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You will be taken to your apartment. You finally give Nionios the vitamins. Look and hear now who is entering your place. Lovely Anita! What kind of a performance... No wonder Nick is in love with the lady. When you finally start conversation with her you are startled of course. After that you canít wait to tell her the eternal love you feel for her. She's telling you that she didn't just come to see you. She wants you to help her. She also tells you that professor Propikiou isn't well. She even doesn't know if he's only sick or may be dead.

She's also telling that her brother has been dealing a lot with Bioco lately. Nick interferes by asking her if she means Chemtron. She never heard of that company before. She tells you that if you want to check out Bioco you have to use the password destro32. She saw her brother using that password. When Anita has gone, turn on your laptop. Choose Files. Type Chemtron. When you are prompted for a password enter destro32 and press verify. Execute file number 3 to find out that there is a connection between Detronics, Chemtron, Argiriou, Polemis and Bioco.

When you are finished with that you first call Pekas. He gives you some vital information. Hang up and donít forget to take your Vid Phone card!!! Head for the elevator. But donít enter it yet. In stead of that turn around and enter the opposite corridor. Move the door mat. Look what we found here. A photographic magazine. Study it in inventory. Letís cut it to pieces straight away. So use the pair of scissors on the magazine. After that use the cello tape on the red P. Now youíre ready to enter the elevator. Go to Hotel Plaza.

Look what we found here

Although you found out that Saidi is staying at the hotel, you still donít know the room where heís staying at. Talk to the girl behind the desk. Hey itís still that same helpful lady you talked before. First you speak indifferently. Then you ask for the certain room using the tried/trusted method. There you go! Now you know the room in which Saidi is staying. Getting in there is something else I can tell you. Open the door of the elevator. You better save your game now. Turn to the left and see whatís happening. A real pain in the ass this cleaning lady. You surely liked to vacuum her. Because itís not that simple to get passed her we have to find another way around her. Load your saved game.

A tough lady


This time turn to the right and walk till the end of the corridor. Open the fire box. Get yourself one fire extinguisher. Now find room 763. Hey... thatís not Saidiís room you think. Correct. Thatís for later. Open the door and enter the room. From the left lockers you pick up the tie. Open the right locker against the back wall. Thereís a nice uniform waiting for you. Attach the tie to the uniform. Hey... nothingís happening. Well youíre not quiet finished yet. Attach the red P to the uniform and... off you go.

Turn around and walk to the vacuum cleaner. Open the lid and get the card to Saidi's room. Now use this card at the slot of room 762 to enter Saidiís room. Study the room to get an idea how hotel rooms can look. I surely never seen them this luxury like this before...

For your next mission you must have at least 10 empty slots in your inventory. To accomplish that just throw some of your things on the floor. Step behind the bar near the front door. You can do this by climbing one of the stools. Open the fridge. Hmmm... only pieces of paper? Yep, but very very important! Take all 8 of them.

Close the fridge and find another piece of paper on the floor at the right side of the fridge. So that makes 9. Now you have to get back from the bar. To do this stand with your back against the bar and walk backwards. You have to find one other tiny piece of paper. Walk to the right side of the bar. Look at the floor and when you look carefully enough youíll find the tenth piece of paper. Now have a look at the new made note in your inventory.

The last piece of paper

Well then, you just in time managed to find out where the Joyland is stored before shipment. That is if you are quick enough to call Pekas. Walk to the desk at the other end of the room. Put your Vid Phone card into the monitor and give Pekas a call (55568374639). Phew... just in time! Get your Vid Phone card from the monitor. Donít forget to get back your items you threw on the floor! Exit the room and go to Detronics. Open the elevator and step outside. Only locked doors! Now what? Walk around and find the crashed window. Use the unblocker on the crashed glass.

The crashed window with the unblocker

Use the ring on the window. Enter the window. Walk straight ahead and find the cupboard at the right side. Open it and get the card. It isnít just another card but the card to the presidentís room! Climb out of the window and find the appropriate door. Save your game here! Use the card at the slot and enter the room. Hold it right there!!! Walk towards the seats at the left side. But donít pass the first seat!!! Look down the wall to discover the little red light just above the floor. Great... the place is secured by laser lights. Now what? Use your talc on the laser.

Be careful with that laser

Walk towards the desk. Hey... a photo of Anita. Curious as always you try to pick it up. That reveals Dimitriís safe. Have a look at the safe. It is secured by hand recognizing. Now we have a real problem, donít we? Where could we ever find a handprint of Dimitri? Remember that big cigar heís always smoking! Use your prepared glove on the ashtray. Smoking really can be bad :o) Now use the glove at the hand sign on the safe. Open the safe. Pick up the red diary. Also study the label at the back inside the safe. Note the numbers that are written on the label. 

Notice the numbers on the label at the back

Return to the desk and use the monitor. Great... that nearly was fatal! Itís good you brought that bottle of green liquid of antidote... When you come around Anita will rescue you. That is... you still are in prison. Open the door of the elevator and hold it right there!!! Save your game here. You surely gonna die once or twice. These patrolling robots will get you. Walk around the prison and watch that all cells are guarded by lasers. You have to turn down the laser at all cells. You can do this by pressing the green button next to every cell. In the cells you can safely hide for those %$#&* robots. In one of the cells youíll find professor Prokopiou. Set him free of course. 

Wake up professor!

Now walk into the cell at your left side. Click on the bed. Turn to the left and enter the hidden room. Use your card on the slot to go down. Walk till the end of the corridor to find two servers. On top of them thereís a floppy drive.

The servers with the floppy drive


Remember your floppy thatís infected with this nasty virus that destroys all contents of hard drives. Put that floppy into the drive. Now watch how this virus does itís job. All screens are turning into the well known blue windows screen! So at that time we are still hooked up with that kind of operating systems!?!?!?!

The virus did it's job

Now you can walk through the prison without being killed by those robots. Find your way back to the elevator. Enter the elevator and press the buttons. Say some nasty words to this low life Dimitri. After that youíll be taken to his place. Use the fire extinguisher on the burning fire place. Look up into the chimney. Watch closely to see that one of the bricks is sticking out. Push that brick.

It's hard to see but there is a brick sticking out...

Quickly turn your face into the direction of the room and climb the ladder to the platform that has come down from the ceiling. If you arenít quick enough, just press the brick once more. While you are standing on the platform wait until it takes you up. Walk towards the closed door. Notice the strange lock at the right side of this door. Number the buttons from the left till the right as 0 up to 9. The code you need to open this door is the first part of the number you saw at the label at the back of Dimitriís safe. So that is 38014. Press the buttons in that order. After that youíll hear the door unlock. Open the door and enter the room. 

The correct order to push the buttons

Walk to the box thatís standing on the floor. Open it and take the strange shaped key and the piece of paper with Glory written on it. Study the key and the piece of paper. Now have a close look at the box thatís standing on the shelf. At the left side youíll see a cd sticking under the box. Get the cd. Leave the room and push the red button to take yourself down. Exit the house and go to Gloriaís apartment. 

The hidden cd at the left side of the box

Use the key at the slot next to the door. When you come around talk to Gloria. Be off the theme. Question her about Dimitri Argiriou. She will give you a disk and a cd. Close the conversation and youíll be taken back to your place. Put the floppy into your laptop. The correct pass word is Glory.

The content of the floppy disk Gloria gave you

Insert the cd you got from Gloria. Hmmm... it seems to be the wrong cd! It only contains Greatest Hits. You donít only hate this kind of cds but it wonít help you any further also. Head back for Gloriaís apartment once more. Enter the room and walk towards the stereo at the right side of the room. Open the cd player and get the correct cd. 

The correct cd

Return to your apartment. When you arrive there Thanos Pekas and Anita are waiting for you. Now you have the full story. So you hardly canít wait to show them what youíve found. When you are asked for a code you remember the last part of the code you found on the label at the back in Dimitriís safe. So enter 56729 and execute...

Goodbye my friend. Hopefully we'll meet again soon in a new adventure...

The end alas...

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