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Go to the elevator. First go to Hapacom. Note the strange shaped lock next to the front door. You certainly have no key yet to open these doors. Walk around the building to find the back door. Click on the lock at the right side of the door. Enter the code and push verify. Youíll hear the door unlock. Enter the building. Open the box in the middle of the room. Pick up the syringe. Examine it in your inventory. It sure is huge... Behind the boxes in the left corner youíll find a little bottle of ether. Of course you pick it up.

A tiny bottle of ether


Try to open the other doors that lead further into the building. These are locked and you donít have the code to open them. Leave the building and walk back to your car that is parked in front of the front door. Enter the car.

Go to the Bar Iphestos. You can enjoy the band if you like. After the show is over look around. You can pick up a little green card from one of the tables. Walk towards the stage. Climb up the stage and talk to the lead singer. Tell him that you are desperate. Heíll give you a signed cd. Examine the cd in inventory. Open the cd to learn more about three new releases of the band. You need this knowledge later. You can also turn it around to see the autograph.

Turn around and walk towards the exit of the bar. Turn to the left and grab the cap from the hook. Now walk towards the bar at your left. You can grab three pieces of chewing gum from the bar. At the right side of this bar youíll see something sticking between the two parts of the bar. Pick it up and examine it in inventory. It seems to be a locksmithís card. Now walk towards the lady thatís standing behind the other bar. Talk to her, cut to the case. Of course youíre willing and able.

Sneaky, sneaky...


Ask her about everything you can. Especially ask her about Aristos and Jenny  Georgiou. After the conversation is over you can have a free beer. Talk to her again. Now choose Smart Alec. After that you accept the suspicions. VoilaÖ one free beer to go! After that leave the place and go to Jennyís apartment.

Walk to the end of the corridor. Enter the door to the right. Great, itís the janitorís room. Open the box standing on the floor. Pick up the piece of cloth and the cello tape. Walk to the opposite door and ring the bell of Jennyís apartment.

You tell her lies. Jenny wonít buy it. Ring the bell once more and you are telling her lies again. Now Jenny is buying it. Once outside Nick tells that Jenny is going out and that you have to look through Aristosí things. So... enter the janitorís room once more. Pick up the broom. While standing near the door in the janitorís room, use the broom on Jennyís door.

A fine place to throw in the broom

There she goes and so does the broom! Walk to the left and enter the bathroom. Next to the toilet is an unblocker. Get it. Enter the living room. On the couch move the blue pillow. Get the bra. Of course you examine it. Hmmm... nice! Walk around the table and open the little cupboard next to the couch. Take the package and examine it in your inventory to get a pair of scissors.

Turn to the left and notice the notes attached to the book shelves. Walk to the shelves and read the notes. Hmmm... nothing special. Open the large cupboard at the left side. Have a look at the briefcase. It is firmly locked with a code lock. Now what? You canít open it and you donít know the code to unlock the case. But you do have to go through Aristosí things. So you must open it! Itís good that most people are using easy pass words!?!?

The uhhh... pass word


Look whatís written on the brief case. Right it says BuSyMaN. If you can count till ten youíll notice that this word has 7 letters. 3 of them are vowels and 4 of them are consonants. Would it be that easy? Lets give it a try... Turn the dial to 734 and watch the briefcase open. Get the note from it and get the Chemtron card security level 1. Read the note of the Psychiatric Unit in your inventory. We donít want to leave any traces behind, so close the brief case by setting the lock back to 000.

Notice the brown wooden box on the cupboard. Try to open it. It wonít budge. Go to the kitchen. Open the top compartment of the fridge. Study the ice box. Get the ice box. Put it into the sink and turn on the hot water. Wait a moment or two and the ice will melt down. Get the key. Return to the living room and use the key with the wooden box. Hmmm... thatís strange. Itís empty! Leave the building and go to Nickís apartment.

In your apartment read the locksmithís card. Nick tells you that all the locks are broken. Thatís strange because you can enter every room you want in his apartment. Trying to phone the locksmith doesnít do anything. What the hack could this mean? Well, remember that there is one door you couldnít open till so far. Itís the left cabinet of that stove! Use the locksmithís card on that door to reveal... a box of Torn Flakes!?!? Get the Torn Flakes. Walk towards the strange plant Nionios. Feed the Torn Flakes to the plant. That gives you a bent piece of iron. Leave your apartment and go to Pallatino.

Go into the alley at the left of the Pallatino building. Open the garbage bin. Find the card and get it. Turn around and walk towards the silver colored door. Use the card at the appropriate card reader. Open the door and enter the building.

The hard to find card

Open Gloriaís door. You ask her directly. Ask her about everything too. Especially about Rania Dendrinou. After that you return home. Pick up the message from your laptop. Itís a fax from Gloria. Read it to learn to know her telephone number. Insert your Vid Phone card and call Gloria (45632109909). After her message get your Vid Phone card.

Head for the elevator and go to the dressing room. From the little table pick up the nail polish. Open the wooden box and pick up the cotton balls. Turn to the left and open the cupboard. Pick up the talk. From the dressing screen pick up the well hidden glove. In inventory combine the nail polish with the glove. Exit the building.

The very well hidden glove

Walk to the right and notice the boxes piled up. If you look carefully, youíll notice something beneath the boxes. Also notice that there is a teleguided clerk parked. Walk to the backside of the clerk. Notice that there is something laying between the clerk and the wall. Pick it up and examine it in your inventory. It seems to be an instruction receiver. You gonna need it later to control the teleguided clerk. That is after you found the remote control for it...

The instruction receiver

Leave the alley and walk all the way to the right. Climb up the stairs of the landing platform. Pick up the piece of chewing gum. Walk back towards the alley next to the Pallatino building. Click on the double doors opposite of the Pallatino building. Go to Dendrinouís house.


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