Odyssey: The Next Generation Science Game
a first look by flotsam

Subtitled "the next generation science game", this is so far a fun first person exploration with some Socratic science thrown in.

Out in your boat, you receive a recorded message seeking help, that takes you to the Wretched Islands to (hopefully) rescue Kai and her family. Once you get off the dock, the island begins to open up.

Not all at once though. I can see cable cars, bridges that need completion, doors in the base of mountains, all out of reach at this stage. Puzzles will undoubtedly clear the way. Like the globe puzzle just solved, a gentle starter perhaps.

I have found pages of a journal, clearly belonging to Kai, in which she chronicles a discourse with her father that provides the Socratic science referred to. We are currently discussing how you can tell the Earth is round, why the horizon doesn't appear curved against the rising sun, and the ponderings around the antipodes. Interesting reading so far; whether it will overwhelm the exploration or strike the right balance remains to be seen.

There are some great science games (Physicus and the other Tivola/Heureka games come to mind) and the testimonials on the makers website suggest this should be among them. Come back later and find out.