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Defence Against the Dark Arts, Lesson 1

Defence Against the Dark Arts, Lesson 2

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Level 1

Defence Against the Dark Arts

Lesson One


Dumbledore had announced that Hogwarts will this year play host to the Triwizard Tournament. Please join me in welcoming the guests: Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and the proud sons of Durmstrang!

The Game Load starts with the screen showing the 3 Save Slots. Select the one where your Saved Game has been stored:

Select your Save Slot to continue


Then you will be asked again to select your Character. Choose Harry, Hermione or Ron. Next you will get a screen on the Stamina, Jinx and Accio asking you to select this when you have finished equipping your Character’s Cards. By clicking on Spacebar you will see the number of Collector’s Cards every Character has. If you you select a Character you may find out he has no Collector’s Cards. Later on you can buy cards for them by selecting ‘Collector’s Cards’ on Level Select Screen.

Selection Screen for Stamina, Jinx and Accio


Harry, Ron and Hermione met Mad-Eye Moody for an extra Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson. Face the sparkling bucket on the table and Jinx it three times. From now on remember that each bucket is filled with Beans. But also remember; Constant vigilance! Loads of other objects are also filled with Beans!

Make sure you pick up the Blue Beans: they will help you cast more powerful spells.

Multiple Jinx all possible objects you see in this room: Stroboscopes, Telescopes, Chests, Spotlights and the Bucket by the staircase. They’ll all shed loads of Beans! Go through the door behind and to the left of this Bucket.

You’ll be entering a room with an attacking Dugbog – like you met in Level O, remember? Face yourself towards the Dugbog and quickly repeat a number of Jinx until the Dugbog gets stunned and explodes. Take the Beans it sheds. The first grating will then collapse and one Dugbog after another will enter. Wipe them all out.

Follow instructions when you will be asked to press Charm to lift the Dugbog. Your two companions will take care of the creature while you chase another one.

Feeling weak, are you? You need to get some of those red Beans in.

When the bottom left bar gets full and an ‘S’ appears you can press Magicus Extremos for a combined Charm.

When your bottom left bar is full it will show an ‘S’


When all Dugbogs are destroyed, empty the bucket in the corner and again multiple Jinx as many objects in this room as possible. Also move rocks that show a green light on top when you face them and lift/move them with Charm if they’re standing in your way.

Go through the next door into a similar room. Summon the objects on the pedestals with the Accio Charm. This Charm will bring objects closer to you.

Now remember that you can summon rewards that are out of reach by casting Accio. Get all pedestal objects and the spikes will lower in front of the small staircase making the Spell Book accessible.

Before stepping on the stairs, multiple Jinx all possible objects in the room once again and get your share of Beans and Hearts. Pick up as many Chocolate Frogs as you can. You’ll be needing one if you faint... nothing like Wizard sweets to boost energy... Now approach the Aqua Eructo Spell Book:

Collect the Spell Book!


Then a cut scene will explain some facts about the Triwizard Tournament:  
Champions must survive three very dangerous tasks. Your three champions are: Viktor Krum, Fleur Delacour, and lastly, Cedric Diggory! And... Harry Potter! Now your rating may have become Able, so go to lesson Two:

Lesson Two has opened on the Level Select Screen

Up to Sublevel: Defence Against the Dark Arts, Lesson 2!