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Level 9: Spongify

Defense Against Dark Arts Class (2)

[9.1] Coming down from the spiral staircase of the Gryffindor Common Room, Harry runs into Hermione. Hurry, Harry! It’s time for our Defense Against Dark Arts Class! Harry’s in a grumpy mood this morning: Not there again...

It’ll be wonderful. Prof. Lockhart is going to teach them Spongify! Follow Hermione to the Hall of Floating Ledges. She’s calling Harry from upstairs: Hurry! We don’t want to be late for Professor Lockhart’s Class! But Harry keeps on grumbling:

What do you mean “we” ?


Go up to the third floor and follow Hermione to the class. The ever splendid Lockhart welcomes them all “to their favorite Class”. Please, hold your applause while we learn Spongify! Don’t let my good looks distract you!

Try to follow the wand meticulously


Great work lad, you’ve completed all of the exercises! You’ve mastered Spongify! So now you can take the Spongify Challenge!


The Spongify Challenge

[9.2] Welcome, Harry Potter, to the Spongify Challenge. To complete the Challenge, you must find the Completion Star, which can be found several floors above us.

In this 4th Challenge of our game you’ll start off with 1,000 seconds to collecting 10 Challenge Stars and unveiling 16 Secrets.



Continue to the next room and on the downward ramp listen to Prof. Lockhart’s explanation of how to use the Spongify Spell on the marked carpets:

Spongify Carpets are hidden throughout Hogwarts. You can cast Spongify on them and they will propel you to a higher area when you jump on them.

You may either jump to a charmed Carpet, or stand on it and do a standing jump. In either case the effect of the Carpet on the next high or distant jump would be equal.

Go down the ramp and hop left or right to ground floor. Stun and throw each of both Gnomes into the holes. Down the stairs between the two Gnome holes a room with four Beans and a Gargoyle has opened. On the other side flip the cauldrons and get more Beans.

Cast Lumos on the Gargoyle, run out, climb the centrally elevated section and look up. You’ll see a ledge and an opening on your right. In front of the opening a ledge charmed by Lumos is visible now.

The charmed high ledge


Cast Spongify on the Carpet and, facing the wall with the opening, stand on the front right corner of the charmed Carpet. Jump high up and press forward in the direction of the charmed ledge and Harry will reach the edge.

Cast Lumos on this Gargoyle...

...Spongify this Carpet...

...stand here...

...and jump to the charmed ledge


Enter your first Secret Room and cast Alohomora on the chest. Harry will retrieve his 40th bronze Wizard Card #1: Merlin, Medieval, most famous Wizard of all times!

Now Harry’s got 5 lightning meters!


Facing Glideroy’s statue, look at the wall on your right. There is a lighter wall section looking like an upside down letter “T”. Cast Alohomora on top of that sign.

Casting Alohomora


A second Secret Room has now unveiled; meantime a block has emerged from the wall behind Harry’s back. Climb the block and jump to the Room. Open the chest with Alohomora and obtain the silver Wizard Card #92: Xavier Rastrick, 1750-1836, Wizard Entertainer. Go down from this room. Run and jump from the corner of the charmed ledge to the corner of the ledge with the Star.

(note: that should work fine but if you should miss the jump and fall to ground level start from the central console and Spongify the Carpet. Face the Star ledge and jump high on it. You will loose some seconds for your Challenge though)

On that ledge you’ll seize your 1st Challenge Star. Continue to the next room.


Enter this room and Gilderoy interferes:

Imps are vicious little creatures


Like Gnomes, you use Flipendo to knock them back, then you can pick them up and throw them into a hole to get rid of them. Promptly stun the Imp with Flipendo – they’re a lot faster than a Gnome.

Pick him up and throw him into one of the holes. Should he not tumble in the hole at once give him a blast with Flipendo. Next, stun the Gnome and throw him into a hole as well. Catch some Beans.

On your left side a door to a Secret Room has now opened. Go in, cast Alohomora on the chest and capture a bunch of Beans. Go stand near the central Spongify Carpet and look up. Waw! This is a towering Room full of balconies! This must the place where the Completion Star must be found several floors above Harry!

Awesome, this Great Tower!


Cast Spongify on the carpet, and face the Gnome holes when you jump to the ledge above them.


Proceed and a door will close behind Harry. You’ll be standing on a Carpet in front of a deep void. First walk on the narrow ledge on your left and pick up the Beans. Climb the higher window ledge and cast Spongify on the Carpet here.

Jump far to the opposite ledge by the window and catch three more Beans. Turn left. Cast Alohomora on the gothic panel.

A secret entrance... a Star!


Enter and seize your 2nd Challenge Star. Follow the ledge with three Beans. Jump to the floating block when it arrives and ride till the opposite ledge where you’ll hop off. Cast Alohomora on the chest and enjoy some more Beans.

Ride the floating block again till the middle and hop to the ledge on your left side. There you’ll catch Challenge Star #3. Turn around the corner and save.

There is your Save Book



[9.3] When you enter this place the door will lock behind Harry. Go further and a cinematic sequence will show how a Challenge Star is hidden on a suspended ledge on high.

Thereafter two of three Imps will attack very fast in here. Quickly cast Flipendo on each of them before one can do Harry some harm. Should one sting he’ll run off. Cast Flipendo on the runner and once again on the stunned one.

Pick up one of them and throw him into the hole on your right, next to the Ectoplasm. The third Imp may also arrive from behind the tall block, so quickly stun the new one and cast Flipendo on the Imp that’s lying down or has woken up by now. Throw them into the hole.

(Tip: should you fail doing this you may always re-try from the save point and run to the block on your left side. Climb the block and try to stun the Imps from there, then come down to throw one in the hole) Notice a Gargoyle higher up in his niche that has now opened.

Cast Skurge on the floor Ectoplasm. Jump to the smaller block on your left side and from here into the Gargoyle’s niche. Grab the Bean. Cast Lumos on the Gargoyle and hop down on your right and follow the wall to a narrow section with a Choc Frog.

Cast Lumos on this Gargoyle...

...and find an enchanted wall


Eat the Frog and enter the transparent wall into the Secret Chamber and cast Alohomora on the chest. You will get the bronze Wizard Card #81: Quong Po, 1443-1539, Chinese Wizard.

Turn around and from this position cast Flipendo thrice on the tall block carrying the Flipendo signs. Return to the smaller block and Spongify the Carpet on top of it. Cast Flipendo on the tall block from this position, then launch Harry to the block. Jump and pull up to the next ledge and Spongify the local Carpet.

Turn around and jump far to the suspended ledge with the Star. The ledge will lower down and you can grab your 4th Challenge Star.

Star #4


Turn around, jump to the ledge and take the exit.


Cast Flipendo on each red bottle by the staircase going down. Grab some Beans. Go down and a cut scene reveals the location of your next Challenge Star high up in this Room. In the floor two trap doors will open and four Fire Crabs appear out of the blue.

Four Crabs each in front of a hole


Go to the edge of the ledge and cast Rictusempra on each of the two rear Crabs. Stay out of the target area of the two front Crabs and continuously cast Flipendo on each Crab. You can get the Crabs in their holes from here till each hatch locks them up.

Anyway, keep one or both rear Crabs on their back with Rictusempra/Flipendo and take care of the front Crabs. Stand near a corner of the ledge and cast Rictusempra on the corresponding front Crab.

Get it in its hole with Flipendo. Should one Crab remain, jump down and finish the job from there. When all Crabs are in their holes a Secret Room will open in the central trench.

Jump in there from the middle and watch out for a deadly void up front! Cast Alohomora on the chest in the Secret room and earn your silver Wizard card #98: Dymphna Furmage, 1612-1698, Abductee.

Cast Spongify on the Carpet and do a far jump to the opposite ledge by a closed exit door. Jump down and climb the front ledge once again. Cast Spongify on the Carpet and stand at the front corner on your right for a nasty and  tricky high jump!

Jump high and when Harry is near his peak make a left twist to the corner of the roof beam. Try to land on that corner, and not in the middle of the beam. Should you fall off there you’ll end up in that bottomless void of the trench.

Clearly you may also try to land on the right side of the beam (in which case you’ll have to position Harry on the left corner of the Carpet). In either case – left or right – you’ll drop on the floor should you miss the beam.

Position Harry here...

...and perform a twisted jump


Standing on the beam and facing the wall, turn left and cast Flipendo on the equivalent sign on the wall in front of you. A second beam will emerge behind Harry’s back.

Flipendo on this sign...

...triggers a second beam


Turn around and jump to the beam. Cast Flipendo on the other wall sign in front of you. A third beam slides out of the wall.

Flipendo on this sign...

...controls the third beam


Jump to the beam and... on to the ledge with the Star and capture your 5th Challenge Star. Now the suspended ledge will lower down in front of the open exit door. Continue around the corner and cast Skurge on the floor Ectoplasm. Jump in the square hole into a small room with four Beans on the floor.


Turn around the corner and stay on top of the stairs. The first painting on the left wall seems foggy and has no particular image. Mmmh... looks suspicious. Jump to it and it appears to be the camouflaged entrance to a Secret Room!

An entrance


Inside open the chest with Alohomora. You’ll be rewarded with some Beans. Return to the top of the stairs and look at the paintings on your right side. One painting is upside down. Cast Flipendo on that painting.

The upside down painting


Now the stairs will transform into a staircase that goes down to a Secret Room with a chest. Turn around and cast Alohomora on the chest. You will obtain the silver Wizard Card #52: Felix Summerbee, 1447-1508, Inventor.

Go up and enter the upper floor of a Mausoleum-like building.  Eliminate a Cornish Pixie with Rictusempra (there are actually two in here). Turn right and jump down to floor level. Watch the other Pixie flying by, you know how to get rid of it before it gets nasty.

Turn around and notice a room with three Beans on the floor and a sign on the wall. Cast Alohomora on the sign and the wall panel drops into the floor, revealing a room with a Gargoyle. Cast Lumos on the Gargoyle and climb the blocks up to the second floor again.

Turn around the corner and cast Spongify on the Carpet. Jump to the console. You’ll be landing on a charmed section of the floor hiding a Carpet. Cast Flipendo on the tall block and that will go down in a hole to floor level.

The charmed floor square

Flipendo on that block


Turn around, Spongify this Carpet and jump high on the narrow ledge under the circular stained glass window (press front arrow while jumping).

Up to the high narrow ledge


Take the Beans and face the Hall. Jump to the ledge on your right from the corner. Cast Flipendo on a bottle containing some Wiggentree Bark. The Bark will fall to the floor below.

Return and proceed to the ledge on the other side. Jump from corner to corner - it’s a tricky jump as well. Cast Flipendo on the bottle and some Flobberworm Mucous will drop down. You may pick up both items later on. Follow the ledge till the end and notice an “S” sign on the wall. Stand on the edge, cast Alohomora and open a panel in the wall.

Alohomora on the panel


Look down at a Secret Room with a Star. Jump in and take your 6th Challenge Star. The floor of the room will sink. Enter the next room and take four Beans and eat the Choc Frog.

Go out and first pick up the Muke and the Bark shattered around the console. Return to the first floor and cast Alohomora on the small chest on a table for some extra load of Beans.

Go stand in the room of the Gargoyle and cast your spell thrice on the Flipendo sign of the block. Jump on the block and from there to the balcony and take your 7th Challenge Star. Save by the book.


[9.4] Harry reaches a higher ledge in the great Tower. Spongify the ledge’s Carpet and launch Harry to an opposite higher ledge. You’ll be snatching some Beans while describing your parabolic path crossing the tower.

Along a path of Beans in the air


You’ll be hearing the farting sounds of a Fire Crab in the next passage. Anyway, better cast Skurge on the Ectoplasm in there from the safe location of this ledge. Go in and quickly cast Rictusempra twice on the giant Fire Crab on your right. The door closes behind Harry.

Climb through the hole and grab a Bean. Cast Skurge on the blob and climb into the next room with two new Ectoplasms. Cast Skurge on the left one first and then on the right one and promptly cast Rictusempra on the Fire Crab that was hiding in ambush behind this jelly. In this small room you may catch two Chocolate Frogs and get a little healthier.

The alcove is blocked, so leave and climb to the opening that was sealed by the other Ecto. Cast Skurge on the new blob and unveil a Spongify Carpet. Spongify!

Jump on the carpet and Harry will be launched to a distant wall with three Beans. Below you can see that Giant Fire Crab crawling on its back. Better jump down from the other side and take your 8th Challenge Star. Hear how “wild” that music is getting? Cast Alohomora on the small chest for some extra stack of Beans.

Now enter the Grand Crystal Palace. Spongify the Carpet on the lower ledge, jump on it and get propelled to the next taller pillar. Cast Rictusempra on the Cornish Pixie.

Notice a second winged thing flying around in the Palatial Hall. That’s a white Potter Owl. Aim at the Owl and cast Alohomora on it. That will open a Secret Room higher up next to a suspended ledge with a Challenge Star.

Aim at the Potter Owl...

...Alohomora will open a Secret Room


Spongify the carpet Harry’s standing on and fly up to the next taller pillar. From this position steal a few secs from your Challenge score and overlook this magnificent place.

Fly to the next pedestal...

...and get a splendid view!


Cast Spongify on this Carpet and fly up to the Star ledge.

Into the air and up to the Star!


This is Harry’s 9th Challenge Star. Turn right and hop to the Owl’s Secret Room. Cast Alohomora on the chest and get a nice load of Beans. Hmm…not so much gain for all that trouble.

Hop back to the ledge and jump down on the right side. Try not to hit the Save Book for now. Turn around and go down to a lower ledge with two cauldrons. Extract the Beans with Flipendo.

From here, look at the middle pedestal. See that bright sign on the pillar? Remember that sign. Turn around and cast Lumos on the Gargoyle. That will reveal three charmed ledges.

Three magic ledges


Go down the ledges and cast Flipendo on the pillar’s sign. Two secret entrances in the walls slide down.

Two areas unveiled


Enter the opened room by the lowest ledge and Spongify the Carpet. Jump and Harry will be all the way propelled to the opposite room. Enter this Secret Room and open the chest with Alohomora. Harry receives the silver Wizard Card #97: Alberic Grunnion, 1803-1882, Inventor.

Use the Spongified Carped to propel back to the previous room and return by the magic ledges to the Gargoyle. Spongify the Carpet in front of the Gargoyle and jump to the ledge with the Save Book. Better save here.


[9.5] Enter the next room with a chest and two sealed doors. When Harry walks up to the chest the floor will sink. Immediately jump backward. Two giant Spiders emerge from their Flipendo holes and attack! Quickly cast Rictusempra on each, then open the chest for Beans.

A devilish trap in here!


Each hole carries a Flipendo sign on the inside. Cast Flipendo on one of the signs, then go stand in that hole and cast Flipendo on the other sign.

Stand in that second hole


The floor will now be elevated and...

...Harry stays down when the floor goes up


From here jump down in the hole and you’ll find a chest in a Secret Room. Cast Alohomora on the chest and earn a well-deserved bunch of Beans. Cast Spongify on the Carpet in front of the chest and jump high up to the elevated floor.

Work your way all the way up again


Both doors are open now: a passage and a Gargoyle have unveiled. Cast Lumos on the Gargoyle and follow the opposite passage. Immediately behind the curved corner cast Rictusempra on two suddenly attacking pesky Pixies. Turn right and notice the charmed wall. Catch a Chocolate Frog and cast Alohomora on the chest in the Secret Room and gather some…Every Flavored Beans.

Go out, turn right and stumble upon a bottle of Wiggentree Bark in the alcove on your right hand. Cast Flipendo and collect some Bark. Go on and a metal door will close behind Harry. Keep that spot in mind.

Behind the corner you’ll see the Little Tower. First cast Rictusempra on two flying Pixies. Jump on the central pedestal with the printed footsteps and it will sink in the floor next to where a panel covering a Spongify Carpet is sliding open. Turn left and cast Flipendo on the wall tile. That’ll open a Secret Room with... four BB Beans.

Don’t forget to charm that sign


Go out and turn left where you may notice a chest in the dark. Cast Alohomora and receive your bronze Wizard Card #88: Celestina Warbeck, 1917-present, singing Sorceress.

Spongify the Carpet and jump in the direction of the opening higher up. Enter the room with the chest. If you cast Alohomora on this one, you’ll get... Peeves!

So, leave that chest for what it is. Better cast Flipendo on the bottle of Flobberworm Mucous and get it out. Cast Diffindo on the rope that blocks the wheel and the bridge inside the Little Tower will rotate into a horizontal position.

It also opens the exit door of this room. Follow a dark passage and at the end turn right and immediately cast Rictusempra twice on a giant Fire Crab. Cast Diffindo on the spider web on top of the ledge above the crawling Crab. Cast Spongify on the floor Carpet and jump to the ledge.

Immediately cast Rictusempra on each of the two giant Spiders. Music is getting pretty wild here too.  Grab a Bean, turn right and grab another Bean. Now the passage ends. Look down. That’s the metal door that had closed behind Harry a while ago.

Jump down and return to the ledge in the Little Tower. Now you may cross the bridge! You make first grab some Beans from the blocks on your left side and go up again. Now cross the bridge and acquire your final Challenge Star: #10. Go in and save by the Book.


[9.6] Harry must jump to a pillar with a Spongify Carpet. Cross the couple of hammers to another pillar by a well-timed Spongify jump.

Two pounding hammers


From the opposite pillar jump to the entrance on your right and proceed to a tall and narrow Tower. Notice a shadow on the floor. Wonder who’s shadow that is.

Look up and see how a spider web is sealing off the tower. You may spot the Giant Spider waiting behind its web. That’s the one that casts that shadow.

Cast Diffindo on the web. The giant Spider will drop down, so immediately jump backwards and cast Rictusempra to stun it. Look up again and cast Flipendo on a tile in the middle of a wall.

First Diffindo on the web...

...then, Flipendo on the sign


This will open a Carpet on the floor Harry is standing on. Spongify the Carpet and jump up to the opening.

Jump to a Secret Room


Inside cast Alohomora on the chest and obtain the bronze Wizard Card #96: Hengist of Woodcroft, Medieval, dates unknown.

If you stand in the opening and look up on your left side you’ll notice a similar opening in the wall. But it’s too high to jump to. Go down and you’ll find out that a Spongified jump from the Carpet won’t reach that height either. Guess we’ll need another entrance... Remember this entrance.

Proceed to a high ledge of the Great Tower from where you’ll spot the ledge with the Completion Star. Cast Spongify on the Carpet and... you go!!!


Harry lands on the balcony... with a Carpet (???). Do not take the Completion Star yet! Cast Flipendo on a tile which you will see above the Star on the wall.

Cast flipendo on this sign...

...and a secret panel will slide down


Spongify this Carpet and jump to the unveiled opposite entrance. There is no Carpet on this side, so you can’t return to the Completion Star from here.

Inside the Secret Area


On each side stands a bottle with Bark and with Muke, get these out with Flipendo. Further on, you’ll see a chest. Run and jump to the Secret Room and cast Alohomora on the chest. Harry Will earn the silver Wiz... hold on, sorry... some BB Beans (Arghh... is that all?).

Stand in the opening of this Secret Room, that is the one you saw before but couldn’t reach. Jump to the lower entrance on your right and on to the floor. Proceed to the ledge with the Carpet, Spongify it and jump back to the room with the Completion Star. Take the completion Star! Congratulations, Harry Potter, you’ve just successfully completed the Spongify Challenge!

The Weekly House Point Ceremony

[9.7] Some girl runs into Harry when he leaves the Spongify Challenge area.

Harry, the Weekly House Point Ceremony is about to start! You don’t want to miss it. 

Follow her to the Monumental Staircase. There are a couple of Spongify Carpets in the area that Harry may wish to investigate first.

See that one on top of the stairs? Spongify! Now Harry jumps to the high window ledge between the two tin armors. Grab some Beans and cast Alohomora on the chest.

This one contains the bronze Wizard Card #29: Archibald Alderton, 1568-1623, Wizard Cook.

Enjoy some of the view too!


Still recall that Carpet near the Dungeons? Go down the stairs and take a right. On the left of the table with the radio set you’ve been in a Secret Room before.

Cast Alohomora on the “I” sign and enter once again. Cast Spongify on the Carpet and jump high up to a ledge, meanwhile snatching some Beans. Go in the Secret Room and open the chest with Alohomora. More Beans are your award...

Look up...

...and jump in


Try to jump down when the Carpet is still charmed, but jump next to it! Harry will take no harm. Now leave the Dungeons for once and for all and ascend the Monumental Staircase. Go left to the House Point Ceremony Room.

Professor Dumbledore welcomes everyone to a 4th round into the Bean Bonus Room. Dependent on the number of House Points either Harry or Draco will enter. If you desire more house points for Harry’s House of Gryffindor, go play some Quidditch first!

Heh, better luck next time!


The Announcement (the Beginning of the Outcome)

After that, Harry is standing outside the Ceremony Room. Proceed straight and Ron will come running into Harry: Hey Harry, something has really upset Moaning Myrtle.

This time more than the usual. Ron could hear her wailing all the way from the Hall of floating Stairs. And the corridor outside her bathroom is floated again. Harry gets a bit scared now: You don’t think someone else has been attacked, do you? Anything could have happened!

Come on, lets’ go see what’s up


So, follow Ron to the Hall of Floating Stairs. After a game loading proceed and Ron will call Harry from upstairs: Come on, Harry!

But first go down to the basement and look at the four Spongify Carpets on the floor. Each one will propel Harry high up in the Hall. Facing the chest select the middle Carpet and cast Spongify on it. Harry will go way up and... snatch his silver Wizard Card #89: Alberta Toothill 1391-1483, Duel Winner.


...and jump!!!


Coming down try not to land on the charmed Carpet or Harry will go up again. Stop by the smoky cauldron under the staircase and mix all of Harry’s extra Flobberworm Mucous and Wiggentree Bark into some more Wiggenweld Potions. Then, save by the adjacent book.

Now let's head for...

Level 10