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Prefect’s Bathroom, The Golden Egg

Prefect's Bathroom, The Lily Pond

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Level 6

Prefect’s Bathroom 

The Golden Egg

Bells are ringing...
Potter. I realize I never thanked you for tipping me off about the Dragons. The Prefect’s Bathroom’s not a bad place for a bath. Password’s... Pine-fresh.

Well, isn't that a nice present from Cedric? Our friends enter the Bathroom...
Are you sure only Prefects can use this Bathroom?

Harry is picking up a Golden Egg, but then it slips out of our clumsy friend’s hands and rolls down some hole. Now you’ll have to retrieve this Egg again.

We need to find a way through that wall.

Hermione refers to a crumbling wall between the two smoking Cauldrons. First Jinx the Dragon Statue opposite the huge tub (very hard to target!) and collect your 1st Statue in this Level. When you miss you’ll get a number of Beans out of the water. On your right side are the toilets. Multiple Jinx all of the green doors and receive loads of Beans (! …).

Very well filled toilets...


Cast Wingardium Leviosa on a Cauldron and send it 3-4 times against the wall before it finally completely cracks.

The crumbling part in the wall between the two Cauldrons


Go in there and a cut scene shows how the Egg rolls down out of a pipe in the water. You might find a way down to it. First walk to the left corner and Jinx all Beans out of a Fish Statue. Pull down the metal draw-bridge on your left with combined Carpe Retractum. Jump to the ledge and multiple Jinx 3 Fish Statues on the right side of the Cauldron for more Beans.

Cast Wingardium Leviosa on the Cauldron and destroy the two Steam Kettles. The first sheds Beans and the second your 1st Mini-Shield. Collect 10 Mini-Shields to gain a Triwizard Shield. Return to the draw-bridge.

Destroy the Steam Kettle and the Pipes in front of you with a Cauldron, and earn some extra Beans. Watch out for the steam spewing Fish Head and pass when the jet is temporarily interrupted. Jump down. Don’t pass the steam jet coming out of a giant Tap above you, but climb the ledge on your left, and then again two more ledges on your left.

Destroy the Steam Kettle with the Cauldron there and Accio some Beans. Here is another draw-bridge to pull down with a combined Spell. Before passing, send the Cauldron up to the Steam Kettle on the next ledge, climb up and take more Beans and your 2nd Mini-Shield. On your right rotate the Steam Tap through 90 degrees with combined Carpe Retractum.

Turn the Steam Tap


Now pairs of Erklings will forever keep appearing here! Get Beans out of the Steam Kettle in the corner and jump down again from both ledges where you can now safely pass until you meet another draw-bridge to pull down.

Cross and climb up to the next area. Turn the big Steam Tap to the left and collect a Cauldron Cake near the smoking Cauldron. Destroy the Steam Kettle with the Cauldron and collect your 3rd Mini-Shield.

The 3rd Mini-Shield hidden in the Steam Kettle


A pair of Erklings will keep appearing behind your back so get rid of them and use the Cauldron to destroy three crumbling pipes on the floor right under you. Return to the draw-bridge. On this walkway hordes of Erklings come in, so Cast your most powerful Spell: Magicus Extremos. Pass the broken Pipes and go left.

Take a Cauldron Cake and notice a Triwizard Shield down below. You can’t retract that with Accio for now and will need a more powerful Spell when you return. So remember this Shield. Also here Erklings keep attacking.

Remember this Triwizard Shield


Jinx two Fish Statues for Beans and turn left of the ramp going down where you can climb a ledge. Throw the Cauldron to the Steam Kettle in the middle and collect your 4th Mini-Shield.

Also notice another draw-bridge on your left


Shake the Beans out of the Fish Statue. Now you may or may not retract the draw-bridge that would lead to a previous section. Take that Cauldron again and throw it on top of the Steam Kettle down at the end of the ramp. Go down the ramp and find your 5th Mini-Shield there.

Grab the Pumpkin Pasty by the other Steam Kettle and proceed along the narrow ledge on your right. You’ll pass two fires on each side before entering an area with a Salamander spewing fire. Extinguish the fire and take care of the Salamanders. Get more Beans out of the Fish Statue and on the other side Jinx your 2nd Dragon Statue.

There is a Cauldron next to that Statue. Send it to the Steam Kettle you just passed (where you found the Pumpkin Pasty) and destroy it. Then return there and collect your 6th Mini-Shield. Go up again and notice an octagonal star-tile, a Checkpoint. Left and right of it are ramps leading down. Take the ramp on your left and Jinx a small Tap. From now on you must Jinx all such Taps to earn rewards.

The 1st Tap is standing on the ramp leading into the water


Then take the other ramp. Jinx both Fish Statues for Beans, and your 3rd Dragon Statue standing in the middle of them. Proceed to the draw-bridge and pull it down. Cross, and use the Cauldron to destroy the Steam Kettle on the left so you can grab your 7th Mini-Shield.

There is your 2nd Tap above that Cauldron to Jinx. Send the Cauldron to the Steam Kettle on the left side of the Tap and Accio the Beans. Proceed to the next draw-bridge and pull it down. Climb up and Jinx Beans out of two Fish Statues on your right. REMEMBER these Fish Statues for you next trip here!

Then climb up the next ledge. Here you have a good view overlooking the whole area. You can see the entrance to the Bathroom, a Salamander fire and the Golden Egg hovering above the water under the pipe.

Quite a view here...


Take the Cauldron Cake in the corner and forget about the Smoking Cauldron. Jump down, head for the Salamander fire and extinguish the whole lot here. Jinx Beans out of two Fish Statues. From this position cast Carpe Retractum to return the Egg to the Bathroom.

Combined Carpe Retractum on the Egg will send it back through the pipe


Then you’ll also have to return to the Prefect’s Bathroom – but not though that same pipe. Return and now these Fish Heads are spewing steam. Carefully pass there in between two steam jets. Return to the previous draw-bridge and extinguish the fires and Salamanders that suddenly reappeared. There is a short cut to the Bathroom’s entrance. Although they are hard to see, there is a row of 4 draw-bridges to retract on the opposite side.

Pull these four draw-bridges down


Climb up the ledge again, jump down on your right and pass by a steam spewing Fish Head. Cross all four bridges, climb the ledge, then climb the ledge on your left, run passing numerous Steaming Fish Heads, knock the Erklings down on your way or deny them and enter the Prefect’s Bathroom. Here a cut scene will show how the Golden Egg opens up and a Triwizard Shield emerges.

Collect the Shield


You’ll arrive at the Level Select Screen on the Checkpoint of the Pond. Now return all the way to the Prefect’s Bathroom again but this time you can’t take the shortcut because of the 3 rusted pipes will have restored. So take the North ramp down, pass the narrow ledge, run up the stairs, and climb the ledge on your right.

This time take the opposite ramp from the Checkpoint


Jinx the Fish Head and pull the Draw-Bridge down. So now we know why that bridge was there, remember?

The apparently “useless” Draw-Bridge


Cross the bridge and climb the higher level with the two Steam Taps, the Cauldron and the Steam Kettle. You may extract the Beans from that Kettle first. Turn each Steam Pipe a quarter circle with combined Carpe Retractum. Now the ever returning pairs of Erklings will appear again. Take care of them. Again take the Cauldron and throw it on the pipes below like you’ve done before.

Now run back to the Draw-bridge, jump from the platforms, turn around the corner, run and turn right to the next ledge. Them climb two ledges on your left. Meantime Erklings keep attacking you from all sides. On the upper catwalk take the Cauldron and destroy the pipes below.

Throw the Cauldron on the pipes


Return down and climb the ledge on the left where the broken pipes are. This catwalk leads straight into the Prefect’s Bathroom. Spurt and ignore the zillions of Erklings!

Surprise! The Tub is empty!



Jinx the Toilet Beans again and the go into the tub. Notice a large crack in the floor. Take one of the Cauldrons:

Throw the Cauldron onto the crack

The Cauldron breaks a hole in the floor...

...that was hiding a Triwizard Shield!


Take the Shield and you’ll be beamed to the Level Select Screen where a new Level has been unlocked: Herbology.

Select Prefect’s Bathroom again and you’ll reappear on the octagonal star-tile checkpoint. Now all that matters here is SPEED! Run down the left ramp again and avoid the fire Salamanders. Your partners will take care of them. Run straight to the draw-bridge and pull it down. Jump up and head for the Vanishing Card between the Fish Statues I told you to remember.

Hurry up and grab that Card before it vanishes


Mission accomplished, let’s take a break. Press ESC and select End Level. In the Quests screen you will now notice 4 out of 5 Vanishing Cards unlocked. Still one more to find and then you’ll obtain the big Card. Back in the Level Select Screen, return again to this Level.