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Level 2: Rictusempra


The Hall of the Moving Stairs

[2.1] You are down in the huge Hall of moving stairs and paintings on the walls. Go up the stairs and exit by the doors you came in.

Go to the central Hall of Hogworts and down the stairs. Enter to your left and cast Alohomora on the mirror on the wall. There are ledges with Beans and a chest containing more Beans. Proceed to the Great Hall and open the two chests.

The Great Hall


Go back to the grand staircase in the central Hall. At this point you may also go outside for an optional side trip and grab whatever you can. You can grab once more all the beans you collected before. When you do this, you'll end up with about 185 Beans! So go for it... After that, return to the Hall with all the paintings and the living stairs.

The first stairs will take Harry up to a ledge where he will meet Nick (voice of John Cleese). Nick tells Harry that after all these years he still finds new secrets in Hogwarts. Here’s a special area that you can unlock only if you collect all 40 silver Wizard Cards.

For every 10 silver Wizard Cards you collect, you’ll get a Key that will allow you to open one of the four locks on the door


Cast Flipendo on the two cauldrons and collect their Beans... Before going outside turn right and enter a passage.

Enter this passage


You'll notice some Beans hanging in the air. Remember this place. Cast Alohomora on the chest.

Take the 2nd staircase and ride up to the 2nd ledge. Enter here.

Cast Alohomore on two small chests to your left and right: left 3x and right 2x to take out the precious Beans. Cast Alohomora on a sign on the wall to make it turn through 90°. Go inside and open the chest for a nice set of Beans.

This wall rotates


Walk till the end of the gothic corridor and turn right to cast Flipendo on the cauldron.

Return to the stairs and ride to the 3rd ledge. Enter. You’ll watch a cut scene where two guys break a vase and wisely decide to flee. Better get out of here… Filch might be lurking nearby. And yeah, there he is, that creep with his wicked cat, Mrs. Norris.

Well, well. I heard a crash and what do I find? Mr. Harry Potter and a broken, irreplaceable antique vase!


Argus Filch, the caretaker, was loathed by every student at Hogwarts. Some thought his cat even spied on students! Suddenly the place turns purple and an evil voice speaks to Harry:

Come… come to me… let me rip you!


Hearing voices won’t get you off, says Filch. I’ll mark this down against you. Now move along while I clean this up.

Ron is waiting there. Well, better let him wait for now. Turn around and cast Flipendo on the cauldron next to Mrs. Morris...

Return to the stairs. Ride to the 4th ledge. Cast Alohomora on a wall sign and open another room with green slime. Nothing else in there!

The room with green substance


Inside the passage cast Alohomora on the painting of some turbaned Indian guy on the left wall. Take all the Beans from the floor and open the chest. Follow the passage till the statue and cast Flipendo thrice.

Go inside the Infirmary. There’s one Bean at the far end. Cast Lumos on the Gargoyle, turn around and enter. Hop on the ledge and cast Alohomora on the chest. Find the bronze Wizard Card # 58: Glover Hepworth, 1742-1805 Inventor.

Get this bronze Card…


Jump down and enter the large room. Cast Flipendo on both cauldrons. Go down left or right.

Cast Alomohora on the chest and earn the bronze Wizard Card # 75: Mungo Bonham, 1560-1659 Famous wizard healer.

…and this one too


Return to the Infirmary and cast Flipendo on each of the 4 paintings. A central staircase is then unveiled, going down to a secret room that is hiding a chest. Alohomora! There is the silver Wizard Card # 71: Queen Maeve, Legendary witch for Harry!

The secret staircase

A silver Wizard Card


Return all the way to the 3rd ledge where Filch is cleaning up the pieces of the broken vase.

Before following Ron, cast Alohomora twice on a sign on the wall to your left.

Cast Alohomora on this sign


Go down the ledges. There is a Gnome inside. Cast Flipendo on the Gnome and he’ll be stunned. Then pick him up and flip him into the hole. Cast Alohomora on the chest and capture its Beans.

Follow Ron to the right and before finally entering the lesson room cast a spell on the “S” sign on the wall. Open the chest and take the Beans.

The “S” sign on the wall


A Lesson in Magic spells: Rictusempra


Welcome to Defense against the dark Arts, says self-esteemed Prof. Dr. Lockhart. My fame makes an introduction unnecessary, but I’ll delight you with one anyway. I am Gilderoy Lockhart, Order of Merlin, Honorary Member of the Dark Force Defense League, and five-time winner of Witch Weekly’s Most.

Prof. Gasbag and a modest Harry


Today we shall be learning the Rictusempra dueling Spell.

Rictusempra is very useful when stunning certain pesky creatures, such as Corrush pixies. See the wand? It’s going to move around the symbol.

At the exact point when the wand passes over the arrows, hit the corresponding arrow key


The exercise has three parts. You must hit all of the arrows correctly in order to progress to the next round. If you do well, you may earn up to 15 house points for Gryffindor!

Now how about a turn in the Spell practice arena?


The Rictusempra Challenge

[2.2] Welcome, Harry Potter, to my famous Rictusempra Challenge. That’s Gilderoy giving instructions to you.

To complete the Challenge, you must hit the Completion Star, which will be found a the top of this tower.


Try to get to there as quickly as you can. If the Challenge Timer reaches zero before you have the Completion Star, you’ll loose the Challenge!

Along the way you will find Challenge Stars. Collecting them will boost your timer and score. Try to find all 10 of the Stars with as many seconds remaining as possible. The higher your score is when you complete the Challenge, the more house points you will be awarded!

You’ll meet some weird creatures here. Like Fire Crabs, nasty little pets that shoot flame out of their …well, at you! You can stun them by casting Rictusempra on them. Then you can use Flipendo to push them around.

This indicates that a Fire Crab on or nearby the symbol will cause something to happen. Use Flipendo to push the Fire Crab onto this plate


Ready to begin? Good luck! 3, 2, 1… GO!!!

First room: there is one fire Crab. Stun and push the Crab onto the plate and the door to the next room will open up. Take your first Star and blow the new Crab on the plate.

Make sure you are standing on the footsteps on the ledge when it goes up. Cast Alohomora on the chest in the corner. You’ll be rewarded with the bronze Wizard Card # 63: Herman Wintringham, 1974-present Plays lute.

Jump on the ledge and ride up

Find a bronze Wizard Card in there


If you missed the ride on the ledge, go up the slope. Grab a blue Bean and follow to your right. Stun the second Fire Crab but don’t push it down. Take the green Bean.

Follow the slope and eat the Chocolate Frog if you need some health. Jump on the ledge that just went up and open the chest.

Enter the large room from up the balcony. There are two suspended ledges each carrying a Challenge Star. On the floor you’ll notice two Giant Orange Snails which species you may remember from The Philosopher’s Stone. Avoid touching them or their slime trails – the acid that they secret will burn you. Cast Rictusempra and Flipendo just like on the Fire Crabs.

Giant Orange Snails


Push the Snails onto the plates and the two ledges will lower down. Also the door to the next room opens up

There are 4 caged Fire Crabs. One shot of Rictusempra followed by Flipendo will lock up a Crab inside behind a sliding wall.

If all 4 Crabs are locked up, a secret ledge carrying a chest will come down from the ceiling. Jump on this ledge and Cast Alohomora on the chest: the silver Wizard Card # 23: Glenda Chitttock, 1964-present Popular presenter is yours!

The secret chest contains a silver Wizard Card


Cast Flipendo on a sliding block, jump from the block to the ledge and catch a Star. On the other side push two blocks and jump to the ledge from the taller block. You should have gathered 3 Challenge Stars by now.

The two Snails in the next room will each leave 2 Beans behind if you get them in their corresponding holes. You may as well ignore them and save on precious seconds.

Follow left in the passage, where a door will slide open. Gnomes are a greedy lot. You’ve already met one on the 3rd  floor. They will try to steal your Bertie Bott’s Beans. Flipendo will push them onto their backs and cause them to drop anything they might have stolen. You can also pick up Gnomes and throw them around. Throw them into a Gnome hole to permanently get rid of them.

That is a Gnome hole. This is where Gnomes come from and where they go to deposit stolen goods (you cannot climb into these)


Walk up the stairs and you’ll see the Gnome next to a Savebook. Stun the Gnome and throw him into the hole down the stairs. Then, save your game.

[2.3] Cast Alohomora on the portrait of Gilderoy and the wall will turn around.

Inside open a chest for some Beans and a chocolate Frog. Run up the opposite stairs. Open the chest in the niche to your right. It contains a few Beans and the bronze Wizard Card # 76: Myron Wagtail, 1970-present Lead singer. The opposite niche contains a Chocolate Frog. Enter the passage with 2 purple Beans on the floor.

The panels in the wall open up revealing a Fire Crab inside, and a trap-door drops in the floor. Stun the Crabs and push them into their holes. That will close the trap-door and block your way out behind you. Proceed and grab Challenge Star #4.

In the next Room 2 Orange Snails fall from the ceiling. Either stun and push them into the holes for a couple of Beans, or ignore them and run past them.

Stun and push two Fire Crabs in the next room into the holes and some wall panels on each side will slide down.

Push these stunned Crabs in each hole


Climb the wall to your left, grab 2 Beans and turn left. Stun the fire Crab and flip the cauldron with Flipendo for some extra Beans.

Cast Alohomora on the portrait of Gilderoy and cast Lumos on the Gargoyle inside. That will reveal the entrance to a secret room to your left with Challenge Star #5 inside.

Your 5th Star


Jump down and climb the other wall. Grab 2 Beans and follow left. Acquire the 6th Challenge Star floating between the two ledges. On that spot turn right and cast Flipendo on the sign.



That will guarantee your exit out of here. But first eat the Frog if you like and cast Flipendo on a small sign near the ceiling. That will open a secret room. Cast Alohomora on the chest inside and earn the Silver Wizard Card # 56: Gideon Crumb, 1975-present Plays Bagpipes. Now take the exit you’ve just opened.

Open the chest in the niche on your right and take the bronze Wizard Card # 93: Heathcote Barbary, 1974-present Plays rhythm guitar. Go down the spiral stairs and watch out for the Snail and its slimes when snatching some Beans on the floor.

Enter the room with 3 Flipendo signs. Each sign controls a belt with portraits of… who? Yes, of Gilderoy for a change.

There are three doors featuring a different portrait. Cast Flipendo on the signs and get 3 matching portraits above a door.

The room with the portraits


To open the door to your right, cast a number of Flipendos on the corresponding signs:

Lower belt: 2 x

Middle belt: 4 x

Upper belt: 1 x

Enter and step on the plate decorated with feet. A ledge carrying a Challenge Star is partly lowered. Cast Alohomora on the chest for some Beans.

Opening the door to your left:

Middle belt: 3 x

Step on the sign with feet and the ledge will completely drop. Open the chest for more Beans and go collect your 7th Star.

Harry’s 7th Star


Opening the front door:

Middle belt: 2 x

Upper belt: 2 x

Enter and flip the cauldron to your left.

Step on the plate with feet and ride up to a Savebook.


[2.4] First turn left and open a chest for a bunch of Beans.

Proceed past the Gargoyle in the niche of the left wall and stun the 2 Snails in the next room. Open the holes by casting Alohomora on Gilderoy’s portraits. Push the Snails in the holes and earn a few Beans. Or just ignore the bastards. Return to the Gargoyle and cast Lumos.

That will open a secret room past the Snails to your right. The chest contains more Beans. Proceed left and notice another portrait of Gilderoy by the wall.

Cast Alohomora, run up the stairs and open the chest for a few Beans. Go down and a cut scene will show you how the next room looks like.

It’s time for some ledge climbing here


Turn left and jump down to the ledge with a green Bean. Turn around and pass a blue Bean. Jump down to the ledge with a red Bean and turn around. Jump down to the ledge with a blue Bean and turn right.

Now cross the gap to the ledge with a purple Bean. Run and jump to two more ledges. Pull up to a ledge with a purple Bean. Turn around and run and jump to 3 more ledges. Turn right and pull up to the opposite balcony. Immediately stun the Fire Crab and push it in the hole. Watch a staircase come down.

Also an exit door has opened. Go inside and flip the cauldron. Run past the two Snails and find the staircase to your 8th Star!

A staircase to the Stars!


Turn right and eat a Chocolate Frog if you like. Flip another cauldron for one more Cacao Frog and proceed right. Cast Alohomora on a chest and earn the bronze Wizard Card # 94: Merton Graves, 1978-present Plays cello.

As soon as you enter the next room featuring Star #9 two Fire Crabs drop down and a trap door jails the Star. Push those crabs in their holes and the trap door will raise again: catch you 9th Star!

Turn right and open the chest for the bronze Wizard Card # 78: Orsino Thruston, 1976-present Plays drums. Turn around and walk to the Savebook. But first flip that cauldron.

A cauldron and a Savebook


[2.5] Look up to the right wall: there is a small Flipendo sign near the ceiling.

Cast your spell and take the silver Wizard Card # 68: Kirley Duke out of the hidden chest in there. Prepare for the final tower now! A cut scene shows where to throw all those Crabs you’re gonna meet on the spiral walkway to your Completion Star. Each time you throw in a Crab, the pedestal with the giant Star lowers a bit more.

You’ll glimpse a view of your final Star behind bars. When all Crabs are thrown in the pit, join them. Cast Alohomora on the narrow wooden door with Gilderoy’s portrait on it.

A secret entrance


Go in and run upstairs. Grab a green Bean. Cast Alohomora on another door with Gilderoy’s handsome face on it,

Go inside and step on both floor Switches. Stun the Gnome and flip him into the hole next to the Chest that has now become accessible. Cast Alohomora on the chest and catch a few Beans and the silver Wizard Card # 34: Donghan Tremlett, 1972-present Bass player.

Go outside, run up the stairs and seize your 10th Star. The door will slide in the floor and you may exit again by the spiral walkway. Run upstairs but avoid the moving beams. Jump over the gaps when they retreat. The higher you come the faster the beams will get.

Well done, Mr. Potter, you have completed my Rictusempra Challenge! The remaining time now becomes your personal high score


You may always return here and if you can manage to beat your high score, Gilderoy will award you more house points.


The Weekly House Point Ceremony

[2.6] Go out and turn right. Hermoine will join Harry. Follow Hermione and meet Albus Dumblemore, Headmaster of Hogwarts, who welcomes you to the very first weekly House Point Ceremony of the school year.

The weekly House Point Ceremony is about to start


The house with the most points wins a visit to the Bean bonus room. The length of the visit depends of how many more points they have over the second placed house. It appears that Gryffindor is in the lead. It looks like Harry gets to visit the bonus Bean room.

You have only a limited time to collect Beans. Grab as many as you can!


When you’re all done, meet Oliver Wood outside. Time to go to the Quidditch Pitch.


Rubeus Hagrid's Hut

Harry didn’t have lunch yet but he may have collected some 500 Bettie Bott’s Beans by now. How about those for lunch? Of course, you may always trade the Beans for other goodies, such as... we’ll have to see about those. So, let’s find a Save Book first.

Turn right and cast Alohomora on a chest for a bunch of Beans. Remember that sign on the wall? Open that entrance again and pick up all the Beans in the garden and in the chest. Down the stairs re-open the chest. Look at the “S” sign on the wall and cast Alohomora. You can’t enter for now.

Just like last time in the dark, turn left of the Entrance door and go open a chest. That’ll help increasing your collection of Beans. Now run to Oliver who is waiting for Harry under the Dragon statue. Cast Flipendo twice on the Statue’s face and turn left to open the chest. Two guys are willing to trade here, but you haven’t got 700 Beans for a Nimbus 2001. But it will soon become clear what that is all about.

On your right you’ll see the entrance to another section wich you may like to explore. It will lead you to good old Rubeus Hagrid’s Hut.

Rubeus Hagrid’s Hut

Take all the Beans and the bronze Wizard Card. This is Harry’s 10th bronze Wizard Card: #61: Havelock Sweeting 1634-1710, Unicorn Expert. Now Harry has earned two life meters.

A milestone Wizard Card

Go around the hut and pick up a red and black colored Bean. Open a chest with Alohomora for more Beans. There is a door you can’t enter yet, but remember that door for later on. Save by the Book...

 ... and go to the next level