Act III: Cyclops Island

Goals: Find a way to escape the Cyclops island

Q: Where is the rendezvous place that Koppeas told me?
Go pass the thick bushes. There are two exits: one will lead to an abandoned hut and the other will lead you to the giant crossbow. Go inside the hut and you will see Koppeas. He tricks you. He will offer you to the cyclops.

Q: How can I kill the cyclops?
There are two ways to do that. First you could sneak out and climb to the top of the hill, then use the Gorgon head to stone the cyclops. This is the hard way, believe me. The second way, which is the easiest one, is by using lotus seed to kill the cyclops. Pick up Koppeas backpack and put it on the stone statue. Put the seed inside the bag. Bring the statue outside. The cyclops will think that it is a human and eat it. And you know what will happen to a person who eat poison ......

Q: How can I defeat the second cyclops?
Poor Koppeas, that cyclops just eat him alive. Pick up the big log beside the hut or at the behind of the hut. Bring this big wooden log to the giant crossbow. Pick up the rope on the ground and attach it to the crossbow. Pull back the rope and wait until the cyclops walk toward you. Release the rope and the log will kill him. Now you could go back to your boat and head to the Poseidon's Island.