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Level 7: The Manor


The Study of Professor Dumbledore

[7.1] Leave the Gryffindor Common Room for the Hall of Floating Ledges:
go down the spiral staircase and turn right up the stairs and left by the statue. In the middle of this corridor, enter the Hall of Floating Ledges on your right.

Walk up to the first floating staircase. When you arrive you’ll see the paralyzed Ghost of Nick hanging in the air. Harry is overwhelmed with emotions: Oh, no... not another attack... A Professor more looking like a Witch comes joining Harry:

Follow me, Potter! This is out of my hands.


Harry is following the Professor to a higher corridor with a Dragon Statue. Her Charm makes the Statue lower into the floor, and a door opens:

Through this door, please, Potter.


Follow the staircase and cast Alohomora on the chest. This one contains a number of Beans. Now go inside in Professor Dumbledore’s Study.

The Study of Albus Dumbledore


Turn left and approach to what look like a parrot on a stand. The bird will burst into flames. Turn right and cast Flipendo on a red bottle for a couple of Beans.

Avoid the red desk for now. Pass it to the library on ground level. Cast Alohomora on a chest and get the bronze Wizard Card #10: Burdock Muldoon, 1429-1490.

Go up the stairs and take the Beans from the floor. Turn toward the window and notice a small chest above a sculptured tile. First cast Alohomora twice on the chest and grab a couple of Beans. Then, cast Flipendo on the tile. That will open a wall with bookshelves on your left.

A secret wall slides open


Go inside and an elevator will lift Harry up to a second floor. Go around, grab all Beans and enter the second section where the silver Wizard Card #79: Oswald Beamish, 1850-1932 will be yours.

The silver Card in the Study


Jump down to ground level. Walk up to the desk where a Wizard hat is lying: It’s the old school Sorting Hat. I wondered where it was kept.

And the Sorting Hat says: You’ve been wondering whether I put you in the right house. Yes, you were particularly difficult to place. But I stand by what I said before:

You would have done well in Slytherin


Suddenly Albus Dumbledore enters his study. Harry: Professor – your bird. I couldn’t do anything --- he just caught fire.

But the Professor tells Harry that Fawkes is a Phoenix. Phoenixes burst into flame when it is time for them to die and are reborn from their ashes.

Fascinating creatures, Phoenixes. They can carry immensely heavy loads. Their tears have healing powers and they make highly faithful pets. But Harry is aware of the situation at Hogwarts: Professor, I just want you to know that it wasn’t me. I’m not the attacker.

I know you’re not. But I still want to talk to you


Dumbledore asks Harry whether there is anything he’d like to tell him. And Harry still hears the words of Hermione in his head:

Being able to talk to snakes was what Salazar Slytherin was famous for


But there isn’t anything Harry can tell to the Professor. Harry leaves the study and Ron comes running into him: There you are! You need to go to Moaning Myrtle’s Bathroom.

Hermione’s waiting for you.


Joining Hermione

Follow Run but first turn left into the Defense against the Dark Arts Classroom.

Enter the classroom and turn right. A small chest is standing on the window ledge next to Gilderoy’s painting. Jump on the ledge and cast Alohomora twice for some Beans.

Stay on this side of the room. There is a chest on the next window ledge. Cast Alohomora on the chest and earn the bronze Wizard Card #50: Musidora Barkwith, 1520-1666. This is Harry’s 30th bronze Wizard Card, now he’s got 4 lightning meters for his stamina!

A fine bronze Wizard Card


Proceed to the red bottle and get a couple of more Beans out of that with Flipendo. Now turn to the other side and jump on the window ledge with a red bottle. Cast Flipendo on the bottle for Beans.

Look up to the Dinosaur skeleton hanging from the ceiling and do not cast Flipendo on it four times or you’re just get a bunch of. Spiders falling down.

Multiple Flipendo on the skeleton for... spiders!


Finally cast Flipendo twice on the tin man and shake the Beans out of him. Go out, turn left and right and cast Alohomora on the wall sign. You’ve been in here. Take care of the Gnome.

Go to the Hall of Floating Stairs. Ron is waiting for Harry on the balustrade: Follow me Harry. Jump after him. You’re one floor lower now. Go to the corner. Ron is waiting at the end of the corridor.

Turn right into Flitwick’s Charms classroom. Go to the red Bean on the floor and pick it up. Turn left and cast Alohomora on a chest. Receive your bronze Wizard Card #31: Balfour Blane, 1566-1629.

Enter the opposite room. Turn right and cast Alohomora twice on a small chest on a table. Turn left and proceed to the Transfiguration Classroom. On your right you’ll see another small chest: cast Alohomora twice for Beans.

Flip the cauldron on the opposite side and leave here. Now follow Ron by the corner. Before finally entering Moaning Myrtle’s Bathroom flip a last cauldron for a pretty Colored Bean.

Ron is entering the Bathroom first: I feel very uncomfortable being in a girl’s bathroom. Myrtle keeps moaning: I wish people would stop interrupting my peace and quiet! I do have feelings, you, know, even if I am dead...

What’s that horrible stink Hermione?


Hermione says that it will be the Polyjuice Potion. They will need one more ingredient for the Potion to be completely effective a bit of Goyle. That’s disgusting, replies Ron. Harry: how will I find Goyle?

At this time Goyle is usually filling his face down in the dungeons. All Harry needs to do is follow the trail of food, get the bit of Goyle and bring it back here to Hermione.


The Pursuit of Goyle

Harry is now in the main corridor of the Dungeons and the floor is filled with pieces of food. Follow that track and Harry will see Goyle: There’s Goyle. I’d better follow him. Opposite to the open chest Harry can now cast Alohomora on a door.

Cast Alohomora on that door...

...and Lumos on the Gargoyle


Go to the end of the passage and you’ll find a charmed part in the floor.

Jump down here

Inside take some Beans and cast Skurge on an Ectoplasm. The grilled door will now open and you may climb up to the Secret Area.

Pick up all the Beans, open the chest with Alohomora and retrieve the silver Wizard Card #54: Gaspard Shingleton, 1959-present, Celebrated Inventor. Now follow Goyle into entrance #4.

That’s Goyle. Harry’d better follow him


Enter through the door that was sealed before.



[7.2] Walk up the stairs. You’ll arrive in a Hall with a staircase and will see an inner garden with two Bowtruckles and some Horklumps. Get rid of the Bowtruckles first.

Go in the garden and cast Diffindo on each of the 6 Horklumps Mushrooms. Crush the spiders. Pick up the two pieces of Wiggentree Bark left by the Bowtruckles.

Cast Alohomora on the chest and win your bronze Wizard Card #83: Roderick Plumpton, 1889-1987, Seeker for England Quidditch Team.

Cast Diffindo on the plants covering a Flipendo sign. Flipendo! You’ll see the camera view fly to the staircase where 3 blocks come out of the wall.

These blocks form a larger staircase


Cast Flipendo on the block with the similar sign. It will move to the wall.

Jump from the block to the ledge with the owl and take the Bean. Jump from ledge to ledge to the highest ledge for some more Beans. Go down and follow the regular staircase till the end. Turn around and jump to the ledge with the owl and take a yellow Bean.

Then jump to the ledge with a red Bean, further a green, green + red, and green Bean. Now enter the open doorway and proceed in the hallway with two red armchairs. 

There are three arcade bows all blocked by plant growth. Pick up a green and a blue Bean. Remove the plants in the left bow with Diffindo and walk on the ledge. On your left a vine is preventing a wooden beam to fall down.

Cast Diffindo on the vine


The beam now forms a bridge to the opposite side. Run over and grab the red Bean. Cast Diffindo on the spider web and jump into this opening. In this dark room you’ll barely notice a chest on your right.

Cast Alohomora for some Beans out of that. From the second opening jump to the central roof beam above the living room of the residence.

Jump to the beam


Take some Beans and cast Diffindo on the spider web in the opposite hole in the chimney wall. Jump into the hole and catch a Bean. Notice a block on your left with Flipendo signs on it.

Jump to the opposite ledge with the blue Bean. From this ledge cast Flipendo on the block with the sign and it’ll drop down in the room below.

Jump down from block to block in the chimney and down through the fireplace in the room. Cast Flipendo twice on the block and make it slide to the bookshelves. Go left behind the narrow wall and cast Lumos on the Gargoyle. Climb the block and take a red Bean from the cabinet.

The wall is charmed by the Lumos Spell


Jump through the transparent wall into a secret room and cast Alohomora on the chest. That will provide Harry his silver Wizard Card #62: Ignatia Wildsmith, 1227-1320, inventor of Floo Powder. Take the stairs and save by the book.

Save here



[7.3] Run to the end of the hallway and turn left to the entrance of a small courtyard where a giant Fire Crab is waiting in ambush on a pedestal.

Cast Rictusempra twice on the crab and then Flipendo a number of times to get it into its hole on the left side.

Push the giant Crab in its hole


Step on the footstep print on the pedestal and a door will open to an antechamber giving access to an octagonal lawn. Come down and first take a red Bean out of the alcove.

Go to the antechamber and stun the Gnome with Flipendo. There is a hole and a window with a spider web. Don’t throw the Gnome in yet! Pick him up and carry him up the ramp on the right of the octagonal lawn.

Jump and throw him among the Horklumps Mushrooms. Cast Diffindo on the SpiPri Plant on your left. When he’s done stun each of the Giant Orange Snails with Rictusempra, and get rid of all the other SpiPri Plants while you’re there.

Cast Flipendo on the Gnome and harvest all the BB Beans. Pick up the Gnome and carry him back to the antechamber, where you’ll throw him into the hole.

Turn around and cast Diffindo on the spider web. Climb into the Secret Area and cast Alohomora on the chest. Sorry…no Card, just Beans! Cross the lawn and cast Diffindo on the spider web that blocks a door. Enter the room and turn around.

Climb up and cast Flipendo twice on the block with the similar sign. Jump down the hole on the block and from here blow a hole with Diffindo in each of both SpiPri plants higher up in front of Harry.

Jump to the high lawn and open the Gnome hole with Diffindo. Let the Gnome treat the Horklumps and throw him into the hole. Climb the steps on your left or right side and go pick up the colored Bean.

From this position cast Lumos on the Gargoyle higher up and go to the other side of the ledge. Look up to the charmed block.

Lumos on the Gargoyle...

...charms this block


Walk on the ledge behind the blocks and get rid of two SpiPri Plants. Take all Beans and eat the Choc Frog. Go back to the ledge and climb into the open window.

Harry is entering a kind of Drugstore. There is a Choc Frog on your right and a bottle with Flobberworm Mucous on a bench. Cast Flipendo and grab the Muke.

Take a couple of Beans from the shelves and turn around the corner where you’ll see a Gargoyle. Cast Lumos on the Gargoyle, turn around and run to the charmed wall on your right.

Lumos on the Gargoyle...

...charms this wall


The Secret Room has a chest with some Beans inside. Enter the rooftop garden. Basically there is just a bunch of Tentaculas and SpiPri Plants. There is a lower ledge with a chest and one with a cauldron. The other two lower ledges merely offer Horklumps Mushrooms.

A chest and a cauldron


So go to your right and sever an arm of the Tentacula. From here cast Diffindo on a SpiPri plant on the opposite lawn and stun the Tentacula. Jump over and get rid of the other SpiPri Plant. There is a Choc Frog also.

Jump down to the chest, cast Alohomora and grab the Beans. There is another Choc Frog on the next lawn. Climb up to the previous lawn, stun the Tentacula again and jump over.

Jump down to the ledge with the cauldron and cast Flipendo... for a few Beans more (now where have you heard that before?).

Go to the next lawn and climb into the window. You’ll be in an L-shaped passage with some empty flower-pots on the floor. Cast Diffindo on the spider web and the window opens. Also a block on your right side will lower down.

A block lowers down


Go and look inside the library but do not enter yet. There is a Save Book. You might stun the flying Cornush Pixie though. Jump to the lowered block and go all the way to ground floor.

Careful with the Snails, you may better stun them should they approach. Turn right and run into the open room. A hatch will open showing a sign of two Fire Crabs. The Crabs fall down from the ceiling. Stun them with Rictusempra and push them into the hole with Flipendo.

Now the elevator goes one floor up. A new hatch opens, this time with two Snails on it. Two Giant Orange Snails drop down.

First Fire Crabs, now Giant Snails


Get them into that hole and the elevator goes one floor up once again. Cast Alahomora on the secret chest and capture the bronze Wizard Card #80: Beatrix Bloxam, 1794-1810, Author of the Toadstool Tales.

Turn around and cast Diffindo on the spider web. The window will open. Notice one or two Choc Frogs on your right.

From the other side


Go into the Library and save by the Book.



[7.4] Turn left twice and look right. You’re inside a dark corner of the Library.

Cast Diffindo on the spider web and the wall with bookshelves will slide down. Cast Lumos on the Gargoyle, turn right and step to the charmed wall with bookshelves.

The charmed wall


Cast Rictusempra on the Cornush Pixie, enter and cast Alohomora on the lock of the door. Open the chest with Alohomora for a bunch of Beans.

Go out and turn right where you’’ll see a spider web above a red armchair. Cast Diffindo, and the wall will slide to the left. Proceed and around the corner part of the floor will drop down…with Harry on it.

Immediately turn around and stun the Fire Crab behind the bars with Rictusempra. Then, push it into the hole with Flipendo, and the floor will rise again. Proceed till the entrance to a wide and deep octagonal shaft with a Gargoyle.

The octagonal Shaft


First get rid of that nasty Pixie with Rictusempra. Walk till the middle of the large wooden cross and cast Lumos on the Gargoyle high above. A cinematic will then show the passage where you just came from. Now a secret staircase is going down. Turn back and go down the stairs.

You’ll see 3 rotating beams each with a Flipendo sign. On the floor there are 3 red signs in a row on your left, and blue signs on your right. Cast Flipendo on the beams and arrange three red and three blue colors in a row.

Three colors in a row


That will open the left and the right entrance on the first floor. The Gargoyle on your left has the same function as the previous one. Return upstairs and enter each opened room.

The chest on your left contains some Beans and the bronze Wizard Card #47: Edgar Stroulger, 1703-1789, Inventor of Sneakoscope. The chest on your right contains some Beans and a Chocolate Frog which Harry may wish to eat for his lost Stamina.

Return to the entrance of the staircase and cast Alohomora on a lock on your left side. That will open a second staircase leading upwards.

A secret entrance


Go up and jump left or right to the narrow ledge. Walk past the Gargoyle to a dark Secret Room behind him. Cast Alohomora on the chest and obtain lots of Beans and your bronze Wizard Card #44: Devlin Whitehorn, 1945-present, Company founder.

Go down and follow the beam, down the stairs into a dark area full of Ectoplasms, all sitting on a BB Bean. First cast Lumos on the Gargoyle and make some light in the dark under there. Cast Skurge and grab the Beans. Do not open the chest... Peeves is hiding in there!

In the next room is another Gargoyle. This and the previous one each may charm the wall on your left. Go inside the Secret Room and cast Alohomora on the chest. It contains 3 (!) Chocolate Frogs. Now Harry is fully healthy!

Keep casting Lumos for light in here. Whipe out the entire area of blobs and grab more Beans. Safely work your way to the Save Book.

Make a save game



[7.5] Go down the stairs and cast Diffindo on two spider webs (watch the spiders). Climb up and enter the attic of the barn. Make the Pixie vanish with Rictusempra.

Go halfway and turn right. Remove both spider web with Diffindo. Get the Beans out of the cauldron and cast Alohomora on the chest for more Beans. You may enter the left side near the entrance. Remove the web and cast Alohomora on the lock of the hatch.

Jump down to a workshop, grab a Bean on the side with the ladder and eat a Choc Frog on the other side if you wish. Cast Diffindo on the rope that holds a block. Look down and jump to the pile of blocks (run into that direction).

Jump down


Come down from the blocks and first get rid of the Bowtruckle with a Diffindo Spell. Take his Wiggentree Bark. Then, stun the Gnome and throw him into his hole. Take all Beans. Go to the section with the young flower plants. There are two Beans in the corner.

Climb the block in the corner and further up to the walkway. Destroy two SpiPri Plants. Cast Alohomora on the corner chest for Beans. Proceed on the walkway and collect the Beans. Notice a closed door. Cast Diffindo on the rope in the pit.

A closed door

Diffindo on the rope


That will release a draw-bridge over the water below, and in one time open a Secret Area below. Jump down near the bridge. Sever all arms of the two Tentaculas guarding the bridge. Inflate the SpiPri Plant from on the bridge and jump past the Tentacula to that side.

Continue along this narrow path and get rid of two more SpiPri Plants. At the end turn right and cast Rictusempra on a Fire Crab. Cross the water. Cast Lumos on the Gargoyle and turn around, run to the charmed wall across the water.

The charmed wall


Cast Alohomora on the chest and get a few Beans. Go inside the Secret Area and immediately inflate two SpiPri Plants. Enter and cast Diffindo on two Bowtruckles on your right. Grab the two pieces of Bark.

Cast Diffindo on the rope above the thick wooden platform and a chest will fall down. A Spell of Alohomora on the chest will make Harry earn more Beans and his silver Wizard Card #22: Circe, Ancient Greek.

A silver Card in a Secret Area


Cross the bridge to the track of the Giant Orange Snail and stun the fellow with Rictusempra. Run to the corner and inflate the four SpiPri Plants with Diffindo.



Open the door lock of the barn with Rictusempra: I have to be careful not to wake Goyle.

There he is – sleeping like a particularly ugly baby!


There are doors on your left and right to open up with Alohomora. They each contain a cauldron. Flipendo on those will get you extra Beans. Let Harry approach and he will take a bit of Goyle.

Harry takes the bit of Goyle.

Now let's head for...

Level 8