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Level 11: Gold Rush


The Infirmary

[11.1] Harry is standing on the balcony of the 4th floor in the Hall of Floating Ledges and Ron is waiting on him by the entrance of the Infirmary.

Follow Ron and go visit Hermione who is lying in bed petrified after the attack. I better not let Madam Pomfrey see me.

The boys go stand by the bed.


There’s Hermione. What’s that she’s holding? It’s a note, in her handwriting: “Of the many fearsome beasts and monsters that roam our land, there is none more deadly than the Basilisk, the King of Serpents.”

“This Snake, which may reach gigantic size and live hundreds of years, is born from a chicken’s egg, hatched beneath a toad.”

“Aside from its deadly and venomous fangs, the Basilisk has a horrible stare, and all who are fixed with the beam of its eye shall suffer instant death.”

“Spiders flee before the Basilisk, for it is their mortal enemy. The Basilisk flees only from the crowing of the rooster, which is fatal to it.”

Ron: But how’s the Basilisk been getting around the place? A giant snake? Someone would have seen.

Pipes... Ron, it’s been using the plumbing. I’ve been hearing that voice inside the walls. That girl who died... Aragog said she was found in a Bathroom. What if she never left the Bathroom? What if she’s still there?

Ron: You don’t think --- not Moaning Myrtle? The entrance to the Chamber of Secrets! What if it’s in... Moaning Myrtle’s Bathroom!!

Suddenly a voice is calling: All students are to return to their House dormitories at once. All teachers return to the staff room. Immediately, please! Oh no! Not another attack!

Yes, there had been another attack, the worst one yet. This time someone had disappeared. It was Ginny Weasley! And another message was left on a wall. It said:

“Her skeleton will lie in the Chamber forever”


Hogwarts would surely close now. Professor Lockhart had been given the task of rescuing Ginny, but Ron and Harry were beside themselves with worry. They had to do something. They’re suddenly running down the stairs: Hurry, Harry! We have to save Ginny!

We need to have a plan


Harry: I’ll go to Moaning Myrtle’s Bathroom and try to find the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets.

Ron: And I’ll go find Lockhart. It wouldn’t surprise me if he were trying to sneak out of Hogwarts!


The Chamber with Four Locks

Take the first Staircase and enter the Chamber with Four Locks. Harry has gathered his complete set of 40 silver Wizard Cards and when he approaches the Door with Four Locks the last Lock is also released.

The entrance has fully unlocked



[11.2] Harry enters a Circular Hall full of curtains hiding larger images of gold Wizards.

Make a full circle until you’ll arrive at the exit on your right side featuring a save book. Each time Harry will have captured a gold Wizard Card its living 3D image will be unveiled from behind a curtain in the Circular Hall of gold Wizards.

Harry will be momentarily on a timed mission and should you run out of time, you’ll be starting again from this Circular Hall of Wizards. You will then see in 3D the Wizards on the gold Cards that you have collected so far.

You may then save by the save book once again and this save block will then become block [11.3bis]).

The Circular Hall of gold Wizards

The save book


Now save.

[11.3] Proceed to the red carpet to engage the Gold Rush timer. You’ll get a golden timer in the lower right corner to complete Harry’s goal: collecting 11 gold Wizard Cards! You’ll have to be fast though! You’ll be hearing a clock ticking!

Each gold Card is obtained in small mission. Accomplishing the mission as fast as you can is a must. A number of these actions can be performed in two ways, a regular and a fast way, a kind of short cut so to speak. Finding the short cut is part of the fun in this Level since there are no Secret Rooms.



Regular: Harry will enter a Room with four Fire Crabs each sitting on top of a pillar. Quickly cast Rictusempra on each of them and kick them off their pillars with Flipendo. A bridge will slide in Harry’s direction. Jump to the bridge and run to the gold Card.

Stun the Crabs


Short cut: Jump from the edge to a lower ledge with a Spongify Carpet and cast Spongify on it.

Jump to the Spongified Carpet...

...and up to the gold Card!


Jump and fly straight to your first gold Wizard Card #69: Bertie Bott, 1935-present, Inventor of Beans.

Harry’s first gold Card



Cast Alohomora on the door lock and enter a Tower with an octagonal central pillar. Jump to the floating block, and that will glide upward meeting a new floating block.

Jump to the floating blocks


Jump from block to block till the top of the pillar (note: if you miss a block and should tumble down, climb the ledges and start all over). Seize the second gold Wizard Card #101: Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts.

The Dumbledore gold Card


Cast Diffindo on each of both ropes that are suspending a draw-bridge and cross the bridge.



Cast Diffindo on a spider web on your right. Descend some stairs, and cast Diffindo on a second spider web. On your left is a room with a gold Card above a colored block. When Harry approaches the Card the block will rise.

Damn block!


The block is too high to jump on, so turn back and climb the high steps on either side of the room.

On top of the staircase run and jump to the raised block and capture the third gold Wizard Card #41: Godric Gryffindor, Medieval, dates unknown, Co-founder of Hogwarts. Now the block will lower down. Leave the room from the exit on your right.



You’ll see a cross wheel blocked by a sparkling rope.

Diffindo on the rope


Cast Diffindo on the rope and the grilled door on Harry’s left side will go up. Run down the stairs into a room full of steps with Ectoplasms on top.

Regular: Climb upwards and cast Skurge on some of the blobs that are sitting in your way.

Do not Skurge all the Ectoplasms


There is a gold Card on top of the blocks.

Short cut: Turn right and notice a suspicious looking painting. Cast Alohomora on it and the painting will slide upwards.

The painting seems a panel


Go in, stand on the plate and cast Diffindo on the rope that blocks an elevator.

Release the mechanism


Harry will go up to the second floor. Cast Lumos on the Gargoyle.

Lumos on this Gargoyle...

...will charm this bridge


Now Harry can cross a charmed bridge to the fourth gold Wizard Card #11: Herpo the Foul, Ancient Greek, creator of the Basilisk.



Regular: Go out and on your right you’ll be attacked by two giant Fire Crabs.

Quickly stun each Crab with Rictusempra and pass them by on your run to the gold Card.

Short cut: Don’t bother with stunning the damned Crabs!

Before going in promptly Spongify the Carpet and jump to it. Harry will take a high jump past those Crabs to his fifth gold Wizard Card # 48: Salazar Slytherin, Medieval, Co-founder of Hogwarts.

Charm the Carpet from here…

...and fly to a gold Card



Cast Skurge on the Ectoplasm on your left.

Regular: Run all along the corridor to the gold Card.

Short cut: Enter and cast Alohomora on the floor lock and a hatch will open that unveils a Spongify Carpet.

Cast Spongify and launch Harry all the way to the opposite side where he will earn his sixth gold Wizard Card #72: Helga Hufflepuff, dates unknown, co-founder of Hogwarts.

Flying again!



Turn left and cast Alohomora on the door lock. Inside climb from ledge to ledge until you’ll reach a balcony with another door with a lock. Cast Alohomora on the lock and enter a dark circus with a central pillar. Turn right to a room with a Gargoyle. Cast Lumos on the statue and the circus will turn into a deep tower full of charmed ledges.

The charmed ledges.


Jump down from the ledges and visit an alcove containing your seventh gold Wizard Card #74: Montague Knightley, 1506-1588, Wizard Chess Champion. Continue all the way down from the ledges.



Cast Diffindo on a rope that blocks another cross wheel. That’ll open the door on your left. Go down the stairs, turn right and enter a room with a huge staircase with four blocks carrying Flipendo signs.

These blocks can be pushed to either corner of the step, by casting Flipendo on the side sign.

Initial position of the blocks


Regular: Cast Flipendo on the left side of the floor block. The block will move to the right side and both gates on the first step will open.

Climb from the block to the first step and cast Flipendo on the second block. This block will move to the left side. The gates on the second step open up.

Go on until you’ve got the 4th block on the left side of the step and climb from the block to the balcony with two fire Crabs. Promptly stun them with Rictusempra.

Watch those Crabs!


Cast Diffindo on the spider web and Skurge on one of two floor blobs. Cast Diffindo on the spider web on your left. Skurge on one floor Blob. Diffindo on the next web. Skurge on the blob. Diffindo on the web. Then cast Rictusempra on two Fire Crabs and when they’re lying on their back, cast Diffindo on the rope that will release the door and behind the corner on your left is the gold Card.

Short cut: Cast Flipendo on the right side of the lowest block, and find your way up to the 4th  floor in the natural sequence.

This is how the blocks should be moved

Move the 4th  block to the right side.


Climb from the block to the upper balcony and grab your eighth gold Wizard Card #15: Paracelsus, 1493-1541, Medical Genius.




Regular: exit and go down the stairs, go left, left, down the second staircase, turn right and follow the long purple carpet to that gold Card.

You may run, or…


Short cut: Go out the door and turn around: cast Diffindo on the rope above the door.

Turn around and cast Diffindo…


That will open two gates on your right with a Spongify Carpet. Cast Spongify, jump and... fly to your ninth gold Wizard Card #40: Carlotta Pinkstone, 1922-present, Campaigner.

...cast Spongify

...and... FLY!



Cast Alohomora on the door lock, turn right, run up the stairs, turn left and enter a room with three Flipendo blocks.

Cast Flipendo on the blocks such that the raised blocks on the opposite side will allow Harry to climb up to the high ledges with the gold Card and the exit.

Raise the blocks this way


Climb up and seize the gold Wizard Card #82: Rowena Ravenclaw, Medieval, dates unknown, co-founder of Hogwarts. This is Harry’s 10th gold Card: one more to find!



Jump to the opposite ledge, turn right, climb the stairs, and Harry will arrive at an octagonal towering room with a rope. That will shuffle the octagonal panel on the floor and release a Spongify Carpet.

Regular: Charm the Carpet and jump high on the ledge with another Carpet. Cast Spongify on this Carpet and make a new long jump to a next Carpet. Repeat this until you’ll end up with a gold Card.

Short cut: Spongify each Carpet while in flight; this way Harry will keep jumping without interruption.

A number of Spongify jumps


Repeat these jumps until you may acquire your 11th and final gold Wizard Card #100: Harry Potter, the boy who lived. Now I’m asking you: isn’t that touching?

Click on Harry Potter to activate gold Card #100!



Leave through the door and after a re-load Harry will enter the circular Hall of Wizards again. Take a moment to admire all of those nice three-dimensional living Portraits of gold Wizards!

Harry’s own gold Wizard Portrait!


Left of Harry’s Portrait is the good old save book. Better save your game.

Now let's head for...

Level 12