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Level 8

Triwizard Task 2: The Lake

Welcome to the Second Task. Last night, something our Champions value exceptionally was taken from them. That something now lies at the bottom of the Black Lake . Their mission this morning is to retrieve it. Champions, you may begin!

Harry and Cedric are preparing for the Task


The underwater path Harry has to follow is indicated by Circles – hexagonal arrangements of Beans - and each time you pass through such a Circle 6 Beans will be added to your Bean Teller. You can win up to 3 Triwizard Shields with Bronze, Silver and Gold. And you have to rescue your friends.

Harry enters a 6-pack of Beans


The water is infested with Grindylows and … when you see a Blue Circle appearing around one of them, Jinx it because they spit a poisonous green slime that will slow Harry down for a few seconds. And if you want to get Gold, time is all that matters here!

A Grindylow


Keep pressing C to constantly speed up and collect Gillyweed (Jinx it) to gain a speed boost. The first part Harry will swim on the bottom of the lake through rocks and seaweed until he reaches the portal of a sunken ruin. You’ll have to Jinx all Grindylows to open this gate. Don’t hang still, but keep going up and down and from left to right while constantly Jinxing. When the gate opens up you’ll swim through breathtaking underwater ruins and even meet a Mermaid!

An hour long you’ll have to look,
And to recover what we took
Your time’s half gone, so tarry not
Lest what you seek stays here to rot

Inside the ruins there are two locked gates that Harry has to break open by multiple Jinxing the roof supports before he can swim through.

Jinx roof supports AND Grindylows


Then you’ll erupt from a grating and perhaps win...

Bronze, 1 Shield awarded.


But by Jinxing more... AND speeding up I earned Gold the second time...

Gold!! 2 more Shields awarded.


Bronze will award you with your 36th, Silver with your 37th and Gold with your 38th and final Triwizard Shield.

Ready for the 3rd Task? Up to the Maze!!

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