Act IV: Poseidon Island

Goals: Solve his three puzzles

Q: How can I pass the first puzzle?
Look at the four pillars on the north wall. Count them 1 to 4 from left to right. Analyze how the trap works. You need to position your character correctly after each spear trust. Step in front of the fourth pillar, move forward to the second pillar, step back to the third pillar and finally move to the first pillar and quickly open the door.

Q: How can I pass the second puzzle?
You will be given a question from each statue. There are three different statue. Go straight toward the first statue on the top of the ladder and talk to the statue. For each questions you need to step on the correct ring on the cave floor for its answer. The answer for the first puzzle is Theseus, the answer for the second puzzle is Hera, and the answer for the last question is Man. Once you step on the third ring, the path to the next cave is open wide.

Q: What should I tell Ulysses? Every options lead to my death.
Actually this is the final puzzle from Poseidon. Prepare Gorgon head before you talk with Ulysses. Choose any answer you want and quickly use Gorgon head to stone the fake Ulysses. Poseidon has failed to trick you and direct you to Lamu Island.