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Go and stand in front of the door at the left side of the garbage bin in the alley. Save your game now. Open the door and after a conversation with Tony youíll both be attacked. You manage to get away because you treat one of the guys with your pepper spray. Because you opened the manhole earlier in the game you have a safe hideout. Youíll witness how Tony is dragged into a car. When the bad guys drive away you just have time enough to chew all of your gum, to put the GPS transmitter into the chewing and to throw the whole lot to the car. Examine your GPS receiver to discover where those guys took Tony.

Important note: if you get shot down here and you did all the things mentioned before, load your saved game. Before opening the door go down the sewers at the end of the alley once more and examine the dead body again. After that get out of the sewers and then open the door.

Enter the room Tony just left. From the left side of the room pick up the old piece of iron. Walk towards the closed window. Move the ladder thatís standing next to the window. Climb up the ladder. Look around you and have a closer look at the hoisting mechanism at the ceiling. There seems to be a decorated pyramid. Use the piece of old iron to set it free. Pick it up. Examine it in your inventory to find out itís a triangle key. Havenít you seen a strange shaped lock somewhere? Right... at Hapacomís front door!

I wonder how that key came up there

Climb down the ladder. From the shelves pick up the three buckets of paint. Walk towards the door and try to open it. Great... itís stuck. Now you have to find a way to unstuck the door. Look around and walk to the hook thatís hanging down from the ceiling. Attach one of the buckets of paint to the hook. Push the red handle at the left side of the window. There goes the bucket smashing against the door. Push the red handle once more to get the hook back. Now do the same trick with the other two buckets. After that open the door and leave the room as a free man.

One more bucket to go

Go to Hapacom. Use the triangle key on the lock to open the front door. Get the delivery note from one of the boxes. Is that all there is? Well to tell you the truth... yep... that is, for now. Leave the room and go to the Space Station warehouse. When you arrive there open the elevatorís door. There are three doors. The ones at the left and the right are locked with no lock. So you will never be able to open these two doors. So walk to the door youíre facing. Try to open the door.

Hmmm... locked! Now have look at the right side of the door. Never seen such a strange kind of lock before. Now you have to push the buttons in a correct order to open the lock. What order may this be? Well the answer to that question is that there are two ways to solve this puzzle. One way is the hard way and another way is the simple way. Iíll give you both.

The simple way: 
Notice that the fifth button has a green line. Actually itís the button with the snail shell. This happens to be the first statue in the maze. Now this canít be a coincidence of course. So press that button first. Now look at the image thatís on the back side of this button. Press the button that has the same image at the front. Do this with all the other buttons.

The hard way: 
Notice that the images on the buttons correspondent with the statues in the maze. Remember that in the maze there are 7 statues. Also notice that there are 4 statues at the left side of the maze and 3 at the right side. The once on the right side I numbered 1, 2, 3 and 4 from bottom to top. The once on the left side I numbered 5, 6 and 7 from top till bottom. The order to press the buttons simply is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. So just press:

snail shell 
the dark sun 
the moon face 
the half moon with the dark part 
the bright sun 
the closed shell (looks like a butterfly)

In other uhhhh... words, the correct order of the buttons is: 5, 2, 7, 6, 3, 1 and 4.

Sometimes things can be so easy

After that open the door and step inside. Lots of boxes! Go to the second floor by using one of the elevators or the ladder. Lots of boxes too! Search them all to find one detonator. Now go downstairs and find the box of explosives. Examine the box. One thing is for sure, you canít just take it with you. Attach the delivering note you took from the box at Hapacomís. Head back for the elevator and go to Hapacom. Enter the front door. Look around and notice the box of explosives. Now that is a swift delivery!

Your mail has arrived

Open the box and get the explosives. Now youíre about to turn yourself into a... sex bomb. How? Simply attach the explosives to your bra and attach the detonator to the bra. Examine the bra. Leave the building and enter your car. Go to Chemtron. Be sure to have your ether along. Walk towards the door and use your security card 1 on the slot at the left of the door. Walk towards the door and open it. Surprise! Two electronic dogs are guarding the place. Save your game and enter the place if you want to see whatís happening. Hmmm... those doggies do a fine job! Now you have to find a way to get rid of these ferocious beasts.

Ferocious fee

Go back to your car and go to Dendrinouís house. Enter the room with the swimming pool. Stand on the side of the swimming pool. Fill your syringe with water from the pool. Examine the syringe. Hey... you almost emptied the whole pool! Combine the filled syringe with the swimming duck. It looks a little pale right now.

Head back for Chemtron now. Use the Chemtron security card 1 at the slot next to the door. Open the door. Wait until one of the dogs is passing by. Quickly throw the swimming duck over the dog. The dogs immediate attack the swimming duck as they did you before. Poor bastards... But what the hack, they were only electronically.

Finally got them...

Walk towards the next door. Use the Chemtron security card 2 on the slot and open the door. Walk passed the next building and use the security card 1 on the next slot. Open the door and step inside. Look at all those Joyland boxes. That sure is a lot of stuff. The only thing is it is surrounded by a force field so you canít grab it. Walk passed the boxes.

Besides the left pile of boxes youíll find one box standing free. Open it. Darn... no Joyland inside of it. In stead of that just containers. Get one of the blue containers. If you want to examine it, save your game first!!! Look around and see that thereís some sort of office up there. At the backside youíll see that one of the windows is opened a little bit.

Notice the window at the right side

Walk towards that window and look up. There sure is something laying on the window pane. Notice that there are three steel beams at this side of the office. Walk towards the middle beam and climb it up. Take the item from the window pane. Youíll be witness how Tony gets beaten up by the two men. Examine the item to find out that itís a wire cutter.

Climb up here

Climb down the beam. Exit the room. When you pass the front door, go to the left and enter the little alley at the left. After some steps your way will be blocked by a fence. Cut it open with your wire cutter. Tie the explosive bra to the pole in front of you. Hurry to the far right corner of the fence the shell for the blasting bra. Believe me this bra really is breathtaking.

What a bra can do...

Climb up the pole until you reach the vent. Open the lid of the vent with your screw driver. Step on the opened lid. Enter the vent and go until you canít go any further. Open the part of the vent beneath you. Jump down and youíll set Tony free by waking him up with the ether. Walk towards the desk and open the right drawer. Take the note and examine it in inventory. Now you know where mister Saidi is staying. Open the door and head for you car.

Let's head for...

...part 7

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