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Level 1: Back to School


Harry has to rescue Ron

[1.1] The boys are thrown out of the car. Harry wakes up and hears Ron crying for help. He is squeezed tight by a branch of the giant tree.

Over here Harry, the Whomping Willow’s got me!

Don’t worry, Ron – I’ll come and get you! Just hold on!


Turn around and walk towards the green grown wall. Turn to the right and you'll see some huge willow branches on the ground. Walk that way.

Run under the “angry” willow branch and turn left in the opening. You are instructed of how to cast Alomohora on the chest. Many of these chests contain “Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans” and sometimes also a Wizard Card.

Aim on the chest until you see some kind of key hole. Walk to the beans to get them into your inventory.

Harry’s first chest

Turn to the right and climb up the stairs. Walk towards the statue in the niche in the wall.

I can use this Gargoyle as a target to activate the Lumos Spell, says Harry. Aim on the statue until you see a half moon.

The Lumos spell opens an entrance to your right. Go passed the entrance. There you’ll see a Save Book. Walk into the Book to save the current state of your game.

Harry’s first Save Book


When Harry faints (Harry is an immortal Wizard and doesn’t die in this game: he just faints) your game will automatically revert to the point where and when you last touched a Save Book. Also when you exit your game and start up again, your game will we loaded from this point.

[1.2] This number between brackets [ ] indicates a new save game: level 1, save game #2 (the game may be automatically saved).

Cast Flipendo on the big statue in the fountain and grab some Beans. Walk through the corridor next to the fountain. You’ll end up between the willow’s branches from another side. Cast Flipendo on the block and it will move to the wall. Jump and go to the next section where another “angry” branch is going up and down. Sneak under it. Cast Alohomora on a chest against the wall to extract a Frog. Chocolate Frogs replenish some of Harry’s stamina. They also taste delicious!  So be sure to get it. Next to the chest there's a colored section in the wall. Alohomora can open up magically locked objects such as chests and secret doors.

A secret door with a chest


Enter the cave and cast Alohomora on the Chest. You’ll get more colored Beans. One more “angry” root to pass. Good job, Harry! Now, see if you can cast Flipendo on this branch to get it off Ron! That will free him.



But the Anglia takes off! Ron’s father won’t like that! Enter the new opening in the wall and follow Ron. Inside cast Lumos on the new Gargoyle. That will reveal a hidden ledge to jump on. Proceed to the SB.


Finding the way to the Castle

[1.3] Harry enters a polygonal room where he must collect all the Beans by jumping the ledges. Of course snatch the chocolate frog! 

I should collect as many as I can, they’ll come in handy later.


Jump down and cast Flipendo on the central block and it will move against the ledge where Ron is standing. Hop over and follow Ron. Turn left and cast Lumos on a Gargoyle. That will open an entrance where you’ll notice a Flipendo Sign. Cast a Spell and a staircase will rise. To your right of the grilled door is a niche. Cast Alohomora and release a chest.

A secret chest


Cast Alohomora on the chest to find more Beans. Find your first bronze Wizard Card # 7: Hesper Starkey 1881-1973, Witch. There are 50 of these scattered throughout Hogwarts. Each time you collect 10 new bronze cards, you are given a permanent stamina increase!

Harry finds his first bronze Wizard card!


Check the menu for Folio Magi and look at the Wizard Cards you’ve collected thus far. Cast Flipendo twice on each of the two iron soldiers for more Beans. Follow Ron to the Castle.

Jump down here


First go right of the Dragon Statue and open a chest. Further on two doors are locked. Left of the Statue another door is locked.

Follow Ron and turn around. Cast Flipendo twice on the Dragon's face and get more Beans. Don't enter the castle for now, but turn left and go down the stairs.

Follow Ron but don’t enter the door yet. Turn left and go down the stairs. Open the chest and return, turn left. You’ll notice a Wizard Card which is not available yet. Turn left and cast Alohomora on a wall plate. Enter and grab all Beans. Open a chest for more Beans. Return and proceed to the other side of the Castle’s entrance and open another chest. Go to the entrance where Ron is waiting and enter the Castle.


Inside Hogwarts

The Gryffindor dormitory is just over here to the right, Remember? Says Ron.

The central Hall and the grand staircase.


Go left of the staircase and open a chest casting Alohomora. Walk up the stairs. You can’t reach the ledge between the two harnesses for now. There is a sign on the floor: a future Spell. Climb up the stairs. Cast Flipendo twice on each of the Harnesses and get all the Beans you can. Go and explore all the passages.

Examine the map!


There are entrances on both sides of the catwalk on the second floor. The entrance to the left (facing the harnesses) has a spot on the wall. Cast Alohomora and enter a secret room with a green acid on the floor. Avoid the acid an grab the Beans. If you touch the green acid, it will cost you some of your health! Proceed to the left passage and look for a mirror on the wall. Alomohora!

A secret room behind the mirror


Inside, turn right, find Beans and open a chest. Go out, turn right past the staircase and cast Flipendo thrice on a Statue for more Beans (it will start laughing!). Turn right, follow the stairs, and turn left. Cast flipendo on the other Statue and it will retreat. Step on the stone in front of it and a door will slide open.

A secret Room behind the statue


Enter a room with a chest and a pot which you can’t use for now. Open the chest and find the silver Wizard card # 13: Andros the Invincible, Ancient Greek. Go straight past the statue, turn left and follow Ron to the spiral staircase.

Finally there’s the Portrait of the Pink Lady. Give her the password and let’s go to bed, says Harry. Hermione arrives: I heard the most incredible story about you two getting expelled over a flying car... the password is WATTLEBIRD. That will open the door!!

The Lady portrait is actually a secret door to the Common Room


Two fellows arrive and tell our friends they should hear about the bean trading system they’ve set up. It’s based on Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans. If you have enough Beans you may occasionally trade them for a rare item!

Once inside the Common Room, Harry is greeted by the cheers of his fellows Gryffindors. Harry and Ron became Gryffindor heroes due to their little accident with the Whomping Willow. Harry slept well that night and looked forward to his first day at Hogwarts.


Next morning

[1.4] Meet Hermione.

It’s time for our Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson with Professor Lockhart


Don’t follow Hermione yet all the way to the 3rd floor where the lesson will be given. In stead of that climb up the stairs in front of you. In the next passage you'll see a little fellow climbing up the stairs to the right. Standing in front of a closed door he is waving at you. Follow this little fellow through the opening door. You arrive in the hall with the many portraits.

Walk to the stairs leading down at the right. Your class mates are calling you to come up. Don.t pay attention to that yet. Walk down the stairs. Downstairs some of the kids are offering you to trade BB Beans. Don't trade them yet because Harry doesn't have enough of them yet to trade.

Walk towards the chest in the right corner of the room. Cast the Alomohora spell on the chest to get the bronze Wizard Card #51:Ethelred the Ever-Ready, Medieval dates unknown. Then walk to the left corner and use the Savebook... 

Go to the Save Book

So... let's