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Level 12: The Chamber of Secrets


A conversation with Moaning Myrtle

[12.1] Leave the Circular Hall of Wizards and go the floor of Moaning Myrtle’s Bathroom.

What do you want this time? Says Myrtle.

Harry wants to ask Myrtle how she died. And Myrtle replies: You’re the first one who ever asked. I died in this very stall. I remember it so well.

The door was locked, and I was crying because Olive Hornby has teased me about my glasses. Then I heard somebody come in.

They said something odd, in a different language, I think…and it was a boy speaking! So I unlocked the door to tell him to go and use his own bathroom, and then... I died.

Where was this boy standing?


Over there by the sinks. One of them has never worked, not as long as I’ve been here. Harry wonders if that’s where the entrance to the Chamber is: Open! Open! That’s not working. Maybe if I try Parseltongue.

Open! That’s it!


Now Ron and Lockhart come in: Got him! He was packed and ready to go... I think it’s the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets!

Lockhart: Well, then, you won’t be needing me. Cheers, boys, have to go warm up my broom. Ron gets angry: You’re not through yet. Down you go. C’mon, Harry. This is it!

The Entrance to the Chamber of Secrets

[12.2] The boys and Lockhart enter in here and Ron is warning: Harry, there’s something up there.

But Lockhart feels faint: “the adventure ends here boys”. And he goes on: Say goodbye to your memories! Obliviate! Some thick heavy rocks fall down and Harry wants to know if Ron is Okay?

But Ron is fine: ...go and find Ginny, Harry! Harry: Wait there with Lockhart. If I’m not back in an hour... Anyway, see you in a bit!


Harry runs up the stairs and he is now standing inside a sort of Tower with an open shaft in the middle.  There are 4 Ectoplasms that are blocking entrances and you can hear the farting sounds of Fire Crabs...

Cast Skurge on the first Ectoplasm on your left, go in and immediately stun a giant Fire Crab twice with your Rictusempra Spell. There is a second entrance that is blocked by an Ecto. Cast Skurge on that thing.

Cast Lumos on the Gargoyle and leave this room by the exit you’ve just set free. Jump to the other ledge and cast Skurge to remove another Ectoplasm. Stun the Fire Crab in there and cast a number of Flipendo to get it in the deep void down there. On the opposite side of the void there is another Fire Crab. Stun that one too before it gets nasty with Harry.

Jump to the opposite side and throw that Crab in the deep as well, so you’ll be at ease now! You’ll notice a charmed wall. Open the chest in the Secret Room and a Choc Frog will hop out. You’ll probably need that one! And have some Beans. Go out and cast Spongify on the Carpet in the circular Hall.

Harry will jump to the centrally suspended ledge and go down with it. On the lowest floor you’ll notice some closed grilled doors. Jump off on a higher floor where there is a chest. Get some Beans out of that chest and move on to the other chest. Take the Beans out of that one too.

Now jump back on that ledge and ride to the lower floor where you’ll hop off. See that save book over there? First turn left and notice a Flipendo sign on the wall. Cast Flipendo on that sign and the doors will lift giving access to two cauldrons. Cast Flipendo on the cauldrons and have some more Beans. Go to the book and save.


[12.3] Harry is in the sewers now.

Cast Diffindo on a spider web that is spread on the floor. Jump down. You’ll have to quickly stun three giant Spiders in there! Around the corner there are two more Spiders, stun these buggers too!

Now there are bottles with Flobberworm Mucous and Wiggentree Bark. Get them out with Flipendo. Explore the room and you’ll see a window that is blocked by an Ectoplasm.

Skurge that Ectoplasm


Cast Skurge on that thing. You’ll notice how certain hatches will go up and down. Go in here. There is a Spongify Carpet: look up and you will see a square that you can jump to. Spongify the Carpet and jump up to the ledge. Now jump down from the ledge.

You will see how round panels are coming down. Try to get past these. The third one is really hard. Go inside and eat the Choc Frog.

[12.4] Blocks are falling down when you go in. Cast Magic on a high Flipendo sign and another block will come down.

Go to your right: there are some Beans on the upper floor. Jump up and take those Beans. Cast Spongify on the Carpet. Face the grotto and jump up to a high ledge.

Walls will close quickly, so better run and cast Diffindo on that web. When the walls have come together, go inside and open a chest with Alohomora.

Open this Chest


Take out a Chocolate Frog and some Beans. Jump down and turn left where there is an Ectoplasm. Hear that wild music now? Cast Skurge on the Ecto. Now there’s a spider web: cast Diffindo on the web.

Jump down and turn left: cast Diffindo on another web and notice a save book. First turn around, however. Cast Diffindo on a spider web. Then, cast Alohomora on a chest and take some Beans. Then, save by the book.



[12.5] Harry goes left and can flip over a cauldron that contains Beans and a Chocolate Frog (sometimes that Frog is not there). There is another cauldron on the right side. Now jump down and take Beans and another Choc Frog out of that cauldron.

Harry will now arrive at a Hall full of Cornish Pixies and a nasty Fire Crab on a pedestal. A camera view will show a sparkling rope on the wall above a sealed entrance to a sewer pipe. Keep that in mind.

Get rid of all the Pixies first! Continuously run to your right and run back when a Pixie comes flying in. Quickly cast Rictusempra and run away before the Fire Crab hits you.

You can’t get that rotten Fire Crab from here but it surely can hit Harry! Just run around and don’t fall in the void! On your left side there is a lower ledge with a Carpet. Should you fall, get back upstairs with the Spongify Spell on the Carpet. When all Pixies are gone go right and cast Lumos on the Gargoyle. That’ll charm a ledge!

The charmed ledge


Now cast Spongify on the Carpet near the Gargoyle and jump to the charmed ledge. You can then cast Lumos on the next Gargoyle and Spongify on the Carpet. Jump to the next ledge. Cast Spongify on a next Carpet and jump to a higher ledge.

There are three Imps. Stun them and throw them into their hole. Go up the stairs and you’ll meet an elevator. Don’t take that elevator.

Another elevator


Pick up the Beans from the floor and cast Diffindo on the rope that you had to keep in mind. Cast Flipendo on the sign on the wall, and Harry may jump in there. A small elevator will bring him right in front of a Secret Room with a chest.

A Secret Room


Open the chest with Alohomora and acquire a Chocolate Frog and a number of BB Beans. Now you can get rid of that awful Fire Crab. Cast Rictusempra to flip the bugger on its back and push it off his pedestal with Flipendo. There is a Carpet on that lower ledge should you fall down there. The Spongify Spell will bring Harry to the Gargoyles once again, so you can return all the way to this place.

Spongify the Carpet that the Crab was sitting on and jump to the sewer pipe that just has opened. Proceed and cast Flipendo on the Flipendo sign on the ceiling between two sealed entrance doors. Empty the two cauldrons. Run in the pipe, something will fall down and your game will be automatically saved.


[12.6] Harry is standing in a corridor and he’ll notice a bunch of fire Crabs walking up and down in the next room.

You’ll have to act fast here. There are two blocks with a Flipendo sign that you’ll have to push aside (with Flipendo). Stun the Crabs and push one on each Crab plate that has unveiled. That will lower some suspended ledges higher up.

A ledge comes down


There is a small room on the other side with a Flipendo sign. Cast Flipendo on it, jump in there and cast Spongify on the Carpet. Jump up from the Carpet. There you’ll find two Imps and a Cornish Pixie... pretty terrible huh? Stun the Imps and throw them into their holes. That will open an alcove with a Gargoyle.

Get rid of that pesky Pixie as well.


Cast Flipendo on two cauldrons for their Beans, and grab a number of Beans in front of the Gargoyle. There are also two bottles to open with Flipendo: Flobberworm Mucous and Wiggentree Bark.

On the opposite side of the Gargoyle there is a room with a Flipendo sign. Cast Flipendo on it and the floor hatch will open: there is a Carpet down there. Now cast Lumos on the Gargoyle, and charm the Carpet with Spongify. Jump on the Carpet and Harry will go up. Watch out for Pixies though.

Run and jump from one ledge to the other. Cast Flipendo on a wall sign, cast Spongify on the Carpet down there and jump up to a corridor with BB Beans.

A corridor with Beans.


Go in left: there is a Secret Room with a chest. Cast Alohomora and take out a number of Beans. Grab the Choc Frog in the opposite room. Jump down the charmed floor further on. Cast Diffindo on each of two ropes in a square hole.

Cast Diffindo on the ropes


Harry will lower all the way down. Go to the save book and save your game!




[12.7] Harry is in the sewers again and this time there are some giant Orange snails in there! If you cast Rictusempra on each Snail, something will happen. You will see how Snails fall down in the trap doors.

Look at the trap doors and don’t tumble in


Push both Snails on the trap doors so they will drop down. Look up: there is your last bronze Wizard Card!

Go to the next corridor where there is a Spongify Carpet. Look up and cast Rictusempra twice on each of both “sweet” Cornish Pixies.

There are floating ledges that go up and down. Jump on the first ledge and cast Diffindo on a rope that you see hanging on the wall. That will lower down the ledge with the bronze Card.

The ledge with the Card comes down


Jump to the second ledge and cast Magic on the rope as well. Jump down from the ledge and take the Beans. Go right and take care of two more Cornish Pixies. Jump down, there is a Carpet down there.

Spongify the Carpet and apply it to jump on the first floating ledge. Cast Diffindo on the rope. The ledge with the bronze Card will lower again.

Jump to the second ledge. Cast Diffindo on the rope and the ledge with the bronze Card will now completely lower down. Jump to the ledge with the Beans and take them.

Jump down. On your right you will see the bronze Card. Climb the beam and take your 50th and final bronze Wizard Card #91: Wifred Elphick, 1112-1199, First Wizard to be gored by an African Erumpent.

Harry is very close to his final Wizard Card now

Hurray! 50 bronze Cards... and 6 life meters!

If you didn't find all the
bronze, silver and gold Wizard Cards, just click on this appendix to see where you can find all the Wizard Cards!

Continue and jump down. Cast Flipendo on a cauldron for some Beans and on your left you will get another save book.


[12.8] Harry must jump down here and there is a large rock that will squeeze him! You must run for the rock and cast Diffindo on the vines! Harry will fall down and you may cast Flipendo on a bottle of Flobberworm Mucous and of Wiggentree Bark and get the goodies out of there. Save!


[12.9] Harry Will experience how a hatch will open. You’ll get a view of a far away door with a snake drawing. That is the door to the Chamber of Secrets!

Cast Diffindo on the rope you see in front of you. That will launch a swing. If you fall off the swing and tumble down, don’t care about these two Fire Crabs. Just go in left and ascend. Cast Lumos on the Gargoyle and enter the ledge from where you may jump to the swing.

When you jump off the swing at the opposite side the door will open and your game will be saved.


[12.10] Harry must first pass a number of fire bursts that are erupted from snake heads. Go in right and grab two Mukes and a Bark, and then go to the other room and mix some more Wiggenweld Potions in the smoky cauldron... you’re gonna need those! Now there’s another save book here, those come fast, huh?


[12.11] Harry is standing on a ledge in front of a horrible statue: a face with an open mouth. He jumps down and finds Ginny fainted next to the diary of Tom Riddle.

Harry is worried with Ginny


Then, Tom Riddle’s Ghost comes in!

She’s still alive. But only just.


Tom Riddle is the Heir of Slytherin: Little Ginny’s been writing in my diary for months. She poured out her soul to me.

I made me stronger until I had enough power to pour a little of my soul back into her.

Harry: “What do you mean”?

Ginny Weasley opened the Chamber of Secrets, just as I had long ago... before I became... Lord Voldemort. It is me, Harry. Ginny told me all about you. I’m afraid that your 2nd year magic tricks will be worthless against the power of the greatest Sorcerer of the world!!

Harry: “The greatest Sorcerer in the world is Albus Dumbledore.”

Dumbledore is gone! Now I’m going to teach you a lesson. Let’s match the powers of Tom Riddle, Heir of Slytherin, against the famous Harry Potter.

Suddenly the Phoenix of Albus Dumbledore comes flying in. Fawkes! He is carrying a sword in his paws and drops it at Harry’s feet!

A sword... from Dumbledore, no doubt, afraid to come himself. Well, I don’t save you, Harry Potter!

Harry’s got a sword in his hands now. Tom is facing the Basilisk: Speak to me, Slytherin, greatest of Hogwarts four!

The Basilisk is emerging


Tom wants Harry killed by the Basilisk!

Fawkes attacks the Basilisk


But Tom Riddle gets outrageous: No! You can still smell the boy! You can still kill him! Kill him now!

Harry has to defeat the Basilisk. Load your sword and aim at the snake. If you’ll hit it, it will spit venom at Harry. Fortunately you’ve mixed lots of Wiggenweld Potions!

Look at the meter in the lower left corner.


When the monster is defeated it will re-incarnate and this time it will emerge from floor openings instead of from the statue’s mouth. Watch the purple venom drops.

The Basilisk’s death struggle

He’s gone


When Harry has defeated the Basilisk, Ginny will wake up: Harry... I wanted to tell you... It was me, I didn’t mean to... Riddle made me do it!

Harry: it’s all right. Riddle’s finished. C’mon Ginny, let’s get out of here.

In Dumbledore’s Office

[12.12] Harry enters Dumbledore’s Office: Professor Dumbledore! I thought you’d be suspended.

Dumbledore: Lucius Malfoy had threatened to curse the Board if they didn’t remove me. But they decided to stand up to him.

Ron and Hermione join Harry and the Professor.


Now that the Heir is gone and the Basilisk is destroyed, they know Hagrid is innocent, too. He’ll be back in his hut soon.

Ron asks about Lucius Malfoy. Will he cause any more trouble?

Dumbledore doubts it: We can assume it was him who got the diary to Ginny. He daren’t to do it again unless he wants the Ministry of Magic after him.

Harry: About Professor Lockhart…I’m afraid he’s lost his memory.

Dumbledore: Oh dear. What will he think about now that he can’t think about himself?

Just don’t give his job to Professor Snape. He’s too…um, valuable as a Potions teacher.

Dumbledore: You’ve all performed brilliantly. It must have been a terrible experience.

Ron: It was. We spent much more time in a girl’s bathroom than I would have liked.

Hermione: Being petrified was awful, but I learned a great deal from it. I’m going to write a paper about it for extra credit.

Harry: When you’ve got your friends to help you, you can accomplish anything, and nothing is too awful. Well... almost nothing. Looking like Goyle came close.


Prof. Dumbledore invites our friends to a banquet downstairs: What do you propose for the first toast?

Ron: To friendship...

Hermione: ...Loyalty

Harry: ...and courage. But friendship most of all!

And another cut scene comes in.

The rest of the final term passed in a haze of blazing sunshine. Hogwarts was back to normal with only a few, small differences.

Defense Against the Dark Arts classes were cancelled and Lucius Malfoy had been sacked as a school Governor.

Draco was no longer strutting around the school as though he owned the place. On the contrary, he looked resentful and sulky.

On the other hand, Ginny Weasley was perfectly happy again.

The House Cup Ceremony

Harry, Ron and Hermione meet at the top of the Monumental Staircase:

This is our last day at Hogwarts.


Yeah, the only thing left to do is the House Cup Ceremony in the Great Hall.

If you have anything you want to do at Hogwarts you better do it before you go to the House Cup Ceremony.

One good thing to do is go save your game. Proceed to the spiral staircase of the Gryffindor Common Room, pass the portrait of the Pink Lady and save in the book by the fireplace. Also, open that chest again for a Bean.

[12.13] Leave the Gryffindor Common room and go down the Monumental Staircase. Enter the Great Hall on your left.

Lots of people in the Great Hall!


Attention please! Students, attention! The Headmaster wants to address you. This House Cup Ceremony brings the school year to an end...

...and an eventful year it was.


Without further ado, I shall now present the Cup to the Hogwarts House with the most points. First place and the House Cup goes to... Gryffindor!

Gryffindor wins!


And all stories must come to an end... congratulations! You’ve just successfully finished Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets!


The End... alas!

Thanks to Warner Bros for this great game!!

And even more thanks to Dr. Hugh for this excellent job!!!

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