Act I: Troy

Goals: Find information on Ulysses

Q: How can I get inside the city of Troy?
Try to walk straight to the village. The guard will not allowed you to go inside. Watch how one of the worker can walk pass the guard safely. Pick up one of the merchandise from the beach. Walk pass the guard while holding the merchandise.

Q: Who should I find in Troy?
First, you need to speak with Nathos, the chief of Troy. His hut is located right after the main gate on your right side. Open the door and talk with Nathos' man. He will take you to see Nathos. Too bad, he is having a guest right now so you have to walk around for a while before you could speak with him again. Once the guess left, you will be able to speak with him. Nathos will give you a pass and tell you to find Mikis on the other part of the village.

Q: Where could I find Mikis?
Show the pass to the guard so you could go to the inner village. Talk to the prostitute who is standing right after the gate. Refuse her offer for pleasure. Seems that she does not know about Mikis. Find the blacksmith on the north part of this area. He will introduce you to Mikis. Talk to Mikis. He will agree to meet you again tonight near the statue. As you walk toward the city again, someone knock you out. You will see Mikis' death body when you wake up.

Q: What should I do now? I found Mikis but he is dead.
Show the killer's weapon to the blacksmith. Walk back to the outer village and enter Nathos' hut. Darn, one of the guard will accuse you for killing Mikis. Nathos will arrest you and throw you inside the jail. I need to find out about the real killer.

Q: How can I escape from this jail?
A: Talk with Koppeas. He will agree to help you if you could help him to escape too. Look around the hut and notice the bucket that hang on the hook on the right wall. Turn your back against the bucket and take it off the hook. Use the hook to cut your rope. Walk toward the hole on the roof. Stand below it and Koppeas will lift you up to the roof. Pick up the stone on the roof and throw it down to the guard. Run away toward the inner village.

Q: How can I go pass the guard on the gate to the inner village?
Go inside Nathos' hut and pick up the guard clothes. Now, go back to the guard and tell him that you will bring the prisoner to Nathos. The guard will let you go through the gate. Koppeas will take you to meet the oracle, Hakeus.

Q: What should I do with Hakeus?
Talk with him and accept his offer. Get the cup and drink it. Inside your dream you will see someone stab Hakeus on his back. Pick up the diamond on the table. Hakeus orders you to go to the temple and explains that Aeolous will help you to pass your obstacle. Get out from Hakeus's hut and walk toward the temple.

Q: How can I enter the arch inside the temple?
You need to use six mosaics out of twelve from the temple wall that resemble the winds. They are North, West, East, South, Damp and Calm. Put them according to the arrangement on the image below. Use the diamond which is the symbol of Aeolous on the arch to release all the winds that block your way.

Q: How can I open the inner gate?
Go outside of the temple and pick up one of the pink flower petal that falls under the big tree. Enter the temple and float it on the wind device. This will trigger the secret mechanism to lift up the giant grail with seven statues of God in the front room of the temple. Collect all those statues and walk through the arch toward the locked gate. You need to use only two statues to invoke the floating-boat. First, use the statue that said: "The one that bears toward the unknown" on the golden pedestal in front of the gate. This will open the gate. Next, use the statue that said: "The one that bears toward the God" on the pedestal to keep the gate open. Walk through the gate and watch how you get lifted to the floating-boat.