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Meet Disciple Leo, on his way to a forsaken world at the edge of the Cosmos to capture a renegade disciple who has acted against whatever sort of school this is. It isn't something that Leo is relishing, but according to the big giant head that has summoned him it is that or banishment on account of his pitiful grades and general uselessness. The mission offers a chance at redemption.

At least he isn't on his own, having been teamed up with three equally as lazy and useless disciples. Helpfully perhaps, each has a special ability; Leo's is to breathe underwater, the other's are as yet unknown.

I was a little apprehensive at first, largely a product of the self confessed occasional "juvenile banter" and the potential frat-boy feel about the starting exchange, but it hasn't been that way across the 40 minutes or so that I have played. That vibe is still there, but it's just another part of a bigger, broader 2D canvass of vividly colourful strangeness.

The retro feel is immediately apparent in the side scrolling pixel art environments. In keeping with that feel, it's point and click all the way, and you collect and use all sorts of odd items in all sorts of odd ways. The inventory ribbon sits bottom of screen and hovering your triangular 'pointer' over an item will give you a brief description of what it is. Click on items to then use them in the game world, and click on things in the game world to perhaps interact or talk with them or just make a suitable observation.

Whether he is engaged in a conversation or just making observations, a large animated portrait of Leo will pop up, and the same will occur when someone else is talking. Voices are a mixed bag, but Leo is fine. A suitably retro musical score accompanies things. You can save at will and load any save when you commence or just choose continue.

I still haven't found out my companion's abilities (I haven't even located the whereabouts of one of them) but I have used Leo's to walk blithely around the sea bed to accomplish a plethora of things. Just now I made a beached fish throw up, gathered some mollusk mucus, and am wondering what to do with the fossil I found. I look forward to working it out.

Once again, weeds are my life!