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URU Xpack - Path of the Shell

New* Sherlock Holmes: Silver Earring

New* Atlantis Evolution

New*Aura: Fate of the Ages new


 Rhem 2

Egyptian Prophecy

CSI 2: Dark Motives


Syberia 2


The Arrangement

Dark Fall II

Forever Worlds

In Memoriam-Missing

Crystal Key 2

Broken Sword 3

A Quiet Weekend in Capri


Black Mirror


Jack the Ripper

Journey to Center of the Earth

Mysterious Journey 2

Traitors Gate 2







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Latest News From Game Publishers:


Developer’s Café Welcomes: Steve Ince/ Broken Sword Series Producer, designer, writer

Ubisoft - Path of the Shell, URU: XPack

A look at Atlantis Evolution: Screenshots and more

Aura game info and new Screenshots

Gatorlaw & Sherlock Holmes: The Silver Earring

Longest Journey II: Dreamfall - Tornquist Interview

The Arrangement and GameBoomers

Gooka: The Mystery of Janatris - new title Cenega Pub. UK

UK Digital Jesters to publish Sherlock Holmes: The Silver Earring

Not so great Project Jane-J news

TAC/ Chorion PLC to develop 5 Agatha Christie Games

GotGames: Alida for Mac - Gone Gold

Myst IV Revelation

Rhem 2 - Published by GotGames /Screenshots

Martin Mystere - New Game

Lost Paradise" a new Benoît Sokal game in the works

The Arrangement - GotGame New Release




GameBoomers Walkthroughs:


Crystal Key 2  by MaGtRo

GameBoomer Reviews:


Syberia 2 by gatorlaw

10th Anniversary Edition of the Myst Games by lasanidine (commentary)

Forever Worlds by Jenny100

Baldur's Gate by Drizzt

Uru Extension Pack by lasanidine

Crystal Key 2 by Becky

The Egyptian Prophecy by Jenny100

Syberia 2 Preview by gatorlaw

Egypt II: The Heliopolis Prophecy by Jenny100

Jack the Ripper by gatorlaw

Member's Review Central:


U.F.O.s (aka Gnap) by Magicscroll

Fairy Tale Review by Moe Perry

Syberia by bpegasus69

Escape from Monkey Island by bigmamma1

Myst by destiny09

Myst II: Riven by destiny09

In Cold Blood  by Gelert

Uru: Expansion Pack 1: "To D'ni" by Aussiemystic

Blackstone Chronicles by Gamehound

Mysterious Journey I: Schizm by bigmamma I



Interview with A Quiet Weekend In Capri Developers by Laura MacDonald

Interview with Benoit Sokal: Syberia 2 by Laura MacDonald

Traitors Gate II: Interview of Nigel Papworth by Laura MacDonald

Interview with Steve Ince, Producer of Broken Sword:

Sleeping Dragon by Laura MacDonald

Forever Worlds Interview by Laura MacDonald


The List More Twisty (2003) compiled by flotsam:

The Longest Journey
Myst 2: Riven
Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within
Dark Fall
Grim Fandango
Zork Nemesis
Zork Grand Inquisitor
Myst 3: Exile

Broken Sword 1: Shadow of the Templars/Circle of Blood
Amber: Journeys Beyond
Gabriel Knight 1: Sins of the Fathers
Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned
Atlantis 2
Discworld Noir
Monkey Island 3: Curse of Monkey Island
Tex Murphy: Pandora Directive

Check the rest of the list by clicking on link above.



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Adventure Games

Latest Game Releases:


A Quiet Weekend in Capri by Got Game Entertainment

Black Mirror by Future Games, TAC

Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon by TAC

Conspiracies by anima Ppd & Got Games

Crystal Key: the Far Realm by TAC


Curse of Atlantis by TAC

The Egyptian Prophecy: The Fate of Ramses by TAC

Forever Worlds by TAC

In Memoriam: An online adventure horror-mystery

Jack the Ripper by TAC

Journey to the Center of the Earth by Frogwares

Law & Order 2: Double or Nothing by Legacy

Mysterious Journey (Schizm2): Chameleon by TAC

Nancy Drew: Danger In Deception Island  by Herinteractive & Infogrames

Riddle of the Sphinx II: The Omega Stone by TAC

Ring II: Twilight of the Gods by Arxel & Global Star

Syberia 2

Traitors Gate 2: Cypher by Daydream &TAC

Uru by UbiSoft

URU Expansion Pack

Valhalla Classic (Big online version)

Upcoming Games: (for release dates click here)

Agon 3: Pirates of Madagascar

Agatha Christie - Poirot Games

Alida by Got Games Entertainment

Around the World in 80 Days by Frogwares

Atlantis Evolutions by TAC

Aura: Fate of the Ages by Streko-Graphics & TAC

The Collector: Sequel to 7th Guest by Lunny

DarkFall ll by xxV Productions & TAC

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey 2 by Funcom

Gooka: The Mystery of Janatris by Cenega Publishing

Eldoren: Book One - The Discovery

Evolution by Ilios Production

Fahrenheit by Quantic Dreams

Fairy Tale by Bistudio & Cenega

Inquisition by Wanadoo & Strategy First

Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Law and Order 3: Justice Is Served 

Lost Paradise

Moment of Silence by House of Tales & CDV

Martin Mystere by GMX

Myst 4: Revelation

Nancy Drew: Secret of Shadow Ranch

Psychonauts by DoubleFine Productions

Rhem 2 by Knut Muller

Ron Loo by Peregrius

Runaway 2 by Pendulo (German)

Scratches by Nucleosys

Sentinel Children by Frogwares

Sherlock Holmes II: The Silver Earring by Frogwares

The Arrangement by Michael Clark & Got Game Entertainment

URU Expansion Pack 2

Vanguard Project by Wanadoo



Action-RPG and More Games

Beyond Divinity by Hip Interactive & Larian Studios -due for release in April/May 2004 for PC CD-ROM

IVM: Commerce between Stations by Studios 3GsW - released

Call of The Chulthu: Dark Corners of the Earth by Headfirst & Bethesda Software

Legacy: Dark Shadows by Razbor



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