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Level 9

Triwizard Task 3: the Maze

Earlier this evening, Professor Moody placed the Triwizard Cup within the Maze. Only he knows where it resides. Champions, prepare yourselves.

A terrible Maze in front of Hogwarts!


As soon as you start, run up the path with Beans in front of you and follow these directions (R = right // L = Left, and the number refers to the lanes you meet on that side).

4L – 1L – 2R – 1R – 1R – 2L – R – L

And then you will end up straight into the central Lane of the Maze. A wall will close behind you and at the end of the Lane you will meet Cedric and Krum.

This is the shortest route out of the Maze and you may do it in about 1 minute depending on how good you are in avoiding pop-up roots that can badly hurt you. When you fall down time will elapse and time is important because in this first section of the Task you may lose most of your time running around in circles. Depending on the time at the end you will earn Bronze, Silver or Gold.

Meet your opponents


Run! You’ll be threatened by closing branches. Just follow north and take any side of the Y junctions. You’ll pick up some Pumpkins Pasties for your Stamina and eventually you’ll end up in an open field – a Blast-ended Skrewt Arena where Cedric is hanging like Christ on his Cross on a wall.

Cedric like Jesus on his Cross


Two Skrewts will enter the Arena. Lure one to a wall and when it is stunned for a while Jinx its back. Repeat with the other Skrewt until both are transformed into Beans.

Lure them buggers against a wall!


When both are gone Cedric will be released and you’ll earn the Triwizard Cup. Harry: Go on. Take it.

Cedric: Together


I tried three times and – depending on the time – earned:




Just Bronze will award you one more Card and will unlock your last Level: Voldemort. And that’s where we are going now...

Up to the last Level: Voldemort...