Act VII: Hades

Goals: Find Tiresias

Q: How can I enter Hades?
Talk to the dead people who are standing in line. Eventually, you will be able to talk with your friend Koppeas. He will offer you a help after you agree to give the green gem to him. Follow him to the Styx river. Offer the boat man your sword. He will give you a flute and ask you to come aboard. You can use this flute to call the boat man within Hades. He will take you to the Hall of Justice. The Gods will trying to judge you based on your acts in the world. They will ask you to enter the Field of Asphodels for the trials. Enter the Field.

Q: What should I do here?
You need to prepare the offering to meet Tiresias. You need to summon the boat man so he could take you to the other part of Hades for the ingredients. You need to go to Tartarus to get honey, water, and blood. Wine and the flour could be found in the Field of Elysischien.

Q: Where can I summon the boat man?
Just walk to the river bank near the entrance. Use the flute to call the boat man. Ask him to take you to Tartarus.



Q: Where can I get honey?
Follow the path to your left to meet Tantalus who lies down beside the pile of treasures. Pick up the jar of honey on the ground. Ask him about the offering. He will be able to give you anything you want if you could get him a glass of water.

Q: Where could I get a glass of water?
Pick up the cups near Tantalus. There are two in total. Follow the path to south east direction. You will see a big water holder and a woman who tries to fill it up. Talk with her. She will ask you not to pick up the water. At this moment you do not have any options beside taking the water. Use the two cups to pick up some water. Bring one cup to Tantalus and ask for the wine.

Q: Where could I get the blood?
Pick up the empty wineskin on the ground next to Tantalus. Go to Prometheus on the western area of Tartarus. He is the man on the wall with a bird pecking his body. Get the small stone on the ground near him. Use the stone to scare the bird. He will be very grateful and offer his blood in return. Use the wineskin to pick up the blood.

Notes: You could talk to other strange characters in Tartarus. The rolling man will tell you his story and you could also meet Myrops here. Talk to both of them to learn more about sin.

Q: Where could I summon the boat man?
Go to the opening near the lava river. Use the flute to summon him. Ask him to take you to the Field of Elysischien.


Field of Elysischien

Q: Where could I find the flour?
Follow the map above to reach the place where you can meet a little girl who made the bread for all the inhabitants of this place. Tell her that you will try to help her distributing the bread in exchange of the flour. Pick up the bread on the right stove. Go to the group of people who lie down beside the river. Use the map to help you. Give the bread to them. You need to be quick or the bread will get cold before you be able to reach them. Return to the little girl and tell her that you have finished the job. Pick up the flour on the left stove.

Q: Where could I find the wine?
Go to the grapes field on the north part of this place. Follow the map above. Get the wine sack on the northern area of the field. Be careful not to be caught by the servant or you will be sent back to the entrance of the field. Once you have picked up the wine and the flour, you can go back to the river bank to summon the boat man. Return to the Field of Asphodels.


Field of Asphodels

Q: Where can do the ceremony to call Tiresias?
You can do the offering on the altar near the river bank where you summon the boat man.

Q: What are the steps for the ceremony?
Put the wine, honey, and the water on the altar. Sprinkle them with flour. Put the blood on the altar. Tiresias will come down once you chant the verse. Talk with him ask for a meeting with Ulysses. He will give you three crystal to open the way to Calypso's Island where you could face Poseidon on the final combat. Once you defeat him, you will be able to meet Ulysses.

Q: Where should I use the crystals?
You need to insert all of them in the appropriate hole on the biggest rock in this place. Look at the image above for the location of the holes. The place will be shimmered by a bright light once you have placed the three crystals. Follow the path on the left to reach the top of the rock. Get the bright crystal and you will be transported to Calypso's Island.