If there is a prettier looking game than Candle I can't think what it is. Beautiful and detailed hand painted water colours create a world that is a delight to be in. The website calls it a living painting, and that is a fairly apt description.

While I have said before that eye candy is not the be all and end all of a game, I nonetheless appreciate its presence.

The game itself is top notch, if your bent is towards keyboard (or gamepad) driven platform style adventures. Think Limbo and Inside, but colourful and whimsical.
This isn't so much a first look, but a 12 hour look, being not too sure how many more hours it will take. Some of those have been wandering and wondering what to do next; some have been knowing what to do but not timing the run/jump/avoid sequence correctly.

The plot centres on Teku, a young man out to rescue his tribe's shaman from the nasty Wakcha Clan. Needless to say it isn't all plain sailing; attention to detail and a willingness to try things will be required.

Teku has tenacity and a candle for a left hand. Light it to scare things away or illuminate the gloom, but watch out for rain. A candle is also essential for other special actions.

Teku can die, not by falling off things but by mistiming jumps and falling too far, and through all other means of misadventure. Saving regularly at the fairly frequent save pods is desirable.

While much of the puzzling is environmental or platform based, there are some out and out puzzles. I have been stuck a few times and had need to resort to a walkthrough.

I hope it lasts a while yet.