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Open the gate and walk towards the futuristic building. Climb up the first stairs. Open the door and enter the building. So donít climb down the stairs at the opposite side. Turn to the left and walk towards the cabinet with the nail polishing girl. You ask her for the professor. Alas, it seems that everybody is on holidays for a week. And you have to go back to the future the same day!

Talk to her again and approach her friendly. Talk to her once more. Now scrounge a cigarette. Walk through the corridor and find yourself the statue with the owl. Simply kick the statue. It makes the owl falling down. Pick up the owlís eye thatís lying on the ground. Now go outside the building and find yourself a bright spot.

One of the many bright spots outside

Use the owlís eye on the cigarette. With the burning cigarette enter the building again. Find a place where the girl canít see you. Examine the ceiling. Hey... arenít that sprinklers??? Use your cigarette on one of the sprinklers.

Nice... sprinklers!

Go back to the girlís empty cabinet. Open the glass door and step inside. Turn on the computer. To choose one of the options just type in the number. So to see the access codes just type 2 and press execute. Note the codes of the mainframe door and the teacherís file access code!

Some valuable access codes

Now walk around the corridor to find Class H. Itís at the very end of the corridor of course. The door knob actually is a code lock. So... donít touch it before you know what to do. Remember the code you just found 32764. You can rotate this door knob to the right and to the left. This is the correct order to turn the knob: three times to the right, two times to the left, seven times to the right, six times to the left and four times to the right. After that you hear the delicate sound of an unlocking door.

Open the door and step inside. In the middle of the room youíll find the mainframe. You hardly canít overlook it. Turn on the mainframe. Itís asking for a code... Remember itís alltogether. After you entered this code choose 2 to find where professor Prokopiou hangs around. Go to the whiteboard and pick up the black marker. Go to the plotter and grab the piece of paper. Combine the black marker with the piece of paper. Study it in your inventory.

Nice sign

Now leave the building and head for the metro. Open the double doors to meet the professor. After you meet him tell him a pack of lies. After that continue undaunted. Now you will be taken to his house. When the conversation is over, get the brown wooden box from the cupboardís drawer. Turn to the right and examine the big painting thatís hanging on the wall. Turn to the right and open the door to the bedroom. Enter the bedroom.

From the left nightstand get the note and read it. From the right nightstand get the portable floppy drive. From the table against the wall get the sleeping cap. At that time the professor receives a less pleasant fax. Now youíre back in the living room. Open the door to the study. Walk towards the desk with the computer. Open the drawer at the right side. Get the floppy disk.

From the drawer at the left get the ruler. Now go and stand in front of the cupboard filled with books and bottles. Walk backwards until youíre standing in the door opening to the living room. When you have a closer look at the cupboard, youíll notice that thereís something laying on top of it! But now you discovered it the question of course is... how to get it!

It took me some time to find the bottle on top of the cupboard...

Walk towards the filling cabinet. You are going to use it as some kind of... ladder. Open the bottom drawer at the right. While standing in front of the drawer step on it. Now open the left second drawer from bottom. Step on that one. Be careful not to step down! Now open the drawer next to you and carefully step on that one. Now look on top of the cupboard to discover a bottle. But hey... you canít reach it! Thatís where the ruler comes in handy. Use the ruler on the bottle. Gotya! Now you can step down the drawer.

Grab the bottle

Combine the bottle with the sleeping cap. Walk towards the big painting in the living room. Use the soaked sleeping cap on the painting. Have a look at the right top of the painting. It revealed a hidden code. Hmmm... red, green, blue, black and pink. Hey... havenít you seen these colors before? Thatís right in the filing cabinet you can find these colors. Does this mean that you have to start poking around in all those files? Thank God no!

The hidden code

Walk back to the desk with the computer. Attach the floppy drive to the computer. Insert the floppy into that drive. Turn on the computer. Itís asking for a code. Enter the code rgbbp and press verify. I guess you can figure out how you found this code... Study all files. After that copy everything to your floppy. Take the floppy from the drive. In your inventory put the piece of paper and the floppy into the wooden box. After that use the strange device in your inventory to get you back to... present future time.

Walk to your laptop and insert your Vid Phone card. Use the Vid Phone and call Pekas. Question him about all you can. After that hang up. Pick up some of your stuff lying around and be sure to get your boom lighter. Walk towards the door of your apartment. Pick up the piece of paper. Examine it in your inventory. Hey... itís blanc! But not for long! Use your lighter with this piece of paper. Youíll read a hidden message of Rania. It tells you to meet with her at the Asteroid Kritias. Remember the code 522. Examine the note once more. Head for the elevator. Go to Jennyís apartment.

Enter the living room and walk towards the brown wooden box on the cupboard. Open the box and pick up the note and the floppy disk. Examine the note and the floppy. The floppy seems to be contaminated with a virus! Leave the building and go to the Space Station. Great view into Orbit! In the maze find your way to the building where youíll meet Rania. When you are standing in front of this house youíll see a code lock at the left side. Enter the code 522.

The lock set into the correct combination

Open the door and step on the elevator. Push the button to go up. You finally meet Rania again. Sheís telling you a great story. She also tells you to go to Iphestos Bar to meet Tony. When your conversation with Rania is over, push the button to go down. Step outside. Find the swimming pool at the back of the house. Jump into the water and get yourself the screwdriver thatís lying on the bottom.

Now you can walk around the maze. Notice that there are 7 statues standing in the maze. They all have a different symbol on top. You can use the spot of each and every statue later in the game to open a strange lock. Make a note on which position every statue is standing.

Now that's a room with a view

When you did that, find your way back to the elevator. Go to Iphestos Bar as Rania told you. Talk to Bloody Mary. Be explanatory to her. Ask her about Tony. She tells you that he has been passing by. But he left you a note. If you like you can ask her about the other options too. It's always nice speaking to her. In inventory read the note. It only has a telephone number. So go home and dial the number 23465789000.

It seems you have a message on your answering machine. So use your laptop once more and look at your Answering Machine. Listen to the message Tony left behind. He tells you to meet him behind the Bar Pallatino. Before you go there make sure to bring along the pepper spray, the GPS receiver, the GPS transmitter and all of the six packages of chewing gum!!! Now go there. 

Let's head for...

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