Act V: Lamu Island

Goals: Escape from Lestrygon Fortress

Q: Which merchant will help me to go up to the fortress?
Ask for help from the merchant who wear white robe. The other merchant will either stab you on your back or lead you to your death. Agree to to give your sword as a guarantee.

Q: How can I pass the patrol and enter the cave?
Hide behind the wooden fence until the patrol passing by, then quickly cross the bonfire and head straight to the wooden bridge on your right. When the guard who stand in front of the cave walk away, sneak to the cave entrance.

Q: Who should I find inside the fortress?
You need to find the chef in the kitchen. Walk along the path to your left. Sneak past the sleeping guard to the north. Talk to the prisoner and release one of them. This will alarm the guard and you'll get caught. They will send you to the kitchen. Speak to the chef. You learn that you've been tricked by Poseidon.

Q: How can I escape from this fortress?
There are two ways to escape, one through the kitchen and the other through the balcony.

  • If you choose to escape through the kitchen, you need to walk to the next room through the entrance on the left wall. Move the hanging meat so it will stay in front of the opening on the left wall. Go through the opening to the meat room and try to attract the guard so he follows you back to the previous room. The hanging meat will knock the guard out. Pick up the wooden cart and go back to the meat room. Step into the dark opening on the other end of the door. Put down the wooden cart and slide down to your freedom.
  • If you choose to escape through the balcony, you need to pick up the rope and skull. Combine them together to form a grappling hook. To combine them you need to drop the rope first and use the skull on it. Use the animal skull instead of the human skull. Go to the balcony and use the hook on the pole to your left. Slide down to your freedom.

Q: How can I pass through the canal? The guard always caught me.
Get all your equipment back from the merchant with white robe. Spare his life. Walk toward the rightmost building and climb the ladder which lies on the wall. Step on the horn and go back down. Be careful not be caught by the guard while doing that. Use your flying boat and pass through the canal.