Chapter 11 - The Race

You are transferred to the Academy. Take the PALETTE and use it on your painting.
Lady Alvane told you to concentrate on your painting to be able to open a Shift at will, and she was right.
You open a shift and enter it. 

You find yourself at the White mothers nest. The mother is dying. She asks you to stay and witness the birth of the new mother. You agree. The mother dies and vanishes and instead the egg breaks and a new white dragon flies towards the stars.
After that you open a shift and return to Stark.

Go to Flipper to get the FAKE ID. Talk to him and give him the STAR MAP.

Take the subway to Metro Circle. Go left and enter the elevator.
Try to enter the Shuttle. You are rejected because of your clothing. Go into the shop to the left to get some new clothes.
Take the PIZZA BOX in the wastebasket.

Now enter the Shuttle again. When you arrive at the roof look around. 
As you don't know your way, talk to the policeman. He directs you to the building.

Go to the right and talk to Gerald/Jerry. Show him the PIZZA BOX and he lets you enter the elevator.

Look around the room of Mc Allen. There are queer things.
Examine the desk. You find notes on yourself, but at the same time you trigger the alarm.

Mc Allen enters. Whatever you say or do, you will be forced to give him the stone and the two jewels. 
He has the remaining two and can complete the stone. 
He takes you into the laboratory where he opens a containment and puts the disk there. 
Then he leaves letting a Mutant loose on you to retrieve the location of the guardians place.

Rush to the console and use it to open a door.
The mutant follows you out on the roof. Go to the ledge in the lower right corner. 
You scream for help and at the last moment a blue lightening comes from a certain place. 
The mutant is burned and falls from the roof. 
At the same time Cortez materializes exactly on the spot where the lightening came from. 
Did he send the lightening to save you?

You talk to Cortez but then Mc Allen appears. Cortez starts to fight him but falls from the roof. 
When he falls a blue lightening coming from him, penetrates Mc Allen and he too falls from the roof. 
Halfway down both are caught in a blue light and vanish completely. 

When you get control return to the laboratory. Look at the computer console. Use it to open the compartment
and take the now complete stone disk.

Go to Flipper to get information about the Star Map. You'll find that he is shot and dying. The enemy has taken the star map but he has made a copy that he shows you. You have to go to a transition station called Morning Star. After having told you this he dies.

Return to Metro Circle and enter the elevator.
This time go to the colonization representative in the waiting room.
Talk to her. There is a transfer this night that stops at the Morning Star. Register to take it.

The chapter ends with an animation. You are transferred to Morning Star.

The walkthrough is written by MegaZina
and based on the game The longest journey from IQ Media Nordic.
The pictures are taken from the game.
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