us. happydance happydance

And now it looks like there's nothing to do but stretch this puppy out until Syd gets back. whistle

And Cheryl, please. You know I don't get the glory jobs. I'm just the door prop where people plop their coats. If they get any higher, you won't even know it's me anymore.

Not only THAT, but how did I get stuck being a designated DRIVER??!! eek mad eek

Posted By: Cynch

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 07:36 PM

Hi Dee!
Wow! Neat party! And I think even Mother Nature must be celebrating "Deedles Day"....the sun is shining here in Arlington today--a rarity this time of year.

Just wanted you to know I'm pulling for you...hang in there. You are the butterfly lady and I guess you know that things are not always under our control...sometimes we are like "butterflies in the wind"...from now on I wish for you only gentle breezes that carry you to happy places like this wonderful party!!
Love, Cynch <img border="0" alt="[kiss]" title="" src="graemlins/kiss.gif" />
Posted By: mulawa1

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 07:47 PM

Hi Dee,

What a great party!

Must admit I snuck off and had a couple of hours sleep ... but I'm back now ... nearly 6 am here ... sadly Shona and I have to go to the Market now but I suspect the board will be still jumping when I return.

But for the moment if those chickens and ducks will just be quiet for a moment I have a little humourous tale to tell:

There was this fellow who worked for Australia Post whose job it was to process all mail that had illegible addresses.

One day a letter came to his desk, addressed in a shaky handwriting to God. He thought, "Oh boy, better open this one and see what it's all about." So he opened it and read:

"Dear God, I am an 83 year old widow living on a very small pension. Yesterday someone stole my purse. It had 100 dollars in it which was all the money I had until my next pension check. Next Sunday is Easter, and I had invited two of my friends over for dinner. Without that money, I have nothing to buy food with. I have no family to turn to, and you are my only hope. Can you please help me?"

The postal worker was touched, and went around showing the letter to all the others. Each of them dug into his wallet and came up with a few dollars. By the time he made the rounds, he had collected 96 dollars, which they put into an envelope and sent over to her. The rest of the day, all the workers felt a warm glow thinking of the nice thing they had done.

Easter came and went, and a few days later came another letter from the old lady to God. All the workers gathered around while the letter was opened. It read:

"Dear God, How can I ever thank you enough for what you did for me? Because of your generosity, I was able to fix a lovely dinner for my friends. We had a very nice day, and I told my friends of your wonderful gift. By the way, there was 4 dollars missing. I think it must have been those thieving jerks at Australia Post."

Much love ... Peter and Shona
Posted By: funlcake

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 07:57 PM

I was going to bring paper hankies but found that I have used all of them while reading all the touching posts. thumbsup
Thinking of you Dee and sending my love along with the hugs.
Posted By: Namma

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 07:58 PM

A Big Welcome MisteryMaster! Glad you could join us. Jen, you have another margarita handy for our esteemed guest?

Jack, Inferno and I decided that after you handed her a broom and me a pail and mop for cleanup duty that the least you could do is be the designated driver.

Posted By: Mary

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 08:02 PM

Oh my goodness, I almost missed Deedle Day! I've been up to my neck rearranging the house with new appliances and such, but I'm glad I took a couple of minutes to pop in. I hope all the goodies arent' gone yet!
Dee, hope you get strength just from the sheer number of people here at your party, and knowing that we all wish you the best. You have been in my prayers since I found out about your health problem. Take care and enjoy the party!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 08:03 PM

Happy Deedle's Day.. <img border="0" alt="[kiss]" title="" src="graemlins/kiss.gif" /> I love you Dee, I hope you are feeling better and will get well soon.
Posted By: Tom Sr

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 08:08 PM

Hope you're having a great day, Dee. There's not much I can add to what has already been said so I found you a few butterflies.

Posted By: housewife

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 08:11 PM

Sorry I am late...have a good excuse..feeling a little under the weather and just got on GB...and the first thing I noticed was this post and started to read about your wonderful day and didn't want to miss it one more minute.

Everyone here has said the things that I think of you...your are a very courageous woman, and I admire you for being so strong...and I know there are days for you that can get very hard...and that is why we are here to find your strength again and we will always be here for you as you always been here for all of us.

I am so happy to be part of this wonderful day and share it with you all of the boomers who love you dearly.

Happy Deedle's Day.

Liz <img border="0" alt="[kiss]" title="" src="graemlins/kiss.gif" />
Posted By: Susie

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 08:31 PM

Okay everybody! The Kalua Pig is ready!

LET'S EAT!!!!!!!

happydance happydance happydance happydance happydance

It's been a wonderful Deedle's Day!

Dee, just keep remembering how much we all love you!
Posted By: Liz

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 08:41 PM

Deedles........we love you...........everyone has said such wonderful things.....we all are with you now.......please know that my prayers are with you....may God hold you in His hands.......
Posted By: infernoj13usa

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 08:53 PM

OK....time for some more Music.....
dance dance dance!
Posted By: Mad

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 08:56 PM

Hi again.

So, why not be a pig TWICE ???
[Sorry, Susie, couldn't resist lol ]
'Cause the pie is baked - steak, mushroom, leek and onions wave
Posted By: JonathanBoakes

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 09:04 PM

Thanks Dee for your support and love of the adventure genre!

I'VE watched you now a full half-hour;
Self-poised upon that yellow flower
And, little Butterfly! indeed
I know not if you sleep or feed.
How motionless!--not frozen seas
More motionless! and then
What joy awaits you, when the breeze
Hath found you out among the trees,
And calls you forth again!

William Wordsworth

Posted By: infernoj13usa

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 09:13 PM

Hey Johnathan! laugh
Nice to see that you could make it.

*Inferno offers her boomer buddy a Frozen Strawberry Daquorii*
Posted By: Liccle Dragon

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 09:14 PM

I couldnt resist this one for you Dee - I just have to keep coming back: laugh

Flutterby Kisses
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 09:16 PM

Dear Dee;
Over 60 years ago-when I could run and skip and jump- I was chasing butterflies in the pasture. They are so beautiful I thought, determined to have one of my very own.
My mother, standing by the gate, called to me and said, "Joyce, do you know what butterflies are?". I shook my head in puzzlement while keeping my eye on this beautiful white one sitting on a flowering Sage. My mother said, "Butterflies are Angels on vacation, and if everyone captured his own, God might not have enough to send to those in need".
At first, I didn't believe, being at that stage in life where I thought I knew everything. But a tiny flicker of doubt took seed and I let that butterfly go free. Later on in life, I realized how wise that woman, my mother, was.
Now, the sight of a butterfly brings me a warm feeling of love......sort of like Mother's Love. I feel an Angel near reminding me that we are not alone.
It gives me the courage to live this minute, draw this breath, and try to learn what ever lesson I have been given for this tiny space of eternity that I am allowed to share. Then miracle of miracles MY butterfly flutters by - in memory- and I find the courage for the next minute.
Dee, with all the butterflies sent your way this day, you "gotta" be feeling all that love and encouragement! Don't think about Monday, or next week, or next month! None of us truly knows what the day will bring. Live now, this moment, to the best of your abilities.....and let the butterflies take care of the rest.
With all my love, Joyce
Posted By: JonathanBoakes

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 09:23 PM

Hi Inferno, thanks for the Frozen Strawberry Daquorii!! Yummy.

Dee, do you need a top up? Or do you fancy a dip in the pool....

What a great show here today! I haven't seen so many butterflies since, well, never!

What a great show. This is a truly touching topic. Hmm, I didn't mean to use an illiteration! Oh well.

Posted By: hedgehog10

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 09:27 PM

A very Happy Deedles Day to you Dee! You are in my thoughts and prayers. Take care and enjoy your special day.

Posted By: nolalou

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 09:40 PM

What time is it , boys & girls??

It's Howdie Deedle Time, Howdie Deedle Time, in Gameboomer Land! smile
Posted By: infernoj13usa

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 09:44 PM

Braveheart (sigh) sends his love to all. And wants to let you know the the pool is official open today in honour of Deedles Day!!!!

He wants y'all to join him in the pool for some Strawberry Daqouriis....Everybody in!
happydance happydance happydance
Posted By: CyFurr

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 09:49 PM

I see the bar is open.

What's your pleasure Dee? I make a fantastic Pina Colada. Ever try an Everclear Smoothie? Boy, that will melt your socks off. wink

Love and kisses Deedles.

I would like to say, if the whole world was like Gameboomers, what a wonderful world it would be.

I wonder how many times I'm going to have to edit this thing. rolleyes
Posted By: Mugsy

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 10:01 PM

Jack, Could you please take off your lampshade hat and quit doing the Chicken Dance around the pool, you almost knocked poor Mad into the deep end on your last go around. You are back on duty at the door and no stopping for cheesecake on the way !! laugh happydance
Posted By: Dagokid

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 10:02 PM

Okay...going to attempt to send this card to Dee...hope this works...kid smile

Card for Dee didn't work the way I wanted but hopefully she will be able to check it out anyway.
Posted By: mrbill

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 10:04 PM

Hi Dear Friend,

We debated long and hard about what to bring to your party, but after reading what everyone has been eating and drinking, we decided that we'd better bring the Alka Seltzer!!! Let's \'Dance The Night Away\' .

We have known you and loved you since before GameBoomers even got started.

You're our MacDee, the one we thought of whenever we were also putting in our 12 hour summer days on yard work (in our Plant Nursery), wondering who besides us, in their right mind, would ever decide to mow lawns for a living! And wondering if you were also, like us, busy praying for SNOW!!! We know first hand how hard you must have worked all these years to be able to do all the work that you've done for GameBoomers, in addition to that kind of backbreaking 'real job'.

You're our MacDee, the one who said she would NEVER give up her beloved MAC for a PC. And as a result of all your praise for them, we wondered what we were missing, and so now we have an old MAC sitting in our computer room .....which we still haven't figured out how to use! ( Help, MAC expert!! smile

But you're also the one who, once she finally got up her courage, and made up her mind that her life was going in a different direction, bought a PC ..... and now moderates 3 boards helping other gamers who use PCs (as well as MACs)!!!

Remember that about yourself.....that courage and inner strength that you have. And get like another friend of ours did (who is now 78 years old), when she said "How DARE that Cancer think it can attack me!!!"

They say that God never changes anything, never closes one door, without opening another one.....a better one.

Remember that "what the Caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls a Butterfly".

And you're our beautiful Monarch Butterfly, the one we think of whenever they fly en masse over our house on their yearly migration.

Know that we need you. And that you have been, and will continue to be, in our prayers.

And now, let's all Dance!!!

Lots of Love,

Bill and Lela
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 10:29 PM

<img border="0" alt="woozy" title="" src="graemlins/woozy.gif" /> Hey you guys,
The sun may be going down on your side of the hills, but on our side it is time to start the Bar-B-que, and set out the afternoon snacks and soft drinks. I happen to like the Aussie way of it and there are Shrimp on the Bar-b at my house.
BTW, check the calendar! It finally says it's Deedle's Day! Thanks to Singer.
Posted By: Singer

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 10:34 PM

Many thanks to jayjaykay for pointing out a serious oversight!! (I'm pretty sure this was Cheryl's responsibility)... Deedle's Day is now properly acknowledged on the GB calendar. thumbsup


P.S. Mugsy, you're just jealous of my moves. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Cool]" src="cool.gif" />
Posted By: looney

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 10:38 PM

Well I'm back! I spent the day making homemade tamales for everyone! I KNEW this would be big since Dee is sooo loved! So I made ALOT of them! You have your choice, pork, beef, mild, hot and super hot! If you go for the super hot, please keep a margarita or daquiri close at hand! wink There's enough for everyone so dig in! Dee gets first dibs!!! wave
Posted By: Indy

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 11:13 PM

Dear Dee:

Good evening from Canada! I hope this finds you and yours well.

I just got home an hour ago. Joyce told me about this.

Dee, I don't know what to say. You go away for a couple of days and all hell breaks loose! laugh Just think of yourself as Gotham post 9-11--pick yourself up, dust yourself and keep fighting!!! You can do it, lady. You're not gonna let ol' Indy down, are ya? My mother had cancer, but she's tough, as you are. I've got every bit of faith that you're gonna survive all this. I beg of you to come back soon to these boards. It wouldn't be the same without you!!!!!

Get well soon, DEE!!!!

Sincerely yours always,

Posted By: Ursula

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 11:13 PM

I hope I've got it right this time!!
Greetings again, Dee ...........

My contribution to the party is a scrumptious Devonshire Cream Tea - freshly baked scones, delicious home-made Strawberry jam, and lashings of yummy Clotted Cream - fattening, but who cares!!!!!!

Lots of love again, Dee ------- Ursula.
Posted By: Jennylee

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 11:16 PM

Hi Dee,

I'm sorry that I'm so late for your party, but I got hung up in the weekend traffic. I just wanted to stop by and wish you a "Happy Deedle's Day" and to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Hang in there and always remember that we are all behind you.

Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/19/03 11:53 PM

thumbsup Joyce
Posted By: Mad

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 12:10 AM


Mad again laugh

Ooooops....Sorry....Not quite ready....Be back later wave
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 12:31 AM

wave wave Hey Mad, it has been 20 minutes! Are you where I think your are? Reading in the library? Too many of those luscious drinks and all that urp, lovely, rich food?
Or did you fall in the pool?
Joyce <img border="0" alt="[kiss]" title="" src="graemlins/kiss.gif" /> <img border="0" alt="[kiss]" title="" src="graemlins/kiss.gif" />
Posted By: Mad

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 12:35 AM


Tryin' again laugh

And I still haven't got it right frown


[Knew I shouldn't have opened that third bottle of wine happydance

So click and enjoy - YOU TOO DEE - IF I EVER GET IT RIGHT !!!!! - and let's party together thumbsup

YEAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Mad wave
Posted By: Singer

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 12:54 AM

Too funny, Mad!! bravo bravo

You weren't joking about getting sozzled, were you? lol lol

Posted By: Mad

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 12:56 AM


YAHOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SOMEBODY FIXED IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

happydance happydance happydance


Please come forward and take a bow bravo


Mad wave
Posted By: Mad

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 12:59 AM

Hi Jack smile

If you're gonna party.....PARTY !!!! thumbsup


Mad wave
Posted By: Jenny

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 01:00 AM

Actually, Mad, I fixed the one on the last page that you apparently deleted... lol
Posted By: Sequoia

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 01:01 AM

Gee I almost missed your party Dee!
We finally had a nice day here in Michigan so I've been outside working in the flower beds. Glad I stopped to check my e-mail and saw my invite to your party!
Now don't stay up too late on Deedles Day!
Take care Dee and keep your spirits up.
Love, Sequoia
Posted By: shrimpnose

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 01:02 AM

Hi Deedle Dee Dum! Thanks for inviting me to the party. A little Champagne, a little Caviar, the company of good friends, the GameBoomer family and voila! Let's celebrate! Everybody raise their glass way up high and let's have a drink to the butterfly girl's health.
I will be back later with Martinis for the party... Cheers!

Lots of Love,
Posted By: Mad

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 01:10 AM

Hi Mystery Person wave
Posted By: JonathanBoakes

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 01:17 AM

Jonathan stumbles around the pool, one to many cocktails, then falls in.

Night night all.

Posted By: Polo

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 01:20 AM

Happy Deedles Day!! Sorry to gatecrash the party so late... hey where is everyone? doh! sorry im late was in Edinburgh all day.. legs are in pain.. never go shopping with a woman!!

Heres the words from the song "Flower Of The West" from the Scottish Celtic band RunRig, i think you mite like these words Dee really good folk band!

Flower Of The West

The morning moar
The light of God
The heart of youth
I look around me
My eyes find their rest on this garden
The flower of the west

The silent skies
An innocent heart
Holding the moment away
From time in the dark
All I see. All I know
Is touching the sacred earth
Warming the hallowed ground

Walk on
Walk on
Walk on

The colour frontier
The ageing light
The sight that knows no fear
I look over Orinsay to the Trumisgarry shore
To Aloter
And the road to Ahmore

The silent skies
An innocent heart
Holding the moment away
From time in the dark
All I see. All I know
Is touching the sacred earth
Warming the hallowed ground

I survive the childhood universe
And I step the naked heath
Where the breathing of the vanished
Lies in acres round my feet
Past Loch Scadavagh Loch Fada
And the flatlands to the east
Where the dark blue mass of Eval
Meets the rising Rock of Lee
Between the Crogary and Maairi
I started to descend
Loch Aongais on my left hand side
I look across to Clett
Collies barking on the outrun
Dunlin dancing on the sand
Breakers show round Corran Vallique
And empty the Atlantic on the strand

The silent skies
An innocent heart
Holding the moment away
From time in the dark
All I see. All I know
Is touching the sacred earth
Warming the hallowed ground

Flower of the west


Heres some pictures of Stirling and Edinburgh castle and various others from my homeland! for you dee! it's different from butterflys but i dunno if there are alot of castles in America smile (Sorry 56k people) hope you like these pics!! hope Jane Jensen is looking a these to!! hing GK4 and ghosts!! laugh

(Stirling Castle)

(Edinburgh Castle)

(Wallace Monument) - William Wallace

(Eilean Castle)

(Kilchurn Castle)

(Urquhart Castle, on the banks of Lochness)

I hope you feel better soon Dee and be back with us soon!!! I'll save you abit of my haggis and a wee half!!


Happy Deedle Day!!!!

Posted By: Namma

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 01:32 AM

What fun! Great food, drinks, music, jokes, pictures and great friends to share them with! thumbsup

I'd love to suggest that next year we party at one of the beautiful sites that Polo has shared with us, but with people getting a little tipsy and falling into the pool I'm afraid that might be dangerous. But it's looking very suspicious that Jack seems to always be in the vicinty when somebody falls. whistle

Hugs, Cheryl
Posted By: Mugsy

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 01:45 AM

That is a great idea Cheryl. I vote for Kilchurn Castle it looks fascinating...that would be a great setting for an adventure game !!
I did mention to Jack to cut down on the Chicken Dancing around the pool, as he was downright dangerous with the lampshade restricting his vision. However I'm sure I just saw him doing the Hamster Dance by the water slide, wearing a tablecloth cape and chewing on a celery stick...
laugh whistle
Posted By: Marian

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 02:01 AM

Dee, here I am....I finally got away from work. smile

I wish there was something that I could say or do to take away even a shred of the pain, sorrow, anxiety, and apprehension that you are going through right now. When I see someone like you, such a sweet, kind, and compassionate person, one whom I greatly admire and who is an inspiration to me, having to endure what you are going through right now (and have also had to suffer in the past frown ), I ask myself why life seems to bestow troubles on some which seem far more than their share. There is no answer to that, but please know that you are in my heart, my thoughts, and my prayers.

I will send special prayers your way for Monday.


Marian <img border="0" alt="cry" title="" src="graemlins/cry.gif" /> <img border="0" alt="[kiss]" title="" src="graemlins/kiss.gif" />
Posted By: Pandora

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 02:02 AM

A cape? Uh oh. Sounds like Jack's in Stupendous Man mode again.

Dee, it sounds like your party is getting a little out of hand. Then again, what are friends for? wave
Posted By: Coreoverload

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 03:28 AM

Happy Birthday Dee! Is it your birthday? <img border="0" title="" alt="[Confused]" src="confused.gif" /> Happy Dee Day party then!
Posted By: shrimpnose

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 03:42 AM

It's Martini time. Hic! Martinis are now being served by the pool... Who wants a Chocolattini? Who wants a Cranttini? I brought plenty of hors d'oeuvres to go with it. The party is still going on... Right?!?! Hic!
Posted By: Singer

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 03:59 AM

Core, it's not Dee's birthday - we're just celebrating her because she means so much to so many. smile

And beyond that, when it comes to partying, who needs a reason?? lol lol

Indeed, Pandora, that was my Stupendous Man disguise, not a lampshade as Mugsy surmised, and my so-called Chicken and Hamster dances were simple attempts to take flight (although I hear they can look awfully similar after the fifth daiquiri!) Sigh... show up to RESCUE the stumblers and fall under suspicion of causing the accidents... Even on Deedle's Day I get no respect. rolleyes

Posted By: Mad

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 04:06 AM


After a lie down and a sober up ( lol ]

What a party, eh ?? Hope you're having a fantastical time, Dee laugh

Love, love and more love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mad wave
Posted By: Namma

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 04:24 AM

Still partying Jose, been looking forward to those Martini's. Come on and follow me.......I see that Mad is back and she whispered to me earlier that she was going to lead the Conga as soon as she got back. Hope she remembers that part.

Jack, love, we will ALL still respect you in the morning! Of course many of us took pictures of you in your lampshade and cape to show to your grandchildren some day.

Hugs, Cheryl
Posted By: infernoj13usa

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 05:11 AM

Geezlouise! {Hic-cup} Looks like every one is getting into the pool wonderful!!!!

*what's that, Braveheart? OH NOOOOOOOOOOO!
Yes dear, I know I told you to get the biggest keg you could find for the party ..........oh my watchout for that dancing lamp shade.....honey. Honey? ......*


OK .... Who put the Funny Hat on Scotty????
.......Where's Singer?
Posted By: Mad

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 06:33 AM

Hi smile

Conga Time !!!! [As though I'd forget !!!!]

<img border="0" title="" alt="[Confused]" src="confused.gif" /> <img border="0" title="" alt="[Confused]" src="confused.gif" />
[Actually, I have a feeling my earlier "lapse" and subsequent unclear memory has led to some unscrupulous people (mainly called Cheryl ) taking advantage of my good nature lol

One last HAPPY DEE DAY to you DEE and then I'm gone wave
Posted By: HorseDancer

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 06:41 AM

Happy Deedle Day!! thumbsup

Sending lots of love and positive energy to you, dear one.

Judy wave
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 06:42 AM

My goodness Mad, you are mad! You have played all through the night! Do you usually not go to bed until after the sun rises in your part of the world? Wasn't it a lovely day.
thumbsup jjk
wave Hi Judy, did you ride the trails all day or shovel.....
Hugs, Joyce
Posted By: Hanksdog

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 07:24 AM

Hope you enjoyed the Easter Card I sent. I pray for you always and feel your pain and dispair.
We could have our own Mutual Unadmiration for Ourselves club" LOL Just Kidding.
PRAYING FOR YOU ALWAYS and thinking ONLY GOOD thoughts........Hank and Blanchedog (send her doggie kisses)
PS....sorry I was so late in getting in here and so many of you great friends told me of this .."thank you" , but I was "under the weather" wave wave
Posted By: Bryansmom

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 08:26 AM

Oh, my goodness, am I late? I'm usually not late for anything.......May I join the party anyway? It looks like the band is still playing and I brought my dancing shoes! Dee, I remembered this poem from the book "Friends Through Thick and Thin" and thought of you. I know you will be coming out into the sun and flying from flower to flower soon:

Metamorphosis by Gloria Gaither

The spring is metamorphosing into summer
And I can feel the dry and leathery skin
That encased me through the winter
Getting much too tight and troublesome
For comfort.
I want out!
Out into the fragrant breeze
That soon will dry the natal moisture
From my wings.
Out into the sun
From which I'll draw
The energy to fly.

And fly I will!
And as I soar,
I'll saturate my mind
With sounds of love and peace,
Everything that moves or breathes.
I'll smell the fragrance of the earth
And kiss the wind
And taste the brand of honey
Every blossom has to offer;
Yet I'll be sure to hear
The silence that the warm and welcome
Evening brings,
And in it I will race with shadows
Just to see which one of us
Can tiptoe in more softly
'Cross the grass.
(I'll walk so gently,
Even you won't
Hear me pass.)

And knowing as I do
The days can't last,
That winter will return too soon,
I'll do and hear and think
And taste it all!
I'll store up multicolor memories
To take me through
The long, gray days
Of winter.

Dee, your Winter days are going to be over very soon, and you will be flying before you know it! I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
Posted By: LenG

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 09:08 AM

Hi Dee,
I'm a pretty serious sort of old fogey ... or should I say somber?

I gather that you're not in the best of health right now.

Please get MUCH better, and soon.

Our thoughts are with you.
With very best good wishes ..............
Love ... Len Green.
Posted By: tigger

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 10:00 AM

Well certainly looks quieter round here now...

Picked up my superbroom and dustpan.. off to clear up smile Ohh martinis and daiquiris still here.. wonder if they go well with bacon and eggs??

I'll find out when I have tidied up lol

Tig wave
Posted By: Kellee

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 12:03 PM

Hello Dee
Sorry I am so Late!

Sending lots of Love and Prayer your way!

I am really enjoying this great Party!!
But where is the Diet Dr. Pepper ???????

Posted By: MaryW

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 01:16 PM

Hi Dee,
I think one Deedle Day is not enough. So I'm starting a second. I've brought a special Easter bread with colored eggs baked inside it and eggs benedict and champagne. Just a small thank you for all you do around here. Please keep fighting; we all need and love you!!!!
Posted By: MacDee

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 02:41 PM

Wow! I am just overwhelmed by the poems, songs and warm thoughts. I can't believe so many of you took the time to come to the party. I slipped out a little early but you guys were all having such a good time you didn't even notice. <img border="0" alt="[winky]" title="" src="graemlins/winky.gif" /> I came back this morning and was so happy to see that breakfast is being served. I hope you have a wonderful Easter with your families.

Thank you so much for the cards and warm thoughts. You have no idea what they meant to me. You have given me a new lease on life. I hope you are all around in 4 years and 10 months and will come to my I am a breast cancer survivor Party!

Love to you all!!! <img border="0" alt="[kiss]" title="" src="graemlins/kiss.gif" /> <img border="0" alt="[kiss]" title="" src="graemlins/kiss.gif" /> <img border="0" alt="[kiss]" title="" src="graemlins/kiss.gif" />

Posted By: Singer

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 03:00 PM

You have absolutely got yourself a date, Dee!!

And we did notice you'd slipped out last night, but we all wanted you to get your rest. We figured you'd sleep better with the sound of your friends' merriment in the background. Inferno, Mugsy and Mad (we won't even discuss Cheryl) got a little rowdy there for a bit, but nothing too raucous. laugh laugh Glad we didn't wake you up.

So yes, it's the day after, but like any company that overstays their welcome, I think everybody is still here!! eek eek That's a LOT of bacon!!

And from one occasion to the next, happy Easter everyone... who stole my chocolate eggs? mad

Posted By: MacDee

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 03:08 PM

Later this evening I am moving this special thread to our archives. I want ALL the newbies to see what a kind, warm-hearted, fun-loving group of people live here at GameBoomers..... <img border="0" alt="[kiss]" title="" src="graemlins/kiss.gif" />
Posted By: Skylark523

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 03:22 PM

Dee; Sorry I wasn't on yesterday to add to your special day. I wanted to give out a big shout and "howdy" to you though so, please accept this better late than never greeting. I can't recall all the times your helpfullness and cheeriness (is that a word?) has assisted me in pursuit of the pleasure of acquiring or finishing a game. You add more to this community than any of us could ever repay. All we can do is express in humble terms how much you mean to each and every "Boomie" that lives or visits here. I sincerely hope your day was special and I Pray that you have many, many more special days here with us at GB. If there's ever anyway I can be of service to you just holler. smile

With gratitude, Sky!!!
Posted By: Jenny

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 03:23 PM

Wow, what a PARTY!!!!

Tig, I think it'll take more than a broom and dustpan to clean this up--like maybe a backhoe! laugh

Careful, everyone, when you're cleaning up, don't disturb that somewhat bedraggled lampshade out by the pool...
Posted By: bj

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 05:34 PM

Hope there is not too much mess to clean up after this spectacular (or spectacle).
Posted By: Mad

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 06:40 PM

Hi Dee smile

I am a breast cancer survivor Party [i] ????????

You can bet your bottom dollar I'll be there - Try an' keep me away hah - You'll Just need to lead me to it, Babe laugh [/i]

[And I'll fetch a spare lampshade....Just in case lol lol

Love, love, love.

Mad <img border="0" alt="[kiss]" title="" src="graemlins/kiss.gif" />
Posted By: Reenie

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 06:40 PM

I checked in this morning, to see how the all-night party went. laugh Read most of the posts. It brought tears to my eyes to read all the affection folks in this community have for one another. We have our own "village" here, made up of so many different kinds of wonderfulness. I've seen it before, in bits and pieces over the years, but a concentrated dose of it surely is enough to inspire anyone to do anything. If I were those nasty little buggers who are hurting our Dee right now, I would be on the run! It is my hope and prayer that all will be well with you, Dee.

Hope everyone's hangover isn't too bad this morning. happydance lol wave

Posted By: Namma

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 06:54 PM

Good Morning Boomers! Best party I have been too in a long time. Hope everyone else had a great time too.

But oh my aching head! Did anyone else notice that very tall Easter Bunny wearing the lampshade this morning?

I offer my apologies to all of you and especially you Dee for my somewhat 'rowdy' behavior that was pointed out by a couple of dear friends. If I promise to behave can I still come to the next party?

I'll even do all the breakfast dishes..........just as soon as I find the Alka Seltzer. <img border="0" alt="woozy" title="" src="graemlins/woozy.gif" />

Hugs, Cheryl
Posted By: Susie

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 08:31 PM

Whoever mixed the margaritas, they were fantastic, but I drank WAY too much! What a headache and.... excuse me! eek
Posted By: syd

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 09:51 PM

Hi Deedle love

Just got in about an hour ago - sorry I missed the party - sounds like it was a wingdinger wink

I can't add a thing to what's already been said - the best I can do is add my love along with everyone elses.

And no, I didn't win squat in Reno laugh
Posted By: JACMAN12

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 09:55 PM

Hi Dee: I searched and searched the Net for something appropriate for you, and came up with
the following:

My Very Best Wishes!!

Posted By: JACMAN12

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 10:00 PM

Dee: For some reason the URL in my previous post is not working correctly> PLEASE PLEASE forgive me.
I will continue to work on it for you!!!

Posted By: JACMAN12

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 10:06 PM

Dee: Please try the following:

If this doesn't work I will eat a bug...maybe TWO!!!

Posted By: MacDee

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 11:01 PM

Just don't eat a butterfly Jack..... <img border="0" alt="[winky]" title="" src="graemlins/winky.gif" />


SYD!!!!! Welcome back! <img border="0" alt="[kiss]" title="" src="graemlins/kiss.gif" />
Posted By: josefien

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 11:28 PM

Dear Dee.
Indeed, I'm late, I know. I was with my grandchildren. They are so cute and lovely. They gave me al lot of hugs and kisses and I took it all home to keep it for you. Here you are, lots of hugs and kisses from the nicest grandchildren in the world, and I know it's the best vitamin you can get. So enjoy it and recover quickly.
I love you
Posted By: blondie_bc

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 11:37 PM

<img border="0" alt="cry" title="" src="graemlins/cry.gif" /> <img border="0" alt="cry" title="" src="graemlins/cry.gif" /> <img border="0" alt="cry" title="" src="graemlins/cry.gif" /> <img border="0" alt="cry" title="" src="graemlins/cry.gif" /> WAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I missed the whole Party!!!!!! Dee -If all these good wishes could do the deed -- You'd be having that Survivor Party right now! I'm not missing that one! -- Can't wait-- hugs to ya GAl- - yer gonna be fine! laugh
Posted By: Bevlee

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/20/03 11:58 PM

Sorry I missed the party Dee, but I have been busy introducing my new friends here at the retirement home who have computers to what else????????????????ADVENTURE GAMES!!! Starting with Nancy Drew, which they all seem to remember from wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back. They are having a ball. Also told them about GAMEBOOMERS
Posted By: indiana

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/21/03 12:45 AM

Just wanted to post this:


because Gameboomers are the very best company!
Posted By: Bea

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/21/03 03:05 AM

Just as well I popped in with some really good coffee - Queensland Blue - grown over here and just as good as Jamaica Blue. I also brought some fresh mangoes and cream - just the thing for an end of party breakfast. Or is this the end or are you all just getting your second wind?
Posted By: Bryansmom

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/21/03 03:30 AM

Ah, I see it's time to tidy up around the pool and hot tub area. First, though, I'd better start with the chocolate on my hands from Singer's Easter eggs.... (oops! Did I say that out loud?)
Posted By: infernoj13usa

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/21/03 04:12 AM

I'm sure that I can say a big Gameboomer:
'Atta boys and girls

to the entire community. Once again y'all have proved me right. smile

Deedles: It is I who must thank you now. You have taught me many things here at GB.
Honor, Loyaty , Expression. But the one thing above all has been Friendship. It means a lot and I am grateful. Happy Deedles Day!
happydance laugh
Posted By: Mad

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/21/03 04:27 AM

Hi smile

Just managin' to open one eye at a time - and feelin' pretty proud to be able to manage even that - and what's the first darn thing I see ????

A piccie - right here in front of me - of that "dancing person in a lampshade".....


Sorry Dee - it's just too much eek
Have to go lie back down for a bit longer and see if it's gone next time I wake up - so see ya later lol

LOVE ....

Mad wave
Posted By: Mammamu

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/21/03 11:13 AM

I woke up without a headache! happydance

Christina wave
Posted By: Kickaha

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/21/03 11:19 AM

Dee, all the very best. I really appreciate all the help you've given me! You deserve a day!

Love, Peter.
Posted By: advgamer

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/22/03 12:28 PM

Hi Dee,
I have been away, so I am late. I have been thinking about you and I hope you feel better soon. You have been helpful and sweet to me, and I am grateful to have you as my friend.
Love, Julie
Posted By: Liccle Dragon

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/22/03 12:58 PM

Hiya Dee!!!!!!!!!

Ok my last link didnt work properly but THIS time.. and I think its soft enough for all those sore heads out there laugh

FlutterBy Kisses
Posted By: Jen

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/22/03 09:03 PM

Whoa...Hi guys! Am I late for the partay?!
*Surveys the damage, the few passed out people,the cat with the lampshade....and whats that in the pool?!?!?!?*
hmmm, well I like to be fashionably late!I'm so sorry I missed the party! <img border="0" alt="cry" title="" src="graemlins/cry.gif" />
But Dee, you do have my love! <img border="0" alt="[kiss]" title="" src="graemlins/kiss.gif" />
Posted By: Kellee

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/22/03 09:28 PM

Dee, You bet we will ALL be back for your I am a Breast Cancer SURVIVOR!!! We will be with you all the way through! Always remember your friends here are cheering for you! Hey maybe then we can arrange a party for the GameBoomers to meet!! WOW, wouldnt that be fun!!
Love & Hugs,
Posted By: lexxy

Re: Deedle's Day!!! - 04/23/03 12:33 AM

My invite got lost in the mail but as the saying goes Better late than never . You are a very special lady and I send out much love and good wishes. Get better and come back to us ....we miss you like crazy.

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