A First Look by flotsam

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I am about 90 minutes of playing time in and am liking this a lot.

A hand-painted castle full of rooms and ladders and all sorts of other things is brought to life by a rumbling and a shaking and then your own exploration.

To date, it is an exercise in exploring the castle, although the avian creatures observed in rooms and spaces and through cracks in the floor suggest a bigger issue. As does the large creature seemingly climbing around outside.

Neither of those things have as yet provided an obstacle. The metal dogs however and the floating tentacled blobs are a different thing.

Both of those things will kill you, and moving through the castle involves working out how to avoid them, use them, manipulate them and rely upon them. While that might sound a little bit actiony for adventure players, it really isn't.

In every location, you can ponder what to do and how to do it. There are things in the environment to manipulate, lights and gates among them, and things to utilise in your favour, including pressure plates and the blobs and dogs themselves. So far, wherever I enter the scene I can spend as much time as I like pondering the bits and pieces in front of me, without danger. Once you work out the way the environment works, you can do lots of fiddling to see what might or might not work without fearing for your life.

Eventually you will have to put a plan into action, and there is a bit of timing involved (e.g. climb that ladder and get to the pressure plate before the blob arrives). But it is reasonably gentle so far, with a decent margin for error, and you are far more likely to fail because of the wrong approach than a timing deficiency.

How the environment works is part of the puzzling so I will say no more.

It looks amazing, sounds good, and there is no dialogue, spoken or read. Like other products from this company, words are the least of the endeavour.

It plays exclusively with the keyboard, moving up down left and right, and interacting with the space key. It saves generously as you go, and if you die it returns you prior to the fatal encounter.

I appreciate a number of those things wont be for many adventure players, but the environmental puzzling warrants your consideration. And if you like these sorts of games, there is a heap to like here.