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When you first open up game there is a symbol - according to the book in the game it is: All Seasons

And instead of loading a game you "relive your past"
and instead of saving a game you "save your future"
and instead of quitting you "abadon your fate"
and a chasm can mean a rift - what about a rift in time
time traveling.
Just some random thoughts.

Sadly, not in the German version - there is, of course, the symbol of the four seasons but in German you have "load game", "save game", "quit game" - only when clicking on "quit game" does the game ask you if you want to abandon your fate.
I still think that there was some kind of time travelling involved - I have missed the information in the beginning that Nigel was actually recruited in 1978. If that is true and if we take for granted that he was *not* recruited at birth, then there must be some sort of time rift/travelling be involved. That would, of course, also explain why Nigel can talk to people who should actually be dead. That would also explain why
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Hardacre seems to disappear in the first night, when Nigel follows him - he looks ghostlike and warns Nigel about the crown. Since later in the game Hardacre is killed because he got his hands on the crown, this could be actually his ghost, visiting from the future to warn Nigel. That would also explain why Hardacre doesn't remember anything about it the next day.

Another question that just popped up in my mind:
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What was up with the six Hardacres towards the end of the game? Why six identical ghosts of the same person? You should think that one ghost should be sufficient when it comes to guiding Nigel to the cellar.