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Level 3

Moody’s Challenges


This won’t be your favorite Level. Basically it consists of five tasks that I would rather refer to as Arcade Games. You will have to face a time limit in each part. Depending on your time you will get a Bronze, Silver or Gold status, including your extra portion of Beans coming with the Status. You can always replay each task and get better points, but in my opinion it’s no fun at all. For the time being you own 7 Triwizard Cards, so only the first 2 out of 5 Challenges are currently unlocked:

  1. Dugbog Avifors
  2. Levitation Challenge
  3. Exploding Cauldrons
  4. Bubotuber Fling
  5. Tower Blocks


Challenge 1: Dugbog Avifors

In this Task you will have to defeat 10 Dugbogs in an Arena. Not an easy thing to do! You have to flip them first on their back with Jinx, and then lift them witch Charm. Meantime your other friends will have lifted another Dugbog so hurry up and Jinx that floating one as well. And tons of them are jumping in!

With some luck you’ll eventually earn your Gold Status adding 450 extra Beans in your pocket, but that means you’ll have to finish the job in less than 1:30 minutes. Bronze will give you 50 Beans.

After several trials, I finally got the Gold status in 1:28 minutes


That will allow you to buy more unlocked Cards, which is essentially the best reward in this Level.


Challenge 2: Levitation

Balance the Wingardium Leviosa rocks on the Turrets in the quickest possible time.

Combine forces to lift a rock onto a Turret


This is not so hard. Just be fast and you’ll get Gold.

Gold in 55 Seconds and 350 Beans awarded!


Meantime you have earned your 6 Gargoyles in this Level!

The next three Challenges will be unlocked when you will have earned the right amount of Triwizard Shields in the other Levels. So you will have to return here and finish each new task.


Having 10 Triwizard Shields:

Challenge 3: Exploding Cauldrons

Immediately pick up a Cauldron and throw it against the wall in front of you. There you will see your Vanishing Card. Run left around the corner and pick it up as fast as you can before it disappears!

The Vanishing Card of this Level.


Now you have to destroy the other walls and a number of Bird Statues. Always turn to another Cauldron (there are 3) while your previous one is destroying an object. But the Bird Statue on the far end is the hardest. You’ll have to stand near the tile and on the right spot in order to reach it. With Bronze you’ll earn 50 Beans. If you get Silver after another try you will obtain another 100 Beans, and with Gold another 350.



Having 17 Triwizard Shields:

Challenge 4: Bubotuber Fling

Catapult the Bubotubers at the targets and get the highest score you can within the time limit.

Gold Score: 500
Silver Score: 250
Bronze Score: 100

With Bronze you’ll get 50 Beans awarded. The problem is the other are always standing in your way. You may really need more players to get better results. So I give up with Bronze.



Having 17 Triwizard Shields:

Challenge 5: Tower Blocks

Using Wingardium Leviosa, balance the five blocks on top of one another on the symbol in the centre of the Level, as quickly as you can.

Piling blocks


Bronze awards 50 Beans.

And the second time... 450 Beans for every Player!



Now up to... Level 4: Forbidden Forest, The Woods!