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Remember the Vaporarium where Bill Mexler and Ms. Grace Thermon had their nice little conversation about bottling sparkling spring water? Well, head for the Vaporarium and we’ll figure out Mexler’s room code! Once you enter the Vaporarium, click on the fountain again.

Listen and refresh your memory about their conversation. When the conversation is over, did you find anything interesting? Turn to the left and go into the MUD ROOM. Click on his royal flusher and watch him get seasick. When you’ve done this, you should find something interesting in the bowl! Use that item on his locker against the wall! Ah Ha...his room code, perhaps? [see picture below]


Bingo, again! Must be his room code! Take off for Mexler’s room and try entering that code on his door!
Move forward into the room and click on his bed and watch! Turn right and examine the items on his dresser:

A. Stamp machine and trash can
B. letter on the far left side of the dresser
C. inside the dresser drawer:

  1. locket
  2. carousel
  3. dice
  4. Sharkey’s marked playing cards
  5. Honus Wagner card
  6. Mexler’s cards

D. box with the spade on the top.

Before leaving Mexler’s room, why not check out his royal flusher! Get to Level 4 in any elevator you wish. Once again, head for the Sanitorium and the Neurographicon pods. [insert disc 3 again].

Again, this is a good time to save your game, and perhaps call it: MEXLER so that you can more easily and conveniently return to his “dream world” any time.


You begin your dream in Mexler’s carnival standing in front of Madame Lucinda’s Fortune Telling cart. This is where you will return after solving each of the three puzzles in his dream.

Begin by turning all the way around and click on the organ by the Merry-go-round ride. Play the organ, if you’d like, but the variety of songs is very limited! Notice the 6 colored balls up above the organ keys and the knobs just below the colored balls. Back off the organ one time and take note of the carousel horses on the organ. Move to the Horse Racing game booth. Notice the colors and horse names on the bet board. No money in your pocket? No problem. Click on the starter’s pistol in the top right of the board. Enjoy the race, and Good luck! Your winning ticket is below.


Now return to the carousel organ. Zoom in on the organ. Using your winning race ticket, grab and pull each of the knobs below the colored balls according to the race results.


Play the organ!
Take the Queen of Hearts to Madame Lucinda. One puzzle down, and two to go!
Ready for some fun? How about the Fun House?

Turn left from Madame Lucinda’s cart and move to the Fun House. Enter. Be sure and pay attention to the show and the sequence of events in the show. Quiz to follow! When the show is over, move forward towards the Ferris Wheel 2 times. Turn right so that you are standing in front of the King Colossus banner and zoom in on the 2 trash cans. Cute rat, huh? More on that pesky rat later! You might as well take a ride on the Ferris Wheel as long as you’re over here on this side of the carnival.

Now move towards the wagon with wheels and go up the steps. Examine each of the 3 freak show exhibits but pay close attention to the World’s Dumbest Man exhibit in the middle. This is an extremely valuable clue in solving one of the more difficult puzzles in this particular dream/illusion world. With that in mind, exit the trailer and notice the piece of paper on the ground [see picture below].


This, too, is a very important clue in solving our next puzzle. Shift all the way around to the right of Madame Lucinda’s cart and notice the Beula - The Fat Lady Banner. Move right and test your skills on the “What Kind Of Man Are You?” game. Well? How’d you do? [picture of my efforts below!]


Move right and then forward 2 times. Turn left at the “What A Lady” sign and click on the trash can. There’s that pesky rat again! Little critter sure does get around, huh? Now it’s time to move to Beula’s Weight Guessing booth. Be sure to have a paper and pencil handy. You’ll need to do some calculations to get this one right! Let’s review our notes, shall we?


  1. Each Taboopie coin weighs 4 ounces.
  2. 16 ounces = 1 lb
  3. It takes 4 average men to carry the King and an average man [according to the strength game] can hit 75 lbs.
  4. 500 Taboopie coins are in the bag with King Colossus on the scale that balances the weight with Beula from the banner.


Enter the weight on the machine in the middle and pull down the lever. Place the Queen of Diamonds in Madame Lucinda’s booth. Two down and one puzzle to go in Mexler’s dream. Take a break and have some fun. After all, you are at a Carnival! Ride the Merry-go-round, and the Ferris Wheel to release the stress before tackling the final puzzle.

Remember those 2 trash cans by the King Colossus sign? Return there. Uh oh - now we’re behind the Carnival gates. You might as well snoop into Beluga’s trailer. When you’re finished looking through her things [embarrassed yet?], turn right and head for the Stage Door. Enter. Pull down the circuit breaker switch and get ready to run the show. By grasping the knot on each of the 5 pulleys and by pulling it down, the curtains will open and you’ll see which pulley operates which scene of the Fun House. The object of this final puzzle is quite simple. Repeat the exact order or sequence of events in the Fun House Show [spoiler below].


Put letters by each of the pulleys, beginning with A-E

Pull E, C, A, B, and D

Bingo, another card. The Queen of Clubs. Give it to Lucinda and return to the Neurographicon lab.

XIII. GATHERING MORE CLUES for our next dream:

Enter the elevator and make you way to Level 3. Remember the video sequence we saw just outside the theater in one of the four motion picture machines? Let’s refresh our memory on Dr. Malherbe and the ingredients for the serum. Watch carefully, the “Sketches of Indonesia”. According to the news footage, Dr. Malherbe states that the first ingredient is the Black Orchid, the second ingredient is the Valley Orchid and one other secret ingredient are used to make this serum. Refer back to the Atrium photo and notice what the Black Orchid and the Valley Orchid represent [see picture below].


Since all personalized serums are prepared in the Herbal Lab, let’s return there. We’re going to use the process of elimination to find the 3rd mysterious ingredient. Use the diagram above while looking at the formulas in the lab on the wall. Remember the FROG on the tray and also Malherbe's unsuccessful attempt at catching a frog in the Atrium? We know the following:

  1. There are 12 ingredients listed on the wall [6 on each side of the machine]. However, on the Atrium diagram, there are only 8 different plants shown. Which three of the ingredients in the Herbal Lab are NOT listed on the Atrium diagram? We know they are FIRE, HEAVEN, and ICE, so we can eliminate those, first.
  2. We know that the first two ingredients for the serum are the Black Orchid and the Valley Orchid which represent Death and Soul. We’ll need those two ingredients so eliminate those 2 as the possible 3rd ingredient.

Let’s get started: Push Death, then Soul and Light. Anything happen?

EARTH = frog is an amphibian, hence the amphibian tank on the map in the Atrium = Earth.
Bingo, this just might be Dr. Malherbe’s room code. [see picture below!]


Try the code: 411 on Malherbe’s door.

Enter Malherbe’s room and examine everything. Nice room, huh? Examine the black notebook on his desk. Zoom in on the top of the page. What’s that? Could that be Claire Moon’s room code? [see picture below]


Now look at the box on his desk. No serum. Time to move on to our new clue.


Look at both items on the night stands by her bed. Then move to the mirrored dresser. Zoom in. Who’s this? Must be beautiful Claire. Read and listen to her diary. The final entry is a very important clue for later in the game. No serum box on her dresser! Now what? There’s still one more guest whose room we’ve yet to see. Let’s gather clues for Grace Thermon’s room code.


Use the doors on either side of the foyer outside the theater to go downstairs. Head for the Uranium basement by using the Solar Voltaic Circuit button on the right. Enter the mobile control unit and push the button on the right to raise the ladder. Go down the ladder and move left 3 times. Notice the work order? [see picture below].


Exit the Uranium basement, the mobile control unit and the 4th floor by using the stairs on either side. Head for the Vaporarium and the fountain water. Click forward beyond the fountain and notice the 3 doors. Pay particular attention to the doors and the colors the represent each door.

(aqua/teal color) (brown/orange) (purple/violet)

Also be aware that you can adjust the temperatures for each door. Now turn around and face the fountain.

Click on each colored section and watch carefully. Each colored section is representative of the Vaporarium control units on the doors behind you. The aqua/teal button spouts water from the Frigidarium from only the middle spout. The brown/orange button spouts water from the Vaporarium and all 3 spouts. Finally, the purple/violet button spouts water from the Tepidarium from the first and 3rd spouts. So with this information,
we know that:

    A) The Vaporarium is 3 times hotter than the Frigidarium.
    B) The Tepidarium is 2 times as hot as the Frigidarium.
    C) The clue in the Uranium furnace gives the total temperature of 240 degrees.
    D) Ratios will be used in figuring his information and the temperature settings.


    240 = total
    240 = x + 2x + 3x
    x = 40
    240 = 40 + 2(40) + 3(40)
    240 = 40 + 80 + 120
    Turn around and adjust each of the door Thermal Lock temperatures as follows:
    Frigidarium = 40 degrees
    Vaporarium = 120 degrees
    Tepidarium = 80 degrees

Now Grace Thermon’s door code would read 244 [my very special thanks for this clue which comes from Julie at Soap Bubble Productions]. The clue that I used to solve this puzzle was the crab on the bench outside the ship on the deck. Remember that clue? [picture below: CRAB]


The crab has 4 legs on either side, and 2 large claws in the front. The 2 large claws represent the 100th digit of Thermons code and the 4 legs on either side represented the remaining numbers.

Exit the Vaporarium and go to Grace Thermons door.

Turn left inside Thermons room and click on the crate near the corner. Now move to the closet and notice the ape designs on the doors. Turn right and zoom in on the bible that is on the night stand. Read the letter. Move towards the door, turn around and click on the blue hat box on the floor, and then on the doll inside the box.

So, it appears that Ms. Grace isn’t quite the Goodwill Samaritan she claims to be! Finally, turn and click on the box with the fire symbol on it Grab the serum bottle and head down to the Neurographicon machine on Level 4 via the elevator. Insert disc 3 when going down the spiral stairs. Enter the usual pod and place the serum bottle
in the fire receptacle. Happy Travels!


Nice cottage by the seashore, huh? Remember this location as you will return here each time you solve a puzzle in her world. Go on in and look around. Don’t be afraid!

Turn left and head down the beach, and across the bridge. At the big boulders, turn left and then head down the pathway closest to the shoreline. Turn left just a little and zoom in on the Cemetery [see CEMETERY picture below].


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Good luck, and enjoy the rest of the game. It gets really good from here!

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