Act VI: Island of Crete

Goals: Escape from Myrops

Q: Where could I find the inhabitant of this island? There are only pigs everywhere.
Enter the big house on the middle. Go to the second floor and talk with Circes. She is the queen of this island. She will offer you a way to meet your dead wife. Accept her offer and she will turn you into a pig.

Q: What should I do? Circes turn me into a pig.
Go down to the first floor and come back to the second floor again to overhear the conversation between Circes and Myrops. He stabs Circes after she told him that she has turned you into a pig. Wait until Myrops walks to her laboratory on the third floor. Talk with the dying Circes. She promises to help you if you can pick her medicine in her lab.

Q: How can I reach Circes' labs?
Go down stair and walk outside. Follow the uphill path into the back of the house. Enter the balcony on the second floor and climb the ladder to the roof. Keep on climbing the roof to the left side. You will see an open window at the far north area of the roof. This window will lead you to her laboratory.

Q: Where is the medicine?
The jar/pouch is tied to the rope at the edge of the wooden floor.

Q: How can I retrieve the pouch?
Since you could not pull up the rope, you just need to bite it so the jar will fall down to the second floor. You need to put something there first so that the jar will not break when it falls down. Bite the rope that hold the weight. This act will mark a spot to put the pillow on the second floor. Bite the pillow and go down to the second floor through the staircase. Place it on the wooden floor between Circes and the staircase to the labs. Look at the image above for approximate. Go back up to the lab through the opening window. This time bite the rope that holds the jar. The jar will drop to the pillow below. Go down stair and bite the jar. Give it to Circes. She will turn you back into your normal human appearance and give you Myrops' knife. He's the one who kills Mikis in Troy. She will tell you to go to Hades to find Tiresias. He will show you how to find Ulysses.