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Level 4

Forbidden Forest

The Woods


Hagrid leads Harry, Ron and Hermione into the Forbidden Forest . He had something important to show them... It was a Hungarian Horntail Dragon.

You will meet this Beast face to face later on, although it’s not your enemy


Escape from the Forbidden Forest ! On your right side there are two boulders that block the access to a Mini-Shield.

The spot with two boulders and your 1st Mini-Shield


Move one of these Boulders and collect 10 Mini-Shields to gain a Triwizard Shield. Return to the path and notice a Wasp Hive hanging in a tree. These Hives are found everywhere in this Level. Multiple Jinx them to retract Beans with Accio.

Go straight where you see the Blue Bean. Near a rock you will see your first Bubotuber under a Wasp Hive. Apply Catapult Bubotuber on the slime-spitting monster until you see some kind of a purple sign appear (do this at least 3 times) to get it temporarily out of the way. You’ll only have seconds to pass and then fight a Dugbog. Then shake the Beans out of that Hive.

Meet another Bubotuber and let him take care of the poisonous Mushrooms to free the way to your 2nd Mini-Shield on your left. This is the trick: position yourself facing the mushrooms with the Bubotuber in the middle. Press Charm until you see a purple target sign appear three times and then let go. The Bubotuber will then be catapulted into the bed of Mushrooms and destroy part of them. This may not always be completed on the first try. You may have to repeat the maneuver 2 or 3 times in a row in order to get all the Mushrooms cleared.

Summon your 3rd Mini-Shield on your right (it is hovering above a tree trunk) and destroy 2 Dugbogs. Return and Catapult a Bubotuber to find your 1st Dragon Statue to Jinx on your right. So from now on keep looking at Dragon Statues to get a reward. Again 3 Dugbogs will appear. Lift up these miserable pests long enough to explode (your partners will help) and take your share of Beans.

Catapult the previous Bubotuber again and pass a number of other Bubotubers until you meet two of them near a poisonous Mushroom bed. Catapult one into the bed and proceed. A cut scene will then show how a Dugbog moves one of them, so take care of the Dugbog and proceed your way past the two remaining boulders where two other Dugbogs will appear. Then you will find a ledge on your right where another Dugbog pops up and on your left an area that is closed off by a fence of tree beams.  Behind these beams you will see a unique kind of Mushroom that you will have to Jinx. Remember this area and return here in the next Level.

Climb up the ledge next to a wall. See that smoking Cauldron up there? First send it to that wall to open this area. Careful when returning there because other Dugbogs will appear. Next send it over to the three Bubotubers that block the access to a Mini-Shield on the other side. You will have to run very fast before they return. Once behind the regenerating Bubos take your 4th Mini-Shield. Here inside you will now get a Dugbog and then another one. So get the hell out of there. They just keep coming in and Ron and/or Hermione may be on the other side of the Bubos. So lift the Cauldron within your reach and smash those brutes. Run to the ledge, and meantime grasp a Pumpkin Pasty, then send the previous Cauldron to the Bubotubers again. Now Ron and Hermione can get out of this trap, if they were still inside.

There is also that Hungarian Dragon flying around dropping explosives and once in a while it will knock out the Bubotubers. Next go to your right where three Bubos are in your way. When the flying Dragon drops his stuff run past them and meet 3 more Bubes standing in front of a fire. The Dragon will explode them too and then you have to be quick enough to extinguish part of the fire with Aqua Eructo before the Tubers re-appear. Now run up the hill on your right and get a 5th Mini-shield. However, Ron and Hermione may still be trapped between the fire and the Bubo fellows. So help then with the fire and let them escape.

Still between fires you’ll get more Dugbogs and once on the opposite side of the fire you’ll have to help out your friends again putting these fires out, so they can pass. Now spray your next fire with combined Aqua Eructo. The friendly Dragon will still lit more fires and in between them shake a Wasp Hive. You’ll see another octagonal star-tile on the floor where the road will split. Make sure to step on it.

Jinx a Wasp Hive and turn right here


Loads of Dugbogs are coming in now. Summon the Pumpkin Pasties and unfortunately another Wasp Hive is hanging too high for shaking out its Beans. When returning to the octagonal tile you’ll have to spray a fire, and collect a Pumpkin Pasty. Loads of Dugbogs appear and also more Bubotubers. Your 6th Mini-Shield is hidden in a fire that you have to extinguish first. Before doing that, Jinx your 1st Mushroom on your right. When such a Mushroom is Jinxed it will turn red. There is a 2nd Mushroom close by near a Bubotuber.

Then move the broken tree trunk out of the way and pass numerous Bubotubers and shoot those poisoned Mushrooms for collecting your 7th Mini-Shield. Take care of Dugbogs popping up as well. There is also a Wasp Hive hanging there. Now on your left side there are 3 more Dugbogs and your 2nd Dragon Statue to Jinx.

Now you’ll get a shortcut showing the Dragon putting fire on two Salamander sources. Spray the fire and take care of the leftover Salamanders. First run around here wherever you can. There is a 2nd Dragon Statue to Jinx. Take three Pumpkin Pasties in front of the grilled door on the stairs.

Retract the door and go up the stairs and once up, stay on the right side to avoid the fire jets. Spray them, summon a Pumpkin Pasty and some Beans. Go left for your 8th Mini-Shield in front of a fire jet. Spray it and take the Shield.

Your 8th Mini-Shield


Further on there are some more Pumpkin Pasties, and then turn left. Spray a fire jet, walk down the stairs, grab a Pumpkin Pasty, and face a fallen tree connecting two sides of a gap. The Dragon will drop a fire in the middle of the beam, so spray that and pass by.

Take care of 6 Dugbogs and Jinx your 3rd Mushroom. Get all Pumpkin Pasties in this open field. There is another closed off area by a wooden beam fence here. You have to remember this spot too and return later on. Now you’ll meet your next Monster, a Blast-Ended Skrewt that you must Jinx from behind. It blasts fire from its trunk. You can also Jinx it from behind when hanging in the air with Wingardium Leviosa.

That Skrewt looks scary, but it is easy to defeat


A genuine Triwizard Shield will then lower to the middle of the field.

Grab your Triwizard Shiled


After this you will get a cut scene: Harry decided to warn Cedric about the first Triwizard task.

Dragons, that’s the first task. They’ve got one for each of us.


After that scene you will be beamed to the Level Select Screen as usually and get another Level unlocked: Triwizard Task 1: the Dragon.

However, you’d better return to this Level.