Act II: The Lotus Island

Goals: Escape from this God forsaken island

Q: How can I speak with the inhabitants of this island? I could not understand the word they said.
Go toward the big temple on the right area of the island. Climb the stair to the ceremony room on the top of the temple. Read the writings on the wall. The juice of the Lotus will help you to communicate with the other people here.

Q: How can I make the Lotus drink?
Get the pot and the filter that scattered all over this village. There are total four of them but you need only one each. Go to the entrance and climb down to the beach. Use the pot to pick up the sea water. Get the lotus seed from the lotus pond. Now go to the fireplace on the west part of the village. It is to the left of the lotus pond from the main entrance. Put the pot of sea water on the pot holder above the fire. Lower down the pot by releasing the hook on the left of the fireplace. Put the filter on the scale to the right of the fireplace. Put the lotus seed on the top of the filter. Raise up the boiling seawater by attaching the hook back. Pour down the pot of seawater to the lotus seed. Get the empty pot and use it to pick up lotus drink. Drink the lotus juice. Now you will be able to speak with the inhabitants of the Lotus island. There are four people you can talk with: the priest at the temple, the hooded woman, the chief of the village in the palace, and the guard at the north part of the village.

Q: Who should I find in this village?
You need to find a man called Krisis. You can find it on the eastern part of the village. Walk toward the Lotus pond from the fireplace, then pass it to the back of the temple. You need to use this route or you will never find him. Be careful when you cross the bridge from the fireplace area. You can fall down and meet your death here. You will see Krisis walk down the street. Quickly chase him before the effect of the Lotus drink wear out. He will explain about the effect of Lotus drink that could kill you. The only antidote for this poison could be found in the forest outside the village.

Q: I got lost in this cursed forest. Where should I go?
Follow the owl that fly above you. At the first time, you will meet the protector of the wood. He will give you a green shield. at the second time you follow the owl, you will arrive at the section of the forest with a big boulder and a thick bushes on the left. Go under the bushes and head to Gorgon cave.

Q: How can I defeat the Gorgon?
Use the shield or the stalagmite for your cover when the gorgon shoot you with her arrows. Avoid to gaze to her eye. Use your shield to reflect her killer gaze. Once she got stoned, decapitated her head by using your sword. The other way to kill the gorgon is by sneak carefully toward her and as soon as you're behind her, use the sword to decapitate her. Of course this is much more harder than using the shield to reflect her gaze.

Q: What should I do here after I kill the Gorgon?
Pick up her head and put it on the scale on the top of the stair. This will open a hole in front of the scale. Enter the hole and you will wake up beside Krisis. You are healed and he will tell you to go toward the west direction to the Cyclops Island.